Because YOU (well, Andrew) demanded it!

The rules I am planning to follow:

  1. I will include legit Golden Age characters that debuted by 1945.  (So, no Black Canary, say)
  2. I will also include characters created after this point that were included after 1945, but were established as having a World War Two era history.
  3. I will not include time travelers, even if they had occasional advenutres in that time period, as the Doctor did.

I know that there a lot more than I am i nitially listing below.  These are just the ones that were already in my list of one thousand super-heroes.  More will be added, and feel free to suggest them.

The List of World War Two Era Super-Heroes

  1. Airboy (Davy Nelson)
  2. Air Man (Drake Stevens)
  3. The Air Wave (Larry Jordan)
  4. Ajax the Sun Man (Jim Wilson)
  5. Alias the Dragon (Bill Norton)
  6. Alias X (Joe Smith)
  7. The All-American (Johnny Appleton)
  8. Amazing Boy (Ace Barlow)
  9. The Amazing Kid (Tommy Henderson)
  10. Amazing Man (John Aman)
  11. Amazing-Man (Will Everett)
  12. The American Belle (Libby Joyce)
  13. The American Crusader (Archibald Masters)
  14. The American Eagle I (Tom Standish)
  15. The American Eagle II (James Dore Sr.)
  16. The Angel (Thomas Halloway)
  17. The Answer Man (John "Genius" Jones)
  18. Aquaman I (Arthur Curry)
  19. Aquaman II (Adam Waterman)
  20. The Aqua-Mariner (Arthur McKenzie)
  21. Archie the Gruesome
  22. The Arrow (Ralph Payne)
  23. Atlas (Jim Randall)
  24. The Atom (Al Pratt)
  25. Atom Blake
  26. The Avenger I (Richard Henry Benson)
  27. The Avenger II (Tom Dash)
  28. Balbo the Boy Magician
  29. The Banshee (Jim O'Donnell)
  30. Batman (Bruce Wayne)
  31. Betsy Ross (Elizabeth Rose)
  32. Bird Man Fox Features Syndicate
  33. The Black Angel (Sylvia Manners)
  34. The Black Bat (Tony Quinn)
  35. The Black Cat (Linda Turner)
  36. The Black Cobra (Jim Hornsby)
  37. The Black Condor (Thomas Wright)
  38. The Black Crusader (Joe Mills)
  39. The Black Dwarf ("Shorty"  Wilson)
  40. The Black Fury (John Perry)
  41. The Black Hand "Allied Supermen of America"
  42. Blackhawk
  43. The Black Hood (Kip Burland)
  44. Blackie the Mystery Boy (Phli)
  45. Black Jack (Jack Jones)
  46. The Black Lion (George Davis)
  47. The Black Marvel (Dan Lyons)
  48. Blackout I (Basil Brusiloff)
  49. Blackout II (Jack Wayne)
  50. The Black Owl (Doug Danville)
  51. The Black Panther Centaur Publications
  52. The Black Satan (Howard Flynn)
  53. The Black Spider (Ralph Nelson)
  54. The Black Terror (Bob Benton)
  55. Black Venus (Mary Roche)
  56. The Black Widow (Claire Voyant)
  57. Black X (Richard Spencer)
  58. The Blazing Scarab (Walt Worthington)
  59. The Blazing Skull (Mark Todd)
  60. The Blitz (Les Rose)
  61. The Blue Beetle (Dan Garrett)
  62. The Blue Blade (Roy Chambers)
  63. The Blue Blaze (Spencer Keen)
  64. Blue Bolt (Fred Parrish)
  65. Blue Boy I (Herbert "Toughy" Simms)
  66. Blue Boy II (Richard "Tubby" Mehlville)
  67. The Blue Bulleteer (Laura Wright)
  68. The Blue Circle (Lee Stafford)
  69. The Blue Diamond (Elton Morrow)
  70. Blue Fire (Jack Knapp)
  71. The Blue Lady (Lucille Martin)
  72. The Blue Streak I Holyoke Publications
  73. The Blue Streak II (Jim Dare)
  74. The Blue Tracer (Bill Dunn)
  75. Bob Phantom (Walt Whitney)
  76. Bombshell
  77. The Boomerang (Lloyd Raleigh)
  78. The Bouncer (Antaes)
  79. The Bowman "Freedom Brigade"
  80. The Boy King (David)
  81. Bozo the Iron Man
  82. The Bronze Man (Randy Ronald)
  83. The Bronze Terror (Jeff Dion)
  84. Bruce Brandon of the Four Comrades
  85. Bucky (Bucky Barnes)
  86. Bulletgirl (Susan Barr)
  87. Bulletman (Jim Barr)
  88. The Buzzard ("Flash")
  89. Canada Jack
  90. Captain America I (Steve Rogers)
  91. Captain America II (Isaiah Bradley)
  92. Captain America III (Samantha T. Wilson)
  93. Captain Battle (John Battle)
  94. Captain Carter (Peggy Carter) 
  95. Captain Commando (John Grayson)
  96. Captain Courageous
  97. Captain Fearless (John Fearless VI)
  98. Captain Fight (Jeff Crockett)
  99. Captain Flag (Tom Townsend)
  100. Captain Flame (Frank Cortez)
  101. Captain Freedom (Don Wright)
  102. Captain  Future (Andrew Bryant)
  103. Captain Glory
  104. Captain Marvel (Billy Batson)
  105. Captain Marvel Junior (Freddy Freeman)
  106. Captain Metropolis (Nelson Gardner)
  107. Captain Midnight (Jim "Red"  Albright)
  108. Captain Swift "Freedom Brigade"
  109. Captain Terror (Dan Kane)
  110. Captain Tootsie
  111. Captain Triumph (Lance and Michael Gallant)
  112. Captain Truth (Ken Elliot)
  113. Captain V (Alan Dale)
  114. Captain Wizard (Joseph Preston)
  115. Captain Wonder (Steve Jordan)
  116. El Carim
  117. The Cat Man (Barton Stone)
  118. Catman (David Merrywether)
  119. The Challenger
  120. Cherry Bomb (Gloria James)
  121. Citizen V (John Watkins)
  122. The Cloak (Jeff Cardiff)
  123. The Clock (Brian O'Brien)
  124. The Clown (Nick Nolan)
  125. The Comet (John Dickering)
  126. Commander Steel Anglo-American Publishing
  127. Commando Yank (Chase Yale)
  128. The Conqueror
  129. The Copperhead (Bob Wayne) 
  130. Craig Carter
  131. Crimebuster (Chuck Chandler)
  132. The Crimson Avenger (Lee Travis)
  133. The Crimson Commando (Frank Bohannon)
  134. The Crusader Hillman Publications
  135. The Cub (Larry Davis)
  136. Cyclone (Peter Blake)
  137. Dakor the Magician
  138. Dan the Dyna-Mite (Daniel Dunbar)
  139. Daredevil (Bart Hill)
  140. The Daredevil Boy (Buddy)
  141. The Dart (Caius Martius Wheeler)
  142. The Deacon (Dean Denton)
  143. The Defender (Don Stevens)
  144. The Destroyer (Keen Marlow)
  145. Detecto (Jack Strand)
  146. The Devil's Dagger (Ken Wyman)
  147. Diamond Jack
  148. The Die-Hard
  149. Doc Rocket (Rex Richards)
  150. Doc Strange (Hugo Strange)
  151. Doctor Darkness (Doctor Cambridge)
  152. Doctor Diamond (Drake Gorden)
  153. Doctor Fate (Kent Nelson)
  154. Doctor Frost
  155. Doctor Hypno Centaur Publications
  156. Doctor Mid-Nite (Charles McNider)
  157. Doctor Mystic Centaur Publications 
  158. Doctor Nemesis (James Bradley)
  159. Doctor Occult (Richard Occult)
  160. Doctor Synthe Centaur Publications
  161. Doctor Vampire (John Rogers)
  162. Doctor X
  163. Dollar Bill (Bill Brady)
  164. Doll Girl (Martha Roberts)
  165. Doll Man (Darrell Dane)
  166. Domino the Miracle Boy (Don)
  167. Doodle (Dick Walters)
  168. The Duke of Darknesss (Paddy Sullivan)
  169. Dusty (Dusty Simmons)
  170. Dynaman (Lagaro)
  171. Dynamic Boy I (Ricky McQuade)
  172. Dynamic Boy II (Kent Banning)
  173. Dynamic Man I (Curt Cowan)
  174. Dynamic Man II (Bert McQuade)
  175. The Dyna-Mite (Roger Aubrey)
  176. Dynamite Thor (Peter Thor)
  177. Dynamo (Jim Andrews)
  178. The Eagle (Bill Powers)
  179. Eaglet (Bud Pierce)
  180. The Echo (Jim Carson)
  181. Electric Ray (Ray)
  182. The Enchanted Dagger (Roger Chalmers)
  183. The Eternal Man (Zardi)
  184. The Eye Centaur Publications
  185. The Face (Tony Trent)
  186. The Falcon I (Carl Burgess)
  187. The Falcon II (Perry Chase)
  188. Fantoman Centaur Publications
  189. Father Time (Larry Scott)
  190. Fatman (Bob Daley)
  191. The Ferret (Calvin Dalton)
  192. The Fiery Mask (Jack Castle)
  193. The Fighting Yank (Bruce Carter III)
  194. The Fin (Peter Noble)
  195. The Fireball I (Ted Tyler)
  196. The Fireball II (Sonya Chuikov)
  197. Firebrand I (Rod Reilly)
  198. Firebrand II (Danette Reilly)
  199. Firebrand III (Ray O'Light)
  200. Fire Eater (Mike O'Malley)
  201. The Firefly (Harley Hudson)
  202. Fire-Man (Jim)
  203. The Flag (Jim Courtney)
  204. The Flag Man (Major Hornet)
  205. The Flame (Fary Preston)
  206. Flame Girl (Linda Dale)
  207. The Flash (Jay Garrick)
  208. Flexo the Rubber Man
  209. The Flint Man (Jack Bradley)
  210. The Flying Dutchman
  211. Fly-Man (Clip Foster)
  212. The Fourth Musketeer (Charles de Batz de Castelmore d'Artagnan)
  213. The Fox (Paul Patton)
  214. Fred of the Ghost Patrol
  215. Freelance Anglo-American Publishng
  216. Fury (Helena Kosmatos)
  217. Futuro Great Publications
  218. The Gargoyle (Dan Collins)
  219. The Gay Avenger Heroes Anonymous
  220. The Gay Ghost (Charles Collins)
  221. General Glory (Joseph Jones)
  222. The Ghost I (George Chance)
  223. The Ghost II (Brad Hendricks)
  224. The Ghost of Flanders (Rip Graves)
  225. The Gladiator (Dan Kenneth)
  226. Glory (Glory West)
  227. The Golden Arrow (Rogers Parsons)
  228. Golden Girl (Gwenny Lou Sabuki)
  229. Golden Lad (Tommy Preston)
  230. The Gray Mask (Malcolm Muir)
  231. The Great Defender (Stiormy Foster)
  232. The Great Zarro Great Publications
  233. The Green Arrow (Oliver Queen)
  234. The Green Ghost Harry A. Chesler
  235. The Green Giant (Brentwood)
  236. The Green Hornet (Britt Reid)
  237. The Green Knight (Denis Knight)
  238. The Green Lama (Jethro Dumont)
  239. The Green Lantern (Alan Scott)
  240. The Green Mask I (Michael Selby)
  241. The Green Mask II (Walter Green)
  242. The Green Mask II (Johnny Green)
  243. The Green Turtle (Hank Chu)
  244. The Grim Reaper (Bill Norris)
  245. The Guardian (Jim Harper)
  246. Gus Weber of the Victory Boys
  247. Hale the Magician
  248. The Halo (Bishop Brbus)
  249. The Hangman (Bob Dickering)
  250. Hans Brauer of the Victory Boys
  251. Hawkgirl (Sheira Hall)
  252. Hawkman (Carter Hall)
  253. Hercules I (Joe Hercules)
  254. Hercules II (Varen David)
  255. The Hood (Craig Williams)
  256. The Hooded Wasp Street & Smith
  257. Hourman (Rex Tyler)
  258. The Human Bomb (Roy Lincoln)
  259. The Human Dynamo ("Shock Gibson)
  260. The Human Lantern (Alan Hammond)
  261. The Human Meteor I (Duke O'Dowd)
  262. The Human Meteor Ii (Dash Darwell)
  263. The Human Top I (Bruce Bravelle)
  264. The Human Top II (David Mitchell)
  265. The Human Torch (Jim Hammond)
  266. The Hunchback (Alan Lanier)
  267. Hurricane (Makkari)
  268. Hydroman (Bob Blake)
  269. Ibis the Invincible (Prince Amentep)
  270. Illuso the Magician
  271. The Invisible Avenger (Buzz Allen)
  272. The Invisible Hood (Kent Thurston)
  273. The Invisible Man (Leonard Gade)
  274. Invisible Scarlet O'Neil
  275. The Invisible Terror (Tom Wade)
  276. Iron Man Maple Leaf Publishing
  277. “Iron” Munro (Arn Munro)
  278. Jack Frost 
  279. The Jack O'Lantern "Allied Supermen of America"
  280. Jack Staff (John Smith)
  281. Jaguar Man (Steve Lane)
  282. The Jester (Chuck Lane)
  283. Jetlad (Steven Traynor)
  284. Jim Storm of the Secret Circle
  285. Johnny Canuck Bell Features
  286. Johnny Fox (Johnathan Fox)
  287. Johnny Quick (Johnny Chambers)
  288. Johnny Rebel (Bob Bailey)
  289. Johnny Thunder
  290. The Judomaster (Rip Jagger)
  291. Jupiter the Master Magician
  292. Just 'N' Right (Justin Wright)
  293. Kangaroo Man (Jack Brian)
  294. Kardak (John Cardy)
  295. Kid Eternity (Christopher Freeman)
  296. Kid Fury (Chuck Marley)
  297. Kid Terror (Tim Roland)
  298. The King (King Standish)
  299. The King of Daarkness (Bruce King)
  300. Kismet
  301. The Kitten (Katie Conn)
  302. Kuei
  303. Kurt Erzberger of the Victory Boys
  304. Ladybug (Rosibel Rivera)
  305. Lady Fairplay (Mary Lee)
  306. Lady Liberty "Freedom Brigade"
  307. Lady Luck (Brenda Banks)
  308. Lady Satan
  309. The Lancer (Lance Larter)
  310. Larry Storm of the Secret Circle
  311. The Laughing Mask (Dennis Burton)
  312. The Liberator (Nelson Drew)
  313. The Liberty Belle (Libby Lawrence)
  314. Lieutenant Hercules (Wilbur Klutz)
  315. Lieutenant Marvel I ("Fat"  Billy Batson)
  316. Lieutenant Marvel II ("Hill" Billy Batson)
  317. Lieutenant Marvel III ("Tall" Billy Batson)
  318. Lightning I (Fred Larkin)
  319. Lightning II (Lash Lightning
  320. Little Boy BLue (Tommy Rogers)
  321. Little Miss Redhead (Janie)
  322. London (Marc Holmes)
  323. The Lynx (Jim)
  324. Mac Storm of the Secret Circle
  325. Madame Strange Great Publications
  326. Madam Fatal (Richard Stanton)
  327. Magar the Mystic
  328. Magno Ace Periodicals
  329. Magno the Magnetic Man (Tom Dalton)
  330. The Maiden (Myrtle) Heroes Anonymous
  331. Major Liberty (John Liberty)
  332. Major Mapleleaf (Louis Sadler Sr.)
  333. Major Victory
  334. Mandrake the Magician
  335. The Manhunter I (Dan Richards)
  336. The Manhunter II (Paul Kirk)
  337. The Man of Might (Dash Dixon)
  338. Man of War
  339. Man O'Metal (Pat Dempsey)
  340. Manowar (Dan Sanders)
  341. Mantor the Magician
  342. The Marksman I (Baron Povalsky)
  343. The Marksman II (John Courage)
  344. Martan the Marvel Man
  345. Marvel Boy (Martin Burns)
  346. Marvelo Columbia
  347. Marvex the Super Robot 
  348. Marvo the Magician
  349. Mary Marvel (Mary Batson)
  350. The Mask (Tony Colby)
  351. The Masked Angel (Steve Oakes)
  352. The Masked Marvel I Centaur Publications
  353. The Masked Marvel II (Bob Barton)
  354. Master Key (Ray Cardell)
  355. Master Man Fawcett
  356. Master Mind Excello (Earl Everett)
  357. The Master Mystic Pelican Press
  358. Maxie Stein of the Victory Boys
  359. Mekano
  360. Merlin (Moe Lynn)
  361. Merlin the Magician (Jock Kellog)
  362. The Mermaid "Freedom Brigade"
  363. The Mer-Master (Roy Roman)
  364. Merzah the Mystic
  365. Micro Face (Tom Woods)
  366. Midnight (Dave Clark)
  367. Mighty Man I Centaur Publications
  368. Mighty Man II (Robert Berman)
  369. Mighty Mite (Mickey)
  370. Minimidget Centaur Publications
  371. Minute-Man (Jack Weston)
  372. The Miracle Man (Zambini)
  373. Miraco the Great
  374. Mirror Man (Dean Alder)
  375. Miss America I (Joan Dale)
  376. Miss America II (Madeleine Joyce)
  377. Miss Espionage Narrative
  378. Miss Fear
  379. Miss Fury (Marla Drake)
  380. Miss Patriot (Mary Morgan)
  381. Miss Victory (Joan Wayne)
  382. Mister America (Tex Thompson)
  383. Mister E (Victor Jay)
  384. Mister "E" Harry A. Chesler
  385. Mister Justice (Prince James of England)
  386. Mister Midnight (Neal Carruthers)
  387. Mister Might "Freedom Brigade"
  388. Mister Minute Man (Thorndyke)
  389. Mister Miracle I Holyoke
  390. Mister Miracle II (Thaddeus Brown)
  391. Mister Satan (Dudley Bradshaw)
  392. Mister Scarlet (Brian Butler)
  393. Mister Terrific (Terry Sloane)
  394. Mister Twilight (Kenshaw Reed)
  395. Mister X (Len Manners)
  396. Molly Pitcher (Molly Preacher)
  397. Monako
  398. Monstro the Mighty
  399. Moon Man Marvel
  400. The Moth Fox Features Syndicate
  401. Mother Hubbard
  402. Mothman (Byron Lewis)
  403. The Mouthpiece (Bill Perkins)
  404. The Music Master (John Wallace)
  405. Mystery Man (Richard Alden)
  406. Nadir
  407. Nelvana of the Northern Lights (Alana North)
  408. Neon the Unknown (Tom Corbet)
  409. Neptune Perklns
  410. The Nightbird ("Lens" Crockett)
  411. Night Hawk (Jack Filan)
  412. Nightmare (Bob White)
  413. Nightshade (Howard Hall)
  414. The Nite Owl (Hollis Mason)
  415. The Oracle (Bob Paxton)
  416. The Owl I (Nick Terry)
  417. The Owl II (Jack)
  418. Pat Patriot (Patricia Patrios)
  419. The Patriot I (Jeff Mace)
  420. The Patriot II "Freedom Brigade"
  421. Pedro of the Ghost Patrol
  422. The Penguin Bell Features
  423. Phantasmo I (Phil Anson)
  424. Phantasmo II (Jean-Marc de Villars)
  425. The Phantom (Kit Walker)
  426. The Phantom Bullet (Allan Lewis)
  427. The Phantom Detective (Richard Curtis Van Loan)
  428. The Phantom Eagle (Mickey Malone)
  429. The Phantom Lady (Sandra Knight)
  430. The Phantom Reporter (Dick Jones)
  431. The Phantom Sphinx (Amron)
  432. The Pied Piper (Steve Prentice)
  433. Pinky the Whiz Kid (Pinkerton Butler)
  434. The Pioneer Harry A. Chesler
  435. Piotr of the Victory Boys
  436. Plastic Man (Eel O’Brien)
  437. Plymo the Rubber Man
  438. Power Man (Rip Regan)
  439. Power Nelson (Gene West)
  440. Power Princess (Zarda Shelton)
  441. The Press Guardian (Perry Chase)
  442. Princess Power "Freedom Brigade"
  443. Professor Imam
  444. Professor Night (Taylor Kendall)
  445. Pudge O'Conner of the Four Comrades
  446. The Purple Tigress (Ann Morgan)
  447. The Purple Zombie
  448. Pyroman (Dick Martin)
  449. Quicksilver (“Max Mercury”)
  450. The Quiz Kid (Raghu Seetharaman)
  451. Radar (Pep Pepper)
  452. Radio Man (Claude Kane III)
  453. Ragman (Jay Garson Jr.)
  454. The Rainbow (Jim Travis)
  455. Rainbow Boy (Jack Walton)
  456. The Raven I (Danny Dartin)
  457. The Raven II (Tony Grey)
  458. The Ray (Happy Terrill)
  459. The Reckoner (Matty Martin)
  460. The Red Bee (Rick Raleigh)
  461. Red Blazer (Ted)
  462. The Red Cross (Peter Hall)
  463. The Red Dragon (Bob Reed)
  464. The Red Gaucho
  465. The Red Guardian (Aleksey Lebedev)
  466. The Red Knight Register and Tribune Syndicate
  467. The Red Raven 
  468. The Red Rogue (Rod Rooney)
  469. Red Rube (Rueben Rueben)
  470. The Red Tornado (Abigail Hunkel)
  471. The Red Torpedo (Jim Lockhart)
  472. Ritty Centaur Publications
  473. Robin (Dick Grayson)
  474. Robotman (Paul Dennis)
  475. Rocket Boy (Billy Wod)
  476. The Rocketeer (Cliff Secord)
  477. Rocketman (Cal Martin)
  478. Rocketgirl (Doris Dalton)
  479. Rockman “Abysmia”
  480. Roko the Amazing (Lon Crag)
  481. Roy the Super-Boy (Roy Carter)
  482. Rusty Holyoke Publishing
  483. Salem the Witch Girl (Salem Rula Nader)
  484. Samson Fox Features Syndicate
  485. The Sand Hog (Bob Stevens)
  486. The Sandman (Wesley Dodds)
  487. Sargon the Sorcerer (John Sargent)
  488. The Scarab (Peter Ward)
  489. The Scarlet Avenger (Jim Kendall)
  490. The Scarlet Sentry (Don Lawson)
  491. The Secret Stamp (Roddy Colt)
  492. The Sentinel Centaur Publications
  493. Sergeant Spook
  494. 711 (Daniel Dyce)
  495. The Shark Centaur Publications
  496. The Shield (Joe Higgins)
  497. The Shining Knight (Sir Justin of Camelot)
  498. The Silhouette (Ursula Zandt)
  499. The Silver Scorpion (Betty Barstow)
  500. Silver Streak
  501. Sleepy (Terry Wake)
  502. Slim of the Ghost Patrol
  503. Slugger the Junior Dynamo (Ken Davis)
  504. Solar Holyoke Publishing
  505. Solarman Centaur Publications
  506. The Son of the Gods (John Thesson)
  507. Spacehawk
  508. The Sparkler (Red Morgan)
  509. The Spark Man (Omar Kavak)
  510. Sparky (Sparkington J. Northrup)
  511. The Spectre (Jim Corrigan)
  512. Spectro (Bob Morgan)
  513. Speed Centaur
  514. Speedy (Roy Harper)
  515. The Sphinx (Ellsworth Forrester)
  516. The Spider (Tom Hallaway)
  517. Spider-Man (Peter Parker) “Spider-Man Noir”
  518. The Spider Queen (Sharon Kane)
  519. Spider Widow (Dianne Grayton)
  520. Spider Woman (Helen Goddard)
  521. The Spirit (Denny Colt)
  522. Spirit Man (Spirit Malcolm)
  523. The Spirit of '76 I (Gary Blakely)
  524. The Spirit of ’76 II (William Nasland)
  525. Spitfire I (Black Douglas)
  526. Spitfire II (Jacqueline Falsworth)
  527. Spooks (Oscar Willard)
  528. The Spy-Smasher (Alan Armstrong)
  529. The Squire (Percy Sheldrake)
  530. Stardust the Super-Wizard
  531. Starman (Ted Knight)
  532. The Star-Spangled Kid (Sylvester Pemberton III)
  533. The Steel Fist (Timothy Slade)
  534. Steel Sterling (John Sterling)
  535. Steel the Indestructible Man (Hank Heywood Sr.)
  536. Stonewall (Louis Hamilton)
  537. Storybook Smith
  538. Stretch (Thomas Longacre)
  539. Stripesy (Pat Dugan)
  540. Strongman (Percy Van Norton)
  541. The Sub-Mariner (Namor McKenzie)
  542. Sub-Zero Man Funnies, Inc.
  543. The Super-American
  544. Super Ann (Ann Star)
  545. Superman (Clark “Kal-L” Kent) “Golden Age”
  546. Supermind's Son (Dan Warren)
  547. The Super-Patriot (Johnny Armstrong)
  548. Super Sabre (Martin Fletcher)
  549. The Super-Soldier (Clark Kent)
  550. Supreme (Ethan Crane)
  551. The Sword I (Chic Carter)
  552. The Sword II (Arthur Lake)
  553. The Tarantula (Jonathan Law)
  554. The Target (Niles Reed)
  555. 13 (Harold Higgins)
  556. Thor (Grant Farrel)
  557. The Thunderer (Jerry Carstairs)
  558. Thunderfist (Randy King)
  559. Tiger Charlton Comics
  560. The Tigress (Paula Brooks)
  561. Tip  Addams of the Four Comrades
  562. TNT I (Tex N. Thomas)
  563. TNT II (Treve N. Thorndyke)
  564. TNT Todd
  565. Tommy Tompkins of the Four Comrades
  566. The Topper (Barry Graham)
  567. Tornado Tom
  568. Toro (Thomas Raymond)
  569. Torpedo  Man (Don Wallace)
  570. Tor the Magic Master (James Slade)
  571. Tsunami (Miya Shimada)
  572. The Tumbler (Lee Brothers)
  573. The Twister
  574. Uncle Sam 
  575. Union Jack (Brian Falsworth)
  576. The Unknown Quality
  577. The Unknown Soldier Ace Periodicals
  578. U.S.A. Quality
  579. U.S. Jones
  580. The Vagabond (Pat Murphy)
  581. Vapo-Man (Bradford Cole)
  582. The Veiled Avenger (Ginny Spears)
  583. Victor of the Victory Boys
  584. The Vigilante (Greg Sanders)
  585. The Vision (Aarkus)
  586. V-Man (Jerry Steele)
  587. The Voice I (Jim Brant)
  588. The Voice II (Dan Lang)
  589. Volto Fawcett
  590. Volton
  591. Vulcan Ace Periodicals
  592. Warlock the Wizard
  593. War Nurse (Pat Parker)
  594. Warren Zumwald of the Victory Boys
  595. The Wasp (Burton Slade)
  596. The Waxman ("Waxy" Doyle)
  597. The Web (John Raymond)
  598. The Whip (Rodney Gaynor)
  599. The White Mask (Steve Saxon)
  600. The Whiz (Robert Garrick)
  601. The Whizzer (Robert Frank)
  602. Wildcat (Ted Grant)
  603. Wildfire (Carol Vance)
  604. Will O'The Wisp (Gale Leary)
  605. The Witness 
  606. The Wizard (Blane Whitney)
  607. The Woman In Red (Peggy Allen)
  608. Wonder Boy I (Dick Cole)
  609. Wonder Boy II Quality
  610. Wonder Man I (Fred Carson)
  611. Wonder Man II (Mystico)
  612. Wonder Man III (Brad Spencer)
  613. Wonder Woman (Diana Prince)
  614. The Wraith (Gary Kennedy)
  615. Yank (Dick Walters)
  616. Yankee Boy (Victttor Martin)
  617. Yankee Doodle Jones
  618. The Yankee Eagle (Jerry Noble)
  619. Yarko the Great
  620. Yellowjacket (Vince Harley)
  621. The Young Avenger (Bill Bryon)
  622. Young Robin Hood (Billy Lackington)
  623. Zatara the Magician (John Zatara)
  624. The Zebra (John Doyle)
  625. Zippo (Joe Blair)
  626. ZL Centaur Publications
  627. Zoro the Mystery Man
  628. ZR Centaur Publications
  629. ZY Centaur Publications

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  1. Bob Phantom
  2. The Blue Blade
  3. Bucky
  4. The Human Lantern
  5. Mister E
  6. Nelvana of the Northern Lights
  7. Pat Patriot
  8. Pinky the Whiz Kid
  9. Steel the Indestructible Man
  10. The Wasp
  11. The Whip

Yay! Here's a bunch of Quality characters from WWII for your consideration. Note that one of them is a cross-dresser.



Daniel Dyce is a district attorney who is almost an exact twin of his friend, Jacob Horn. Jacob is in prison, but wants to see his wife give birth, so Daniel agrees to become a prisoner while Jacob is with his wife. However, Jacob is killed in a car crash on the way to the hospital, so Daniel is stuck in jail. Daniel is able to tunnel himself free, but instead of escaping, he decides to return to his cell. Each night he uses his tunnel to go outside and fight crime, then returns before the morning. Dyce adopts the name #711, a reference to his prisoner number.



As an infant traveling with his parents on an archaeological expedition thorough Outer Mongolia, Richard Grey Jr. survives after his family is killed by the bandit Gali Kan and his men. Rescued by a condor who raises him as her own, he learns to fly by "studying the movement of wings, the body motions, air currents, balance and levitation" of his avian siblings. Richard tracks down and kills the Mongolian bandits who killed his parents and then departs for the United States, where he uncovers a plot to kill United States Senator Thomas Wright. He is too late to save Wright from assassination, and so begins to use his identity. He adopts the guise of Black Condor to fight crooked politicians, rum-running bootleggers and racketeers.



With Nazi Germany flooding into Poland in September 1939, only the Polish Air Force remains as the last major line of resistance. Captain von Tepp and his Butcher Squadron swarm the skies in response, outnumbering the Polish four to one. The Germans decimate their foes until just one lone plane — painted jet black — remains. After gallantly shooting down six Nazi planes, the mysterious pilot is forced to crash land in the countryside. Running to a nearby farmhouse, he's tracked from the air by von Tepp, who drops a bomb and destroys the building. The pilot locates his dead sister and mortally wounded brother inside. He vows to kill von Tepp before disappearing into the darkness.

Months later, with most of Europe collapsing under the might of the Nazis, the pilot reemerges with his own private squadron and "like an angel of vengeance, Blackhawk and his men swoop down out of nowhere, their guns belching death, and on their lips the dreaded song of the Blackhawks."



Black X (Richard Spenser) is a secret agent.



William "Wild Bill" Dunn is an American engineer working with the army in a secluded section of Ethiopia. While working, his team is attacked by a group of supernatural beings named the M'bujies. The M'bujies wound Dunn and kill his teammates. Dunn is rescued by "Boomerang" Jones, an Australian soldier who had been given up for dead and is now fighting his own private war against the Nazis. After Dunn regains his strength, the two men create a super-vehicle out of captured Nazi equipment that they name the Blue Tracer. It can become a tank, airplane, or submarine. They then use it to destroy the M'bujies and escape the jungle. The two travel the world and fight the Axis forces during the rest of the war, with Dunn at the head and Jones as his sidekick.



Commissioner Hunt contacts Hugh Hazzard by signal flare and brings him into the investigation of crimes committed by a mysterious robot. Seeing the robot robbing a jewelry store, Hugh manages to temporarily deactivate it and climbs inside its hollow chest to hitch a ride to the robot's home base. This turns out to be the laboratory of an evil scientist, Dr Von Thorp, who is taken to the police by his own robot and later declared insane. The robot is again deactivated, and placed on a garbage scow for disposal at sea, but Hugh Hazzard has ideas of using the robot as a crime-fighting tool. He saves the robot from its watery fate, then names the robot Bozo.



In 1919 twin brothers Michael and Lance Gallant are born in New York City. They are so alike, even down to a T-shaped birthmark on their left wrists, that their own mother cannot tell them apart. The two remain close, even for twins, as they grow up. When America is drawn into the Second World War, Michael enlists in the U.S. Army Air Corps, becoming a pilot, while Lance becomes a journalist. However, on Michael's 23rd birthday, as he brings his plane in to land, the hangar he is entering explodes. His fiancée, Kim Meredith, and brother Lance witness this act of sabotage, and the latter races into the burning structure, managing to find his badly injured sibling, only for Michael to die in his arms. Lance swears vengeance on the murderers and those like them. Unknown to him, the Fates, creatures of myth, are watching all this and, impressed, decide to create a champion. Soon afterwards Lance receives a shocking visitation from Michael's ghost, who reveals that they remain linked together, and if Lance touches his birthmark they will merge, gaining superpowers as a result. Touching the mark a second time will separate them again. Calling himself Captain Triumph, Lance becomes a crimefighter.



A hypnotist with a secret underground lair, The Clock's minimalist costume is a three-piece suit and mask. The Clock uses a number of gadgets (including a cane whose head becomes a projectile, and a diamond stud which fires tear gas), and customarily left a calling card with a clock face sayinng "The Clock Has Struck." The Clock's secret identity was eventually disclosed as Brian O'Brien, a wealthy member of high society.



Martha Roberts is the daughter of Professor Roberts, who tutored his young protégé Darrel Dane in his home laboratory. During the summer of 1939, Martha is being blackmailed by a criminal named Falco over love letters she had written one of her former college teachers. After imbibing a concoction, Dane finds himself shrunk to the height of six inches, but with his normal strength intact. Martha sews him new clothes to wear, and he begins to worry that he might never be able to regain his normal height. Several years later, while wishing and concentrating about being able to shrink down to aid Doll Man, Darrel also is thinking about the same thing and suddenly Martha's height and weight dwindles down until she is on the same scale as Doll Man.



"The World's Mightiest Mite" is research chemist Darrel Dane, who invents a formula that enables him to shrink to the height of six inches while retaining the full strength of his normal size.



The daughter of the slain leader of an obscure nation in central Asia, Miss Fear ruthlessly avenges her murdered father with a Tommy gun.



Rod Reilly is a bored and wealthy socialite son of a steel tycoon, who decides to fight crime with his servant and friend, "Slugger" Dunn. He uses a lariat, and can climb buildings using vacuum cups.



Roy Lincoln is originally a scientist working with his father on a special explosive chemical called "27-QRX". When Nazi spies invade his lab and kill his father, he ingests the chemical to prevent it from falling into their hands. As a result, Lincoln gains the ability to cause explosions in any object he came into contact with, particularly through his hands.



A wealthy former private detective, Thurston originally fought crime as the Invisible Hood while wearing a hooded red cloak and carrying a gas gun. In his second appearance, the Invisible Hood's robe is treated with an invisibility solution invented by a famous chemist.



Rookie cop Chuck Lane learns that he is a direct descendant of a medieval court jester. Because of this, and the fact that he feels he is not doing enough good as a cop alone, he becomes a colorfully costumed adventurer known as the "Jester." The Jester is a comical crimefighter who makes laughing stocks out of the criminals he fights. He is known to be an unpredictable hero whose eerie laugh and jingling bells are an ominous sign to his enemies. His costume is worn under his police uniform.



The Kid is originally a nameless boy who is killed when a U-boat sinks his grandfather's fishing boat during World War II. Due to a supernatural mix-up, however, he is killed 75 years too soon. To rectify the error, the Kid is brought back to life for another 75 years with the mission of upholding good in the world. He is given the power to summon any good historical or mythological figure or animal by saying the word "Eternity" as well as to make himself material or immaterial and invisible.



Lady Luck is the alter-ego of Brenda Banks, a young Irish-American socialite heiress, daughter of a mine owner. Rejecting her vapid debutante circle, she trains in martial arts and adopts the persona of a costumed detective.



Madame Fatal is actually Richard Stanton, a handsome, middle-aged man who is exceptionally intelligent and intuitive, as well as being at the peak of his physical abilities.



Tom Dalton is a lineman for an electric company until he is shocked and killed by 10,000 volts of electricity. He is brought back to life by a coworker. Dalton becomes Magno, who is powered by the very electricity that saved his life, and he uses it to fight crime with his magnetic and electrical abilities.



Donald "Dan" Richards attended the police academy with his girlfriend's brother, Jim, who was at the top of the class, while Dan was at the very bottom. After Jim is framed for a crime he didn't commit, Dan takes up the identity of Manhunter to track down the actual killer. He catches the perpetrator and clears Jim's name. Afterwards, he continues to operate as Manhunter.



He possesses super-speed and has the first name Max.



In 1940, playboy Jock Kellog's uncle tells the young playboy that he is the last of a line of men who can trace their descent directly from Merlin. Before dying, the old man gives Kellog a green, hooded cloak and tells him that, while wearing it, he will inherit all the powers of Merlin himself.



Dave Clark is a radio announcer in Big City. He is an actor in a show named "The Man Called Midnight," about a masked crime fighter. After witnessing the collapse of a 12-story building, he finds out that it had collapsed as a result of deliberate criminal negligence on the part of its builder, Morris Carleton. Clark decides to fight Carleton and force him to admit responsibility. To do this, he puts on a domino mask and assumes the identity of Midnight himself. After succeeding, he chooses to continue to fight crime as "Midnight, the eerie friend of the needy."



Miss America is originally Joan Dale, a courageous reporter who had a dream in which the Statue of Liberty appeared to her and, giving her the power to transmute elements, instructed her to battle evil. Joan awakes to find that she now has these powers. Adopting a patriotically-themed costume, she begins fighting evil as Miss America.



Tom Corbet is a member of the Foreign Legion. While pursuing an enemy across the desert, his entire unit dies of dehydration. He would have suffered the same fate if he hadn't found a magical oasis at the last second. Corbet drinks the glowing water and is transformed into Neon the Unknown, with the ability to fly and shoot energy from his hands.



Sandra Knight, daughter of a senator, uses a "black light projector” to blind her enemies and make herself invisible. She drives a car whose headlights also project black light when necessary.



"Eel" O'Brian and three fellow gang members are surprised by a night watchman during a burglary. During the gang's escape, Eel is shot in the shoulder and doused with a large drum of unidentified chemical liquid. He passes out on the foothills of a mountain near the city. He awakes to find himself in a bed in a mountain retreat, being tended to by a monk who had discovered him unconscious that morning. During his short convalescence at the monastery, he discovers that the chemical had entered his bloodstream and caused a radical physical change. His body now has all of the properties of rubber, allowing him to stretch, bounce and mold himself into any shape.



Newspaper reporter Langford "Happy" Terrill is exposed to lightning and sunlight at the same time while ballooning and gains energy-based superpowers. He is able to emit energy from his body and use it to fly through the air.



Rick Raleigh is assistant district attorney in Superior City, Oregon. His superhero modus operandi is to put on a costume and, with his trained bees and "stinger gun," fight Nazis and gangsters. His favorite bee is named Michael and lives inside his belt buckle.



Retired U.S. Navy Captain Jim Lockhart, unable to settle down, builds a one-man submarine known as The Red Torpedo. Using the devices on board, he becomes the peacekeeper of the seas.



The Spider is playboy Tom Hallaway, who had tired of seeing criminals have their own way harassing and murdering honest citizens, so he adopts the guise of the Spider to settle the score. The Spider fights crime in a yellow shirt and blue shorts. He is armed with a bow and arrows, a special car known as the Black Widow, and the assistance of his valet Chuck. Hallaway uses a special arrow called the "Spider's Seal," which has a flat disc on the end; he shoots it at thugs' hands to disarm them.



Dianne Grayton is a bored and wealthy athlete who decides to fight crime and foreign saboteurs after discovering she has the ability to control deadly black widow spiders.



Uncle Sam is a mystical being, the spirit of a slain soldier from the Revolutionary War who now appears whenever his country needs him.



Wildfire is a redhead whose powers are gifted to her by the god of fire.



With "the strength of a hundred full grown men," the nameless Wonder Boy falls to Earth from the planet Viro, destroyed when it “collided with a star.” Finding himself in Chicago, he joins forces with Sgt. Crane of the Army Air Corps and begins using his superhuman abilities to fight the Nazis, Axis spies and big-city crime.

Captain Comics said:


Daniel Dyce is a district attorney who is almost an exact twin of his friend, Jacob Horn. Jacob is in prison, but wants to see his wife give birth, so Daniel agrees to become a prisoner while Jacob is with his wife. However, Jacob is killed in a car crash on the way to the hospital, so Daniel is stuck in jail. Daniel is able to tunnel himself free, but instead of escaping, he decides to return to his cell. Each night he uses his tunnel to go outside and fight crime, then returns before the morning. Dyce adopts the name #711, a reference to his prisoner number.

Um ... what about his job being the district attorney? Did no one notice Daniel Dyce not showing up for work? Or did people assume Daniel Dyce was the one killed in that car crash? 

And, being the district attorney, couldn't Daniel Dyce arrange for Jacob Horn to get to the hospital legally, say, under armed guard, rather than all this subterfuge? 

Inquiring minds want to know!

Thanks, Andrew!  Several of the Quality characters were already on the list,  but there several there I hadn't remembered.

I added the following:

  1. 711
  2. The Angel
  3. Blackhawk
  4. Black X
  5. The Blue Tracer 
  6. Bozo the Iron Man
  7. The Clock
  8. Daredevil
  9. The Falcon
  10. Lady Luck
  11. Lieutenant Marvel I
  12. Lieutenant Marvel II
  13. Lieutenant Marvel III
  14. Little Boy Blue
  15. Magno the Magnetic Man
  16. Merlin the Magician
  17. Midnight
  18. Miss Fear
  19. Miss Victory
  20. The Mouthpiece
  21. Neon the Unknown
  22. The Red Torpedo
  23. The Spider
  24. Spider Widow
  25. Wonder Boy

I'm guessing it was assumed that Dyce was the one killed, not the prisoner. 

ClarkKent_DC said:

Captain Comics said:


Daniel Dyce is a district attorney who is almost an exact twin of his friend, Jacob Horn. Jacob is in prison, but wants to see his wife give birth, so Daniel agrees to become a prisoner while Jacob is with his wife. However, Jacob is killed in a car crash on the way to the hospital, so Daniel is stuck in jail. Daniel is able to tunnel himself free, but instead of escaping, he decides to return to his cell. Each night he uses his tunnel to go outside and fight crime, then returns before the morning. Dyce adopts the name #711, a reference to his prisoner number.

Um ... what about his job being the district attorney? Did no one notice Daniel Dyce not showing up for work? Or did people assume Daniel Dyce was the one killed in that car crash? 

And, being the district attorney, couldn't Daniel Dyce arrange for Jacob Horn to get to the hospital legally, say, under armed guard, rather than all this subterfuge? 

Inquiring minds want to know!


  1. Airbou
  2. Ajax the Sun Man
  3. Amazing Man
  4. The American Crusader
  5. Atlas
  6. The Banshee
  7. The Black Angel
  8. The Black Cat
  9. The Black Fury
  10. The Black Hood
  11. Black Jack
  12. The Black Marvel
  13. Blackout I
  14. Blackout II
  15. The Black Owl
  16. The Black Terror
  17. Blue Bolt
  18. Bombshell
  19. The Bronze Terror (Jeff Dixon)
  20. Flexo the Rubber Man

Off the top of my head:

  1. American Eagle (James Dore, Sr) (Squadron Supreme)
  2. The Boy King
  3. Captain Flag
  4. Commando Yank
  5. Crimebuster
  6. The Destroyer (Keane Marlowe)
  7. Doc Strange (Thomas Strange)
  8. Doctor Frost
  9. The Face
  10. The Fighting Yank
  11. Gay/Grim Ghost
  12. Green Lama
  13. Hercules (several characters)
  14. Hurricane (Mercury/Makkari)
  15. Hydroman
  16. Ka-Zar (Africa)
  17. The King (King Standish)
  18. The Marksman
  19. Minute Man
  20. Mister Justice
  21. Professor Iman (Squadron Supreme)
  22. Pyroman
  23. The Rocketeer
  24. Silver Streak
  25. Yank & Doodle


Madame Fatal is actually Richard Stanton, a handsome, middle-aged man who is exceptionally intelligent and intuitive, as well as being at the peak of his physical abilities.

This being the cross-dresser, I guess Frederick Wertham missed him when writing his book.

Added the Following:

  1. Captain Commando
  2. Captain Curageous
  3. Captain Fearless
  4. Captain Fight
  5. Captain flag
  6. Captain Freedom
  7. Captain Glory
  8. Captain Terror
  9. Catman
  10. The Challenger
  11. The Cloak
  12. The Clown
  13. Commando Yank 
  14. The Conqueror
  15. Crimebuster
  16. The Dart
  17. The Defender
  18. The Destroyer
  19. Doc Strrange
  20. Doctor Frost
  21. Doctor Nemesis
  22. Dynamic Man
  23. The Eagle
  24. The Echo
  25. The Enchanted Dsgger
  26. The Face
  27. The Falcon II
  28. Father Time
  29. The Fighting Yank
  30. The  Fireball
  31. Fire Eater
  32. The Firefly
  33. The Flag
  34. Flag Man
  35. The Flame 
  36. The Flint Man
  37. Fly-Man
  38. The Fox
  39. The Gargoyle
  40. The Gay Ghost
  41. The Ghost I
  42. The Ghost II
  43. The Ghost of Flanders
  44. Te Golden Arrow
  45. The Great Defender
  46. The Green Lama
  47. The Green Mask
  48. The Grim Reaper
  49. Hercules
  50. Yhe Hood
  51. The Human Dynamo
  52. The Human Meteor
  53. The Human Top
  54. Hydroman
  55. Invisible Scarlet O'Neil
  56. Johnny Thunder
  57. Kangaroo Man
  58. The King 
  59. Kismet
  60. Lady Fairplay
  61. The Liberator
  62. Lightning I
  63. Lightning II
  64. London
  65. The Lynx
  66. Magno


  1. The Amerocan Eagle
  2. The Bpy Kng
  3. Doodle
  4. The Human Top II
  5. Hurricane
  6. The Marksman
  7. Minute-Man
  8. Mister Justice
  9. Professor Imam
  10. Pyroman
  11. The Rocketeer
  12. Silver Streak
  13. Yank  

I didn't add Ka-Zar because I don't thibk of him as a "super-hero" as such.

Philip Portelli said:

Off the top of my head:

  1. American Eagle (James Dore, Sr) (Squadron Supreme)
  2. The Boy King
  3. Captain Flag
  4. Commando Yank
  5. Crimebuster
  6. The Destroyer (Keane Marlowe)
  7. Doc Strange (Thomas Strange)
  8. Doctor Frost
  9. The Face
  10. The Fighting Yank
  11. Gay/Grim Ghost
  12. Green Lama
  13. Hercules (several characters)
  14. Hurricane (Mercury/Makkari)
  15. Hydroman
  16. Ka-Zar (Africa)
  17. The King (King Standish)
  18. The Marksman
  19. Minute Man
  20. Mister Justice
  21. Professor Iman (Squadron Supreme)
  22. Pyroman
  23. The Rocketeer
  24. Silver Streak
  25. Yank & Doodle

Here are some Fawcett characters for consideration. I tried to avoid repeating ones you already had. And I didn't look up all the civilian names because I'm lazy.

ATOM BLAKE (Atom Blake)

A boy gets fantastic abilities from a ring left him by his scientist father, and has adventures.


Balbo is a teen stage magician who uses his tricks to solve crimes, a strip spun off from "El Carim."


A very good boy who wears a gravity collar to fly.

CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT (Captain Jim “Red” Albright)

Aviator, adapted from the radio show.

CAPTAIN VIDEO (Classified)

Aviator, genius inventor, diplomat. Adapted from the TV show.


Frontier Marshal.


Aviators and former football players who traveled the world in search of adventure.


Two-fisted private detective.


This is about a reporter who goes after a crime kingpin by dressing in a costume and fighting his thugs with knives.


Jack got Hourman-level powers from a magic diamond.


Tarzan wannabe.

EL CARIM (Hunchback)

Sargon wannabe.




A frontier marshal not named Buck Jones

GOLDEN ARROW (Roger Parsons)

Western hero.


South Seas adventurer/carnival operator.


Anthropomorphic, SHAZAM-powered rabbit.


The Hunchback was some guy who fought crime wearing a hunchback costume.


Sea-going adventurer.


Former FBI agent, now an editor of a detective magazine, who would solve unsolved crimes and write them up for his magazine.




Sea-going adventurer.


Tarzan wannabe.


Western hero.


Mark Swift is a time-traveling hero who long preceded Rip Hunter.

MASTER MAN (Unknown)

Master Man got super-powers from a magic capsule.


Singing cowboy.


Two-fisted police detective.


Hillbilly, hot-air balloon aviator.


Sheena wannabe.


State Department spy-catcher.

PHANTOM EAGLE (Mickey Malone)



He was, I guess, an official detective of some sort, but for whom I don't know.

RED GAUCHO (Unknown)

He was a gaucho. He wore red. He fought crime.






Two-fisted reporter.


Sea-going adventurer.

SPOOKS (Professor Oscar Willard)

A dead guy returns to the land of the living with a keeper from the afterlife (Messenger Boy) in order to fight crime, with the ability to possess people.

SPY SMASHER (Alan Armstrong)

Aviatior-costumed tough guy, who has a “gyrosub” that can operate as an airplane, helicopter, sub and speedboat.


Two-fisted reporter.




Warlock the Wizard was a wizard named Warlock who fought crime.


A Mowgli who grows up to be an Indian Tarzan.


He's a mystery man who is sometimes actually referred to, in story, as a "mystery man." He is asked to solve strange crimes because somehow he has a reputation as a guy who solves strange crimes. He uses a sword cane. He has a pet cheetah. He has no obvious reason for doing the things he does. He's a mystery, all right.


How about:

  1. The Avenger (Richard Henry Benson)---he can change his face! 
  2. The Black Bat (Tony Quinn)-can see in the dark
  3. Man O'Metal (Pat Dempsey)
  4. The Squire (the future Knight of Great Britain) (Young All Stars)
  5. The Terrific Whatzis (turtle parody of the Flash)

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