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Teddy Sears (Masters of Sex) Joins the Cast as Jay Garrick and Shantel VanSanten (The Messengers, The Final Destination) as Patty Spivot

BURBANK, Calif. (July 11, 2015) — Hit Super Hero action/drama The Flash (Tuesdays 8/7c The CW) is getting up to speed for season two by bringing two new characters to join The Fastest Man Alive in Central City, with both hailing from the DC Comics Universe.

Teddy Sears photo by Rainer Hosch

Teddy Sears (Masters of Sex, Raising the Bar) has been cast as Jay Garrick, who is well known to comic book fans as the first DC Comics character to take on the mantle of The Flash. In the TV show, Jay is a mysterious figure who arrives in Central City to warn Barry Allen and his team at S.T.A.R. Labs of an impending danger that he alone cannot hope to stop.

The Flash executive producer Andrew Kreisberg said, “Having Jay Garrick come onto the show was one of our earliest ideas. It is so exciting, as we rush into season two, that we finally get to bring the Crimson Comet to life. We couldn’t imagine anyone more suited to play the original Flash than Teddy.”

Shantel VanSanten photo by Smile XXVII Studios

Shantel VanSanten (The Messengers, The Final Destination, One Tree Hill) has been set for the role of Patty Spivot. A more recent addition to The Flash’s comic book history, Patty Spivot is a police officer and science enthusiast who catches the eye of Barry Allen. Patty is obsessed with metahumans and partners with Det. Joe West this season but has no idea that her new crush is The Flash.

 “We were huge fans of The Messengers and are excited to have Shantel join us to help complicate Barry Allen’s love life in season two,” said Kreisberg.

Based on the characters from DC Comics, The Flash is from Bonanza Productions Inc. in association with Berlanti Productions and Warner Bros. Television. The series returns for season two on Tuesday, October 6, at 8/7c on The CW.

Jay Garrick, copyright DC Entertainment Inc.

Patty Spivot, copyright DC Entertainment Inc.

THE FLASH signing photos (Sat, July 11): or

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'Flash' Season Two debuts tonight!

Rob Staeger (Grodd Mod) said:

Can't wait!

(And yet I have to. It's one of the shows Kathy and I watch together, so since I'll be out playing D&D tonight, I won't have a chance to sit in front of the TV with her until Wednesday. On the other hand, eating crab cakes for my birthday dinner and watching the Flash won't exactly suck.)

In the interim between seasons, I attempted to watch the 1990 Flash series (DVD, 10 bucks). I got only as far as episode six. I enjoy watching bad television under certain circumstances, but the '90 seires wasn't "good bad," it was just plain bad. I'll be glad when season two of the new show returns tonight.

I got that same DVD set, Jeff ($9.99 from DC Entertainment, right?) and have never gotten around to watching it. It kept slipping down the priority list because I had no residual enthusiasm from the original series. Aside from my crush on Amanda Pays, I didn't enjoy much about the original Flash, especially that ugly suit. It was clearly influenced by the Tim Burton Batman films, and if there's any superhero on the opposite end of the scale from Batman, it's the always-sunny, always-optimistic Flash.

Here's our Flash Season One thread, before it goes down the memory hole.

My wife got me the DVD set of the original series a while back, and it was something I'd have on when I had some mindless work to do. Even so, I didn't get that far, though I watched as many as I could when it first aired.

But back to Season Two: I'm so excited to see Jay Garrick, Patty Spivot, and (from what I've heard) Wally West and Jesse Quick as well! 

Someone I haven't yet seen mentioned is Abra Kadabra -- or Mirror Master, for that matter. I'd love to see them both, obviously. 


They held off on the new characters until the very end, but it was worth the wait. Next week's show is going to be really interesting.

I also have the DVD of the old Flash series. I did get all the way through it a couple years back. I really enjoyed it, but I have fond memories of it: I was a big Flash fan at the time, and I thought they did a good job, given the limitations of TV production when it was made. 

I enjoy the season two opener. I like that they changed the opening credits voiceover to reflect the new status quo. I'd like to see that continue in future seasons.

I liked the episode, too. It seemed like not much had happened for six months to have passed--it seemed more like a a few weeks, given the amount of construction to be done to commercial businesses and that they were only now getting around to honoring Flash.

As always, they really burn off plot fast, releasing Henry from jail--the whole point to Flash's mission til now. I'm still not sure why Henry had to blow town overnight. If they'd put up a ONE WEEK LATER banner, and Henry had then given Barry the speech about not being helpful to the cause, being a distraction and having to find his own way, I might see it. As it was, it seemed pretty callous. Thanks son, gotta go.

Seeing Jay Garrick at the end was cool. They just keep doing cool stuff. My head didn't even explode when Cisco redesigned the uniform logo to look more like the one from the future, thereby creating a time loop that could rip apart the fabric of time and space. I really do wish he'd had a better reason, though.

I assume they do that stuff just to stick out their tongues at us. Because anyone who uses Atom Smasher and has deadpan jokes about the Flash Signal knows what they're doing.

-- MSA

Mr. Silver Age said:

My head didn't even explode when Cisco redesigned the uniform logo to look more like the one from the future, thereby creating a time loop that could rip apart the fabric of time and space. I really do wish he'd had a better reason, though.

 I think the reason stated for changing the symbol on his uniform was that they liked it better. So do I. It's interesting/strange that they can remember the things caused by Eobard Thawne.

I'm unclear on Dr Wells. Is he still in the picture? If Eobard was never born then he wasn't there to kill and replace Wells. But he also wasn't there to push the early creation of the particle accelerator, which caused the metahumans. And who is Zoom if not another version of Reverse-Flash?

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