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...It has built up a rep in advance of " Marrvel Studios' first real flop?? " theatrical-ed premiere and all, as I'm sure that you have found out. (Sharon Carterwas just a misfire/side trip/actually a miniseries??)

I just watched the first two episodes on this new series. I went into it not expecting much. The Inhumans have never been a favorite of mine, starting with their earliest appearances.

I was pleasantly surprised. Not only are the special effects well done, but the characterization and acting are also of high quality. I like that they didn't use exposition to explain the powers of the characters but just showed them at appropriate times. This was especially effective with Black Bolt who the uninitiated would have assumed to be mute.

The casting seems to be spot-on. Crystal's hair was a little distracting. Kirby's art seemed to me to show actual black ribbons in her hair. Attempting to recreate this (unnecessarily) they portrayed it as variegated hair. It was hard to buy because in close-up it looked like it was slathered on with a paint brush. This is really my only quibble so far. Looking forward to the next episode.

I always thought Crystal's had that black band and circle organically. I don't remember why I thought that, but did, and do, I guess.

Crystal’s hair is as hard to figure out as Mr. Miracle’s mask.

I wonder what Kirby would have thought of this…? I’m sure he would have felt pride at these characters turning up on TV some 50 years later... as long as he was properly compensated. I know he hated seeing others (Marvel, Martin Goodman) profit from his creations. I thought the show was a good mix of old (Kirby’s original), middle (Byrne’s Moon phase) and new (the seer guy). I really liked all the main players, perhaps especially Black Bolt. He did a good job of conveying information non-verbally.

I've never been an Inhumans fan at all, and it has gotten some pretty bad reviews, so I went into the first episode with pretty low expectations. I thought it was alright. For me, for a show like this to work you have to have a good villain, and I thought Maximus was a good villain

I get the impression that the reviewers are reacting to what debuted in special screenings in IMAX theaters, which I believe was the first two episodes that have now been on TV. I'm not a fan of IMAX projection, and it sounds like Inhumans suffers when projected that large. So instead of getting positive buzz from the theatrical debut they are getting negative buzz. The reviews seem to be talking about an entirely different show.

Somehow I didn't record the first two episodes, and now I'm falling behind! It's on, but when I try to get that on the TV the browser on my DVR locks up. It's not on the ABC on demand area in U-Verse yet (if ever). And my wife doesn't want to watch it on the iPad. Anyone got any suggestions?

I'm hoping it will show up on In Demand a week after airing, as I've heard that's a possibility, but I don't know.

Looking at my last post, I should update with: Yes, the premiere did show up on In Demand, and my wife and I have been watching the show faithfully since.

As she notes, it's not the greatest show on TV, but we kinda like it. It seems a foregone conclusion we will see no more, but perhaps it will be folded into S.H.I.E.L.D. -- which is also on shaky ground, ratings-wise. Weird that Marvel has such success on the big screen, and so little on TV, while DC is the reverse.

Anyway, my chief problem with The Inhumans -- that they're autocratic and not very sympathetic protagonists -- seems to be addressed by Medusa's change of heart. Initially it seemed Black Bolt was kinda rethinking the whole royalty bit after meeting some Earthly Inhumans, with Medusa hanging onto the old ways, but that has abruptly (at least to me) reversed. If the season ends (next week) with The Inhumans changing the caste system and opening diplomatic relations with Earth, that could go a long way to make me like these characters even more.

And I may have mentioned this somewhere, but this show has added two more words to my list of comic names I have pronounced differently since childhood:

Gorgon is apparently gore-GONE, as opposed to GORE-gun.

Attilan is apparently AT-ill-lan, not uh-TILL-un.

Live and learn.

To be fair, Marvel has put all of it's big guns into the MCU and most of it's quality secondary characters into Netflix series'. Broadcast TV is pretty much left with whatever dregs they can scare up. I'm waiting for a 3-D Man show myself.

Thinking about it, I'd currently be hard-pressed to come up with a Marvel property that would make a good TV series and wouldn't break the the special effects budget  Squirrel Girl? The Prowler? Ben Reilly? Silver Sable? The Black Cat? The Shroud?

Captain Comics said:

 Weird that Marvel has such success on the big screen, and so little on TV, while DC is the reverse.

"Thinking about it, I'd currently be hard-pressed to come up with a Marvel property that would make a good TV series and wouldn't break the the special effects budget."

How about Moon Knight?

Has a Netflix series coming out.

Jeff of Earth-J said:


How about Moon Knight?

Wow, that was quick.

I only suggested it two hours ago. ;)

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