In a past thread, Lumberjack asked me what exactly the New Pulp movement is.

For those who came in late...

Believe it or not, the pulp genre is alive and well today, and basically divided into three categories.

There are companies such as Nostalgia Ventures and Radio Archives that keep issuing new copies of the original material such as the Shadow and Doc Savage.

There are companies such Moonstone and Airship 27 that obtain the licenses to produce new adventures of the classic heroes.

And then there are companies such as Pro Se Press and White Rocket Books that produce strictly new creations within the pulp genre.

Of course there is some overlap between the three categories, but in the end we are all just one big happy family of fans and creative talent keeping the genre alive and kicking.

Below is an ad featuring some of the current New Pulp releases for your potential reading enjoyment.

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Want Dillon for your Kindle or your Nook?

Starting today and continuing through the holiday season the prices on the first two Dillon adventures available as ebooks have been dropped so that you and your friends can take advantage and get in on the pulse pounding excitement!

First of all, DILLON AND THE LEGEND OF THE GOLDEN BELL is now $1.99!  That's right, a measly buck ninety-nine!

Second and even more amazing is that the first fantastic Dillon adventure, DILLON AND THE VOICE OF ODIN is now FREE.

Yeah, you read that right.  The ebook of DILLON AND THE VOICE OF ODIN is now FREE.

And look for news about the availability of FOUR BULLETS FOR DILLON as an ebook soon right here.

Just follow this handy dandy link to get your copy of both on Smashwords where you can download them for your Kindle or Nook or whatever.  Read and enjoy!  Now get outta here and let me get back to work.

All-Star Pulp Comics

Ron Fortier and Rob Davis are thrilled to announce the release of the
first Redbud Studio/Airship 27 Productions venture in All-Star Pulp
Comics # 1. You can find it at IndyPlanet

This massive comic one shot features 58 pages of wall to wall pulp
adventure in graphic form. Seven old and new pulp heroes as written by
today’s most exciting new pulp writers and brought to glorious graphic
reality by super talented artists.

Here are the Green Lama, Domino Lady, Jim Anthony Super Detective to name only a few. The volume also contains the very first ever comic
adventure of Barry Reese’s highly popular hero, the Rook.

The color cover featuring the Green Lama & the Domino Lady is by Jeff Butler.

Stories include:
•Green Lama by Adam Garcia & Mike Fyles
• Jim Anthony by Erwin K. Roberts & Pedro Cruz
• Black Bat by C. William Russette & Wayne Beeman
• The Blue Lady by Sean Taylor & James Ritchey III
• The Rook by Barry Reese & Craig Wilson
• Secret Agent "X" by Bobby Nash & Jeremy McHugh
• Domino Lady by Percival Constantine, Rock Baker & Jeff Austin
• Cover by Jeff Butler

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Black & White
Page Count: 58

A collection of stories in varied styles from retro to new age digital
painting here comes a collection of Pulp Age characters in comic
storytelling- some in that form for the very first time. New Pulp
writers and artists bring you stories with fists flying and action
galore. Join the fun in ALL-STAR PULP COMICS #1!


You asked for it...nay, you demanded it and at last it's here! FOUR BULLETS FOR DILLON  is now available from for your Kindle!  So what are you waiting for?

Here's a new, pulp related blog post: Feeling blue for the Pulps

I am slowly learning the fine art of self-promotion.

With that in mind, here's an interview I recently did that some might find interesting reading: 

Originally only available as a giveaway with purchase of How the West Was Weird, Vol. 2, the e-book CAMPFIRE TALES is now available at (for those of you with Kindles) and (for those of you with any other kind of e-reader. This book includes 4 weird western short stories by Russ Anderson, Derrick Ferguson, Joel Jenkins, and Joshua M. Reynolds. For 99 cents, it's a steal!

Four astounding novellas combining the western with sci-fi and horror.  This new addition to Pulpwork Press's best-selling HOW THE WEST WAS WEIRD series includes:

MR. BRASS AND THE CRIMSON SKIES OF KANSAS by Josh Reynolds. The robot Pinkerton is all that stands between President Teddy Roosevelt and an attack by sky pirates and Mr. Hyde.

HELL'S OWN by Russ Anderson. Zombies overrun a small western town, and the town's lone sheriff is the only one that's armed. Will anyone survive?

THE TALE OF THE BARON'S TRIBUTE by Derrick Ferguson. When a foe from Sebastian Red's past attacks him through his friends, Sebastian must undo the damage done to his loved ones and do battle with a foe who is, for once, in every way his equal.

GUNMEN OF THE HOLLOW EARTH by Joel Jenkins. Lone Crow, Doc Holliday, and Morgan Earp lead the surviving members of the Wild Bunch into a lost world at the center of the Earth, running afoul of dinosaurs, a tribe of barbarian women, and a posse of silver-hungry banditos who have followed them from the surface world.

So what are you waiting for?  Get on over to and get yourself a copy!

“The Scarlet Courtesan of Sovereign City” introduces Fortune McCall and his cohorts to Sovereign City and vice versa as Fortune searches the city, hunting for a beautiful friend of his who is working for the British government.  This friend has run afoul of some unsavory characters who are up to some decidedly dangerous business.
“The Day of The Silent Death” has Fortune trying to track down a killer who possesses a method of killing hundreds, possibly thousands within seconds without a sound or warning.
“The Magic of Madness” involves a husband and wife team of magicians who have incurred the wrath of a secret society and only Fortune McCall has a chance of saving them.
“The Gold of Box 850” has Fortune McCall once again getting caught up in British espionage.  But this time he’s got a reason; five million dollars’ worth of gold is up for grabs.  Unfortunately, he’s not the only one looking for it.
THE ADVENTURES OF FORTUNE MCCALL is available at or through Pro Se’s and soon in all online retailers.  And it is also available in Ebook format from !
            Paperback: 158 pages
            Publisher: Pro Se Press
            ISBN-10: 1468112562
            ISBN-13: 978-1468112566

That's a nice cover!

I, too am taking part in the New Pulp movement, working with Pro Se and their Pulp Obscura line:

For the record, Derrick is a terrific writer, known for Dillion, Sebastian Red, and a host of other wonderful New Pulp stories.

Rich is the writer/creator of Misty Johnson, as well as numerous short stories, newspaper columns, and stage plays.

As for myself, I will be contributing short stories to at least three Pulp Obscura projects over the coming year that I will talk about more as each volume comes closer to release. Meanwhile I am also working on the second book featuring Hugh Monn, Private Detective and my next novel, Alpha, is a pulp superhero adventure slated for release this Spring.

Sorry to interject a "Classic Pulp" question in the New Pulp thread, but I'm willing to bet this is a good place to get an answer:

Anyone know where I can find a checklist of Whisperer stories?  (I'm primarily interested in the long-form stories from The Whisperer, rather than the back-ups in The Shadow.)  I've Googled my fingers off without no success. 

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