In a past thread, Lumberjack asked me what exactly the New Pulp movement is.

For those who came in late...

Believe it or not, the pulp genre is alive and well today, and basically divided into three categories.

There are companies such as Nostalgia Ventures and Radio Archives that keep issuing new copies of the original material such as the Shadow and Doc Savage.

There are companies such Moonstone and Airship 27 that obtain the licenses to produce new adventures of the classic heroes.

And then there are companies such as Pro Se Press and White Rocket Books that produce strictly new creations within the pulp genre.

Of course there is some overlap between the three categories, but in the end we are all just one big happy family of fans and creative talent keeping the genre alive and kicking.

Below is an ad featuring some of the current New Pulp releases for your potential reading enjoyment.

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Okay. Got it.

Even with the reader it wouldn't download. Just went to a blank page. How did you get yours to work?

Are they still continuing them? It says I'm subscribed but I've only received that single newsletter back in January.

I see they're partnering with both Heroic Comics (Flare) and AC Comics (Femforce.) Hopefully they'll also consider Steve Jackson's GURPS Supers, which came up with a lot of interesting back stories for a bunch of heroes and villains that were never developed because they only appeared in RPG books. (Although I've read they've had some serious problems that might make other companies not want to deal with them, including one that led to the founding of the Electronic Frontier Foundation.)

Once again Ron M., although you ask some legitimate questions and I understand your concerns, nowadays I am only with Pro Se Productions in a creative contributor capacity as a writer/creator. I did not know about the Heroic Comics nor the AC Comics licenses until they were publicly announced, and I have absolutely no foreknowledge of Pro Se's business plans, let alone whether or not there is any chance of your hopes concerning Steve Jackson ever coming true.

Tommy Hancock is the Editor-in-Chief of Pro Se Productions, and all your inquiries will have to be addressed to him.

Now, if you have any questions about New Pulp in general, I will try to answer them.

I am also willing to talk about how my own writing is going, especially in light of the fact that I not only have short stories in TWO upcoming anthologies that DAVID MICHELINIE (and a host of others) has contributed to, but that I am also in the home stretch of completing the manuscript for (Project) Alpha, Book 2: Wayward Son.

I was really asking if they're still sending out newsletters since I wasn't getting any. Checking my emails carefully I've just noticed they're sending them under "Social" (which I never use) instead of my inbox.

Obviously you have G-Mail (or something similar), since "Social" is where mine arrive too; so I apologize for any misunderstanding on my part.

It's a little early for an August one, especially since Pro Se has gone back to a strictly monthly schedule on the newsletters, but that one should be out within the next week or two.

I'm used to yahoo which puts everything in the inbox. I just got a gmail account because my phone wouldn't work until I got one. Still doesn't work that great and I use my landline when I'm at home. Sometimes I get a weird noise on the cell that drowns out anyone trying to talk to me.

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