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Title: Grant Morrison's DC Reading Project
Post by: Jupiter on May 04, 2009, 09:58:35 PM

As I've said before, I'm starting a reading project where my original intent was to read all of Grant Morrison's DC work in a year. I just about have all of it now, and I will have it all within a year, I hope. (I'm assuming they'll release his third JLA volume in hardback within a year, the second is due this summer...) I'm not going to put a time limit on it, though, because I know at least my reading time is extremely limited--I'm sure I'm not alone--and I tend not to read comics every day.

Grant has stated himself that he sees his work as one giant, living, cohesive thing. I've noticed several themes as I've read through his stuff before, and I'm hoping that by reading them all together, those themes and connections may pop out a bit more.


This is how Jeff Carter started a certain Grant Morrison reading project on the old board back in the dim mists of time.  Having been a fan of Morrison's work before that, but knowing that I didn't really understand half of what he was going on about, I decided to join in and try to read everything Morrison had produced up to that point, and to analyse or discuss it to the best of my ability.


We've covered a fair bit of ground up to now, and I've learned a lot about Grant's themes and approaches (and much more besides).  However, having come this far, I'd really like to see this through to the bitter end.  The main characters in Morrison's The Invisibles live their lives with the belief that the world ends with the Eschaton in December 2012, so I've decided that I have to try to finish the project this year, or perhaps I never will.  :-)


That's my comics-related New Year's Resolution.  Now for the appeal. 


In order to possibly finish it in the next 11 months, I'll need some help from the Legion, Captain Comic's All-Star Squadron, the Comics Cave Crew


ie YOU!


In the opening post of this thread, you can see all the work of Morrison's that I've covered so far in red hyperlinks, and the ones remaining are in normal type.  Is anyone game to start a thread on any of the remaining work?


The really big ones are New X-Men, Morrison's only major Marvel U extended series,and 52, which was written along with Mark Waid, Greg Rucka and a certain Geoff J Johns esq.  Both series are thoroughly deserving of a good reread I'm sure.


Or you might want to try one of the shorter series Morrison has embarked upon, (sadly without the assistance of Geoff Johns.)


As for the Phantom Gifts, I thought I might offer a bit of an incentive.  No, they are not the Figserello version of the No-Prize!  Some of you already know about the thick collections of classic Phantom adventures that are produced every year here in Australia.  I figure every true fan of superhero adventures or classic comics would want at least one such volume in their collection.  The Phantom is the world's first superhero after all*, and a hard-ass who Alan Moore was going to include in Batman's team in his never completed Twilight of the Superheroes.


Well, dig out a few of those old Morrison comics, write up your thoughts in a dedicated thread, and I'll happily buy you one and send it by way of appreciation.  The only thing is that it is published on the 27th of January and will only be in the shops a few weeks after that.  So I'll only have a short time to see who's being naughty or nice...


If you are interested, let me know on this thread.


*Arguably.  :-)

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I'll take Sebastian O if that's cool. I recently bought it, but have yet to read it.

Jeff, there'd have to be one by you, seeing as I hijacked your project. But As Rob mentioned above, Sebastion O was already covered. Its well worth a read though, and feel free to comment on it after you read it. Can I suggest Marvel Boy, the short Swamp Thing stint Grant did with Millar, or the completely wingnut crazy Seaguy series? WE3 is astounding btw, if you haven't read it yet...

Ah, of course! I will still read it, of course.

But yeah, I can take the Swamp Thing (another own-but-haven't-read). I don't own Marvel Boy or the second Seaguy series, so those are can't-dos.

 Kirk G said:

I think you're going to need multiple entries to get through all the goodness that is the Morrison New X-men period.


Obviously I'd tend to agree, but of course, there will be plenty of room in the comments section for everyone to add their insights. The more the merrier, Kirk. :-)

Arrgh. I'll have to do a more thorough check of the office & other areas; my 10-minute scan of the places I expected The Mystery Play to be didn't bear fruit. But I'll keep looking! (Honestly, I think I have two copies! But as long as I can't find them, I might as well have none.)

(I did see We3, though, so if I can't find Mystery Play, maybe I'll do that.)

Just to clarify, I don't expect everyone to do their posts right away, or even in the next week or two.  I'll get a copy for each person that has volunteered here, and then send it out when you get around to doing your thread.  I know you long enough to trust you.


I've just read Kid Eternity (very dense), I'm halfway through reading Fantastic Four 1234, and I'm about to try and read all 40-odd issues of New X-Men in the next week.  So I'll be a tad overstretched if any more are added to the pile right now.


I'm also trying to work through more of my Micronauts thread and post a final post on Jason Marconett's great Avengers Initiative thread.




It's either a feast or a famine around here!

I picked up Allstar Superman over Thanksgiving but haven't gotten to it yet. I was planning on reading it soon but first I was going to read Joe the Barbarian which I've had since October or early November. Hopefully soon I'll be making contributions to both of those threads.

I've been meaning to reread 52 for a while, so I can take that if you like.

Jason - I'll put you down for All-Star Supes, so.

Border Mutt - Good to see you! That would be great. I'm sure there is much to talk about with that series.

Now we're cooking!

Figserello, I finished a blog post for the first two trades of New X-Men.  It should go up next weekend. 

That's great, Chris. I've not been able to read through them as quickly as I expected to, so that gives me more time to read the whole series.

Cool.  As suggested by others and considered by me, it looks like I'll make this a three part column.  Part one, E is for Extinction and Imperial, should be next Friday the 27th.  Part two, New Worlds and Riot at Xavier's, should be on February the 3rd.  And the final three trades, Assault on Weapon Plus, Planet X and Here Comes Tomorrow, should be covered by February 10.  

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