Coming Oct. 2, and featuring Polaris, Thunderbird, Blink and ... the Strucker family?

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I just watched the first episode, which I thought was very well done.

Anybody else?

This is a very solid show. It's kind of a cross between The Fugitive and a family drama, only with super-powers. Stan Lee would be proud. 

I think they're setting up Andy to go the Pyro route. That is one messed-up kid. 

Blink and Polaris are perfect, and I'm really glad to see they're not toning Polaris down to be the equal of the others (or less powerful than the males), as sometimes happens. She's their biggest gun, and everybody knows it.

Sentinel Services are bad news. Suddenly I have an idea what it's like to be black. These are cops who don't follow the rules, and really, really don't like mutants. And they think they're the good guys!

They're slowly setting up a couple of the bad guys from the comics, like Ahab. And I'm still waiting for the other shoe to drop on the "Strucker" name. Methinks they're vaguely following the Arrow blueprint, where this is just the beginning of these characters' evolution into what they're going to be (per the comics).

I have a couple of nitpicks, but mostly it's just a solid, entertaining show with engaging characters.

I've watched the first three episodes, and I've really liked it. I was impressed with myself that I figured out who Blink was, having never read a comic with her in it. 

I skipped over most of Cap's post (sorry!) just in case he mentioned something that has happened in the series I haven't seen yet.

Just watched episodes 4, 5 and 6. The Baseball playoffs and World Series caused a backlog in my TV shows. I agree that this is very, very well done.

Interesting that they are delving into the Strucker family. The great-grandparents, holding hands, became "Fenris." Wow! 

I hope y'all have been watching. It's pretty clear that Polaris is Magneto's daughter, and the Strucker Easter egg has finally paid off with a modern Fenris. Oh, and the Cuckoos are front and center now!

Best news yet: Variety reports The Gifted has been renewed for a second season.

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