Holy cow, that was the best thing the CW has ever given me for my birthday.

This is everything I'd want a Flash show to be. There are some changes to the mythos -- the particle accelerator being the source of most or all of the super powers in the area -- but I'm okay with that. It gives the show some unity, and asks us to believe one unbelievable thing instead of asking us to believe a new unbelievable thing every week. I think it's a smart approach. 

Grant Gustin is perfect as Barry -- younger than when I'd first encountered the character, but with so much heart and good humor. I'm stunned at how well he inhabits the part.
I'm most concerned about Thawne's inclusion -- I hope they don't rush through that, putting the prime suspect for his mother's murder right up front. And, frankly, I think growing up with Iris is makes that relationship a little odd, too... and ultimately she might not be the one he ends up with because of that dynamic. (I don't think they plan for that not to happen, but it might be that the show finds itself unable to surmount the squick factor and decides to go another way.)

But I love the cast, the supporting characters (especially at the lab) are great, and I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes! For me, this is head and shoulders above Gotham -- even after this week's ridiculous Balloon Man episode, where I'm finally starting to enjoy it for the cheese it brings to the table.

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Gee, I don't know. The show kind of grew on me, and the overall arc developed from episode to episode. I would recommend watching them in order, regardless of how long it takes. I'm not familiar enough with them to recommend individual episodes.the ones toward the end were good, but they would have been less impactful out of the context of the ones leading up to them.

In my opinion, the appeal of the show lies in its mythology. This is the larger story arc involving the Reverse Flash. Unfortunately, the mythology is interwoven with a "freak of the week" aspect that I really don't care for. Long story short, there are several strong episodes but you won't get as much out of them (as Jeff says) without the context of the rest.

Guess I'll start with episode 2 tonight and go from there. Based on my typical viewing habits, if I do wind up watching the entire season, it will probably take until this time next year to get through the run.

I've watched episodes 2 -4 in the past week and have to admit - I'm hooked. This isn't my Barry Allen and I don't care for their reworking of the Barry/Iris relationship but still the show is pretty darn entertaining. Just enough of that Silver/Bronze Age feel to keep me coming back.

The thing about the show is that nothing is set in stone. Relationships change, new ones are created. I agree that having Iris and Barry as best buds brother/sister growing up and now Barry lusting after her is a little weird, but I'm willing to look past it.

-- MSA

And it looks like the Iris thing is going on the back burner anyhow. The show has introduced both Linda Park and Patty Spivot, and the latter seems to be taking hold.

Glad you're enjoying it, Doc!

And I'm also glad they're back-burnering the Iris/Barry romance angle. I think their chemistry works better as friends so far, and it needs time to recalibrate now that she's in on the secret. And I'm thrilled to see Patty, even though they can't seem to decide whether she's a uniformed cop or plainclothes, or lab tech.  

Patty was a rookie cop who "didn't even have her stripes yet." When Joe accepts her on the task force, he very pointedly addresses her as "detective." So she got a promotion, and I don't believe we've seen her in uniform since.

Watched the Season One finale last night. I am definitely not a "binge watcher". Making it through the entire season in a mere five months is quite speedy for me, no pun intended. The show was much better than I anticipated and for me, so far at least, it ranks as one of the best super hero TV series ever.

Now I have to wait several months until Season Two becomes available on Netflix or DVD while avoiding any hints as to how the cliffhanger ending is resolved. If they do indeed switch to a different timeline, the whole bit of Barry and Iris growing up in the same house may be eliminated.

Your conjecture is a little late, given most of us interested in the show have watched almost all of Season Two by now and not only know how that was resolved but all the ramifications and subsequent events.

The problem with binge-watching or viewing the DVDs is that it makes it very difficult to join Forums and comment (let alone speculate on what's to come). I try to stay current on shows I want to comment on, like Flash and Arrow, and I stay out of Forums when I'm behind (as I am with SHIELD).

You don't have any way to access a CW station? I don't get HBO, so I watch Game of Thrones either through free On-Demand events (my cable usually gives me a chance to watch free HBO shows for a weekend, and I go nuts) or via DVDs. It'd be more fun to join the comments each week, but not for the price.

I do agree that it's easily one of the best (I'd say THE best) superhero show. Season 2 is even nuttier than the first one, and I think you're going to enjoy it.

-- MSA

I am not a big TV watcher.  Even though I could watch The Flash on CW I don't care to sit through all the commercials.  I don't have a DVR so Netflix is my go-to option. Being a year behind doesn't bother me in the least. My favorite show is Big Bang Theory and I have never watched a single episode on initial broadcast.

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