Not every new show will merit its own thread.  Until then, here's a catch-all thread for thoughts and comments.

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The Good Wife is back on the 28th. Julianna Margulies told Letterman a couple of weeks ago that they'll run nine weeks straight before the first break.
I saw the first episode of Outlaw, and wish I'd spent the time doing something else. Anything else, really. I agree that Smits is downright lovable, but I can't believe they'd put something so obviously unrealistic on the air these days. And my legal training consists of two classes in the MBA program, which apparently over qualifies me to write for this show.
The second season opener of Parenthood aired last week. I know, I know... not my usual poison, but of the three shows Tracy forced allowed me to watch with her, Gilmore Gilrs was the least objectionable, and I even grew to enjoy it there toward the end. Parenthood is Lauren Graham's new show, but she plays a completely different character and is part of an ensemble cast. there are four siblings, their parents, spouses and siblings. We recorded eleven of the first twelve episodes (something glitched and we missed the first one, somehow), and we watched them after finishing Angel and before starting Lost on DVD.

We'll probably record No Ordinary Family, but don't plan to watch it until/unless we hear something good about it here first. (It looks like "dumbed down" Heroes to me.) And where's that Heroes wrap-up TV movie, anyway? Anything ever come of that?

Other than that we'll continue watching Smallville (often more out of habit than anything else).
Heroes is dead and ain't coming back...
Sigh. I know. :(
Honestly there's not any new shows that I'm super excited about. There's a few I'll give a shot and they're all on Monday night too, Event, Chase, Lone Star and Hawaii 5-0 are the four that somewhat interest me. I'm more excited about returning shows like How I Met Your Mother, Rules of Engagement, Big Bang Theory, Community, Office, and Parks & Rec.
The Big Bang Theory recently re-ran the last four episodes of last season, to lead up to the season premiere this week. It's a good thing, too, because I somehow missed the season finale, in which Wolowitz and Raj fixed Sheldon up on a date via a computer dating service ... and the woman was such a perfect match it was frightening. I can't wait to see where things pick up from there!
The new tv season's not looking good for me. Out of the three new shows that I'm watching this year - Terriers, Boardwalk Empire and Lone Star, two of them have been ratings-flops. Both Terriers and Lone Star had horrible ratings for their debuts, and the former's numbers dropped by nearly fifty percent for its second episode. Sigh

On the other hand, Boardwalk's looking like a hit. HBO's alreay renewed it for a second season based solely on the ratings-success of the pilot. Considering their past track record with expensive historical dramas (the premature cancellations of Deadwood, Rome and Carnivale) I'll take this as a good sign that they intend to stick with this show for a while.
I saw Hawaii 5-0 today and yes it was violent but not overly so. The chemistry of the leads were good. Unfornately Grace Park as Kono's two major scenes had her in a bikini and in her underwear. Not a good sign but hopefully just an attention getter!

Waiting for Bones to start and Survivor began well too.
The word "unfortunately" in the same sentence as "Grace a bikini and in her underwear" does not compute. (Given that she readily and repeatedly went naked in Battlestar Galactica, I'd call her role in Hawaii 5-0 a step up on the modesty scale...)

5-0 was a good pilot. I'll likely keep watching it for now, but it didn't exactly convince me that it's appointment television.
Just started watching the pilot of Raising Hope. There's a lot I didn't know about this show: that it was created by Greg (My Name Is Earl) Garcia, and that it counts Cloris Leachman, Martha Plimpton, and Garret "I'm everywhere on your TV" Dillahunt among its cast. Those are a few points in its favor.
Dancing's premiere last night was really good. Gosh darn Yahoo news has already spoiled who's off the show tonight even though it hasn't aired in this time zone. Jerks.

Just finished Castle. Right back into the fun. Gosh, we love that show.

We're a few minutes into Chuck. The homage to the opening credits of I Spy was wonderful if you knew what it was (me) but just plain weird if you didn't (Jenn).

We have more shows that we're already behind on--Mother, Chase, Hawaii 5-0, and The Event--but I think we'll work on catching up with Leverage next. On the other hand, maybe we should watch one of the brand-new shows to see if we even want to keep recording it.

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