We've done this before (here, here, and here), but now it's time for this year! This is a place for comments about any and all shows, but especially for shows that don't generate their own threads.

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Isn't ABC still owned by Disney? How bout an update to the Incredible Hulk, with a Hulk that can, you know, actually talk now?
Interesting how in the 1970s they believed leisure suits were cool but thought a talking Hulk would seem stupid.People that didn't grow up on the show complain how weak Ferrigno's Hulk was. Being able to throws cars around would have been considered unrealistic back then. It would have been stuck on Saturday morning with Shazam and Isis. And pagan gods were too offensive. Much better to make Thor a Viking biker dude. And give Daredevil a blindfold, so the bad guys would know he was blind. Yes, I'm sure that skinny little guy playing the Kingpin would never figure out how to block his radar sense once he knew about it.

CBS gives full-season orders for all of its new dramas, Madam Secretary, Stalker, Scorpion and NCIS: New Orleans. Press release here

Speaking of Madam Secretary, we watched it for the first time last night, as my wife's cousin's husband the actor had a guest-starring role as the ambassador for "The Republic of West Africa." We were glad to watch him, but we weren't impressed with the show.

The plot involved an old friend of Madame Secretary's husband, a kindly Catholic priest, making a plea for the U.S. to intervene as the junta that had over thrown the nation's leaders six month prior was engaging in ethnic cleansing of its enemies. It so happened that Madame Secretary was slated to make her first big speech before the "World Nations Council," and her handlers where meticulously crafting it to be as inoffensive and non-controversial as possible, which was driving her bats. So when she delivers the speech, she goes off-script and starts bleating about the 50,000 innocent people facing slaughter in "The Republic of West Africa" and how the world should stop it -- 

-- yes, apparently, this TV show takes place in the Bizarro World -- 

so her team, wisely, tries to walk it back. For unspecified reasons, the White House Chief of Staff is her enemy (maybe that was covered in a previous episode) and he's furious, but the President gives her time to form a coalition of the willing to hold off the junta's soldiers until they can escape to safety. The U.S. will only provide air support, but they talk France into providing troops. 

But the plan unravels when there's a TV report that the kindly Catholic priest has been working hand-in-glove with drug smugglers! Madame Secretary's husband angrily confronts him, and the kindly Catholic priest says he had to make deals to build hospitals and refugee camps. The friendship is broken ... but they call on the kindly Catholic priest to use his connections to buy off the junta's soldiers to allow safe passage for the refugees.

Ai yi yi yi yi.

I get they're going for a West Wing vibe of Noble Public Servants, and I get that they're hanging it on a lead character who is not just another politician. But you don't get to be the Secretary of State if you don't have any political savvy. You just don't.

I may watch it next week as my wife's cousin's husband will be back on, but otherwise, once was enough. 

Salon questions why DC's TV shows are better (and doing better) than Marvel's: "The Limits of Buzz; How DC Comics Is Winning Its War with Marvel"

An interesting article. I didn't understand this comment, however:
"The world of 'The Flash' is brightly lit and dynamic, reflecting both its main character’s superpowers and that the show is about teens, aimed at teens."

There are no teen characters, if I recall, in the show.

I think it is smart of DC to have their current three shows function as entities unto themselves (except for slight crossovers between Arrow and Flash). If a viewer doesn't go to the Marvel Studios movies I don't know that the viewer would be interested in Agents of SHIELD.

I have my doubts about the Agent Carter show. It seems to me that when comic books (Captain America and Wonder Woman) or TV shows (Wonder Woman, again) have tried to tell period piece stories it hasn't worked.

I'm also tired of comments like "maybe film franchises are destroying cinema." If the movie houses didn't have the blockbuster movies (superhero and otherwise) they would have gone out of business. Most of the people still going to movie theaters are teens and twenty-somethings. If "movies for grown-ups" (another term I hate) were putting butts in the seats it wouldn't be an issue. 

I don't know if Wonder Woman exactly failed. The show was expensive because the sets and clothing and cars and everything had to be from the 40s. With computer graphics that should be a lot cheaper. Personally I found the WWII episodes the best of the series. Hated the computer and its "pet dog."

I don't know that The New Adventures of Wonder Woman failed, either. Yes, the network decided to drop the World War II angle, but that seemed to be an economic decision, not a creative one. 

Richard Willis said:

If a viewer doesn't go to the Marvel Studios movies I don't know that the viewer would be interested in Agents of SHIELD.

I go to the movies and Agents of SHIELD still doesn't interest me.  photo tongue.gif

And Agents of SHIELD actually interests me more than a lot of the movies. I haven't seen the second Thor, or Iron Man 3 -- and only half-watched Iron Man 2, on Netflix. I'm more a fan of Agent May than I am of Thor. 

They're good movies, but I don't always get out into the theaters to see them, and once they're gone, I've lost all interest. Whereas its been since the middle of last season that I've gone to bed with a fresh Agents of SHIELD on the Tivo.

Two more cancellations, both on NBC: A to Z and Bad Judge"NBC Has Canceled A to Z and Bad Judge"

I own over a dozen issues of Strange Tales and I've never read the Nick Fury stories, so Agents of SHIELD is about the least likely Marvel series I'd watch. Don't like The Man From UNCLE either.

For me, the big problem with Agents of SHIELD was that with the exception of Colson, I disliked/hated almost every other character. I stuck with it until it's first hiatus and most of the characters did get better, but not to the point that I could work up enthusiasm when the show resumed. I'm sure the people behind it intended for the characters to go through discovery arcs, but for the average viewer, if the characters are neither likeable nor interesting, why would you come back?

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