In a past thread, Lumberjack asked me what exactly the New Pulp movement is.

For those who came in late...

Believe it or not, the pulp genre is alive and well today, and basically divided into three categories.

There are companies such as Nostalgia Ventures and Radio Archives that keep issuing new copies of the original material such as the Shadow and Doc Savage.

There are companies such Moonstone and Airship 27 that obtain the licenses to produce new adventures of the classic heroes.

And then there are companies such as Pro Se Press and White Rocket Books that produce strictly new creations within the pulp genre.

Of course there is some overlap between the three categories, but in the end we are all just one big happy family of fans and creative talent keeping the genre alive and kicking.

Below is an ad featuring some of the current New Pulp releases for your potential reading enjoyment.

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There hasn't been a newsletter since the December 2end one and as Lee said, I wouldn't look for a new one until after the first of the year. 

Ron M. said:

Just wondering if a new issue had come out since I joined and I somehow didn't get it.


Wanted to be sure because they said twice in the ad and once in the email every two weeks.

Given that it's the holiday season and that Tommy has been somewhat under the weather the past couple of weeks I think we can be understanding if the newsletter is a tad bit late.

I'm not complaining. I just wanted to make sure mine didn't get lost somehow. I've had very bad luck ordering things online.

Remain cautiously optimistic and all will be well.

Well, so much for the newsletter. My computer says it can't download it.

Okay Ron. Let's try this. Here's my copy. Enjoy.


Sorry. I get a lot of crazy code. Nothing I can read.

Clicking it just opened the Windows Media Center.
Ron M. said:

Sorry. I get a lot of crazy code. Nothing I can read.

Opened right up for me, Ron. Do you have the Adobe reader installed on your computer?

No. Where would I get that?

Looking up adobe it says read and agree to their terms of use before getting a reader. Which I can't since it's a pdf so I can't read it until I've already agreed to it.
Ron M. said:

No. Where would I get that?

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