The new Justice League receives four out of five stars from me but nearly only had three. Call it a B- (for those who remember having real grades). The art was dynamic, the first glimpse into this new word intriguing, what characterization there was was enjoyable, but the pacing stinks. It was way too deconstructed. Five pages, six tops, worth of story spread out over an issue. I'm still excited about the new DCU but this wasn't a great start.


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I haven't heard much about Green Arrow, Resurrection Man, Firestorm, The Dark Knight, Blue Beetle, Mister Terrific, Static Shock, or Suicide Squad. Anyone reading any of these still? Some of them I never even looked at the first time around. I was wondering what any of you were thinking.

I'm reading Green Arrow because I like the character. It's not too great though. The Dan Jurgen's art is nice though.

I got the first two issues of Blue Beetle, but it was just a rehash of what had come before, without the heart of its predecessor, so I dropped it.

I had been reading Mister Terrific, but had deicided to drop it.

I'm still reading Blue Beetle, Resurrection Man, and Firestorm.

I was quite disappointed in the first issue of Blue Beetle but found it's gotten better each issue.  It's still not up to the level of its predecessor but I'm no longer considering dropping it.

Resurrection Man has been a little strange.  I really liked the first issue but wasn't very fond of the second one.  The third issue was quite good but felt more like it should have been called the "Body Doubles".  I still haven't got a good feel for the series yet.

I thought the first issue of Firestorm showed a lot of promise but the last couple of issues haven't really done anything for me.  I'm on the verge of dropping this one.

I also gave Mister Terrific three issues.  That ones gone.

The bad news...Jim Lee will be taking a two issue break from Justice League after issue six.  The good news...Gene Ha is his fill-in guy.

At least for issue 7, anyway...

The new Green Arrow artist looks good, too.

And this interview with John Rood implies (or Newsarama infers, anyway) that some of the New 52 titles may be getting replaced around issue 8. I'm not sure if their conclusion (at the top of the article) matches exactly what Rood said, but it'll be interesting to see what's coming up next, regardless.

Just looked on the blog, and I totally agree. This week I bought the newest Green Arrow issue because I noticed that Keith Giffen had come on as the writer (along with Dan Jurgens, to be fair). If I like the issue when I eventually read it, I will probably continue right on until the Nocenti/New Artist begin.

Rob Staeger said:

At least for issue 7, anyway...

The new Green Arrow artist looks good, too.

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