With the January 2011 releases, most DC Comic books are now at $2.99; a 32 page, full cover book with only 20 pages of story/art instead of 22 of the last decade +.

At first I thought the two pages would revert back to advertising, but according to a house ad in the back of most January issues, at least one of those two pages will be reviving those bygone days of letter columns. Will this work? What do you think of DC's current actions?

A nosy inquiring mind wants to know.

As for myself, I started reading comic books in 1974, when you had 20 out of 32 pages for only 20 CENTS! With a letters column.

Obviously a lot has happened in the years since. I have seen both the best and the worst that the comic book industry has to offer in the decades since, both creatively and business wise.

In this case, my wallet loves the price freeze, but the long time reader in me fears this might (at some point) herald an even lesser story/art page count standard. I have lived/read through the dreary days when comic book fans only got 17 pages out of a standard 32 page book, around the 30/35 cent price range.

Those are definitely not days I want to go through again.



(BTW: Considering I've only been a member of this august board for a couple of days now, does anyone know if we can post emoticons with our messages, and if so, how? Thanks in advance to those who reply to this part.)

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Yet they haven't continued that series or even that theme. They have a Weird Worlds mini coming out with three features. But the main one is Lobo and I can only take him in small doses! 

ClarkKent_DC said:

I like anthologies, but I'm well aware that they have a reputation for not being liked by most readers, and it baffles me as to why.


One aspect of it you point out -- that backups too often are tales of characters the reader is not interested in, or present lesser-quality stories -- seems to me to have a simple solution: Don't do it that way! Not that A-list talent is called for, but way too often, anthologies are given over to new talent still learning how to sharpen a pencil, or inventory stories looking for a home. They seem lesser because too often they are lesser. However, DC didn't do that with Wednesday Comics, and should be applauded for it. 

For those interested, this month's issue of The Unwritten (#22) is only 20 pages of story and art.

GREAT pages in a fantastic series of course, but still only 20 of them.

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