Cast and Producers Reveal New Characters at Saturday’s Comic-Con Panel

BURBANK, Calif. (July 22, 2017) — After three seasons of running, you’d think Barry Allen would deserve a break. He’s faced his evil-twin time remnant, saved his fiancée from the God of Speed and even sacrificed himself to stabilize the Speed Force. But now, in season four, Allen (aka The Flash) and his team will face new threats with the addition of some new characters, it was revealed at the 2017 Comic-Con panel for The Flash on Saturday, July 22. From the official reveal of next season’s big bad and more, the news had fans racing at a fever pitch.

Danny Trejo

Danny Trejo (Machete, From Dusk Till Dawn, Sons of Anarchy) has signed on to play the role of Breacher, a feared bounty hunter from Earth-19 and the imposing father to inter-dimensional bounty hunter, Gypsy (Jessica Camacho). His mission is to prevent any inter-dimensional traveler from threatening life on his planet — especially his daughter’s.

Neil Sandilands as The Thinker

Arriving in Central City as next season’s central super villain, Neil Sandilands (The 100, The Americans) will play DC villain Clifford Devoe, aka The Thinker, a metahuman with a mega mind who embarks on a season-long battle with The Flash that pits the “fastest man alive” against the “fastest mind alive.” A true genius, he’s devised an intricate plan to fix all that he deems wrong with humanity.

Kim Engelbrecht

Kim Engelbrecht (Dominion, Eye in the Sky) has been set as DC character The Mechanic, a highly intelligent engineer who designs devices for Devoe. As Devoe’s right hand, she’s the truest of true believers who’ll stop at nothing to help him implement his plan to fix humanity.

The Flash returns for season four on Tuesday, October 10, at 8/7c on The CW. Based on the DC characters, the series is executive produced by Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg, Todd Helbing and Sarah Schechter. The Flash is produced by Bonanza Productions in association with Berlanti Productions and Warner Bros. Television.

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They reminded me of 52 & Countdown, and also the show's whiteboard of future events from last season. 

As for Barry's rhyming repetitiveness, it sounded familiar to me, but mostly it seemed to be an attempt by the writers to show some kind of aphasia on his part -- him never being sure he had the right word, reaching out for a similar one. It felt to me like a tv "mental illness" trope/technique than a clue in and of itself. But I could be wrong, and it's something to watch out for. But I can't thing of a precedent in the DCU off the top of my head, though.

Etrigan the Demon

Jeff of Earth-J said:

All of Barry's scribbly, seemily nonsensical notations remind me of Countdown/52.

That speech pattern (rhyming the last word in a sentence twice) reminds me of something else, too, but I can't place it. Who else talks like that?

Etrigan will talk in rhymes, but when he does, he talks in verse. Barry's rhymes are different, just rhyming the last word in the sentence -- not as poetry, just as sound.

I'm not watching the DC shows much this year, though I PVRed Flash and Supergirl. I'm interested in seeing Ralph Dibny's forthcoming appearance. The character is very much a part of Flash history. I only hope that the effects don't stretch the budget too much. They can't just keep him in the dark as they did with Grodd.

No chatter about the big reveal at the end of last week's episode? Or about all the fun and shenanigans therein?

After all, it had the always welcome presence of District Attorney Cecile, who impressed upon Joe that maybe it wasn't the best thing to hang on to the house -- especially after it got half-destroyed as a consequence of trying to catch the metahuman of the week -- but had a change of heart at the end. Her big news: She's pregnant! Now I really want to see a double wedding! banana photo banana.gif

About that ... with Hazard, the metahuman of the week, causing whammies and bad luck all over town, Iris has a goofy idea. It's almost as goofy as the time Cisco figured the way to stop Savitar was to keep Barry from making new memories and wound up giving Barry amnesia. Iris figures she and Barry have to get married right away, as in now ... so she has Barry join her at a church, right at the end of a funeral(!)

It was dubious -- why not go to City Hall? Since when is Iris so religious that she had to get married in a church? Wouldn't they have to show the priest their marriage license? And why am I thinking about this so hard? -- yet it was funny. The poor priest breaks out in hives with an allergic reaction to cinnamon in the incense in the acolyte's thurible and can't complete the wedding rite!

Now Joe, for his part, gave District Attorney Cecile a blank look when she gave him the news. I sincerely hope he gets his mind right. 

Season 4 is off to a weak start in my opinion; I find it derivative. First, we’ve seen a busload of random strangers granted superpowers before, 25 years ago, at Malibu. (Okay, that was a streetcar. Totally different.) Also, the search for them smacks of Smallville season one’s “Kryptonite Freak of the Week.” Derivative and formulaic. On the plus side, I liked the TV version of the Elongated Man,

I stopped watching last season, but I tuned in for Ralph. It's a fresh take on the character, and they're clearly moving him in the direction of his comic-book counterpart. I'm hoping Sue turns up fairly soon. 

It's a pity they can't do more and better with him visually, but I guess he really stretches the f/x budget.

Jeff of Earth-J said:

Season 4 is off to a weak start in my opinion; I find it derivative. First, we’ve seen a busload of random strangers granted superpowers before, 25 years ago, at Malibu. (Okay, that was a streetcar. Totally different.) Also, the search for them smacks of Smallville season one’s “Kryptonite Freak of the Week.” Derivative and formulaic. On the plus side, I liked the TV version of the Elongated Man,

I get that for TV, they had to change Ralph Dibny's backstory, but I wasn't wild about making him a bad cop. Although, they took pains to present him as a good guy who did a bad thing for what he thought was a good reason ... and the consequences of that bad thing put him on a bad path. Working with Team Flash is putting him on a good path.

Certainly, they did a great job with the actor they cast to play Ralph. 

Once again, Iris is not working at the newspaper, and there's no sighting of District Attorney Cecile (*sob*). At least Joe accepted the happy news and shared it with everyone.

"I wasn't wild about making him a bad cop."

I wasn't either, at first, but I was won over by the end of the episode for the reasons you cite. I'm learning to accept that characters in other media can't (or even perhaps shouldn't) be the same as their comic book counterparts.

I didn't like the bad cop bit, but felt better about it after they explained what he did. The scene in which Flash runs up his arm after bad guys in the sky reminds me of a scene in a Silver Age Flash comic. I'll look for it.

I'm OK with the bad cop thing -- it gives him a different attitude than Barry, and gives him a solid detective background. (Important stuff, since if you spend enough time on Team Flash or Team Arrow, your perspective starts becoming more homogenized with the other characters' views.) It seemed like a more modern take on his original first appearance, where he was being framed for a series of bank robberies. 

I'd be interested in seeing what happened to that husband who Ralph tried to frame with that planted knife, though -- did he eventually try to kill his wife? 

I have lived long enough to see the Elongated Man on live TV.

But wait! He's not called that yet. Cisco, get on the stick, man!

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