It's that time of year again!

We've done this before (herehere, and here), but now it's time for this year! This is a place for comments about any and all shows, but especially for shows that don't generate their own threads.

I was reminded it's that time again when I happened to catch a TV special on Friday night. Ken Jeong, of Hangover movies fame, was hosting a show that was full of nothing but promos for ABC's upcoming season. This includes Dr. Ken, a sitcom about a physician starring Ken Jeong himself, who was a physician before he became an actor. 

The new show I'm most looking forward to is Supergirland I have some interest in Quantico. I might give The Muppets and Code Black a try, too.

As for returning shows, I will be happy to have The Big Bang Theory, The Good Wife, Brooklyn Nine-NineAgent Carter and Chicago Fire back. I'm okay with Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I'm lukewarm about Gotham and Chicago PD. And the two backdoor pilots for Chicago Med completely turned me off; I'd never want to go to that hospital. 

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We’re looking forward to…

NEW SHOWS: Heroes Reborn and Supergirl.

SECOND SEASONS: Gotham and Flash

OTHER RETURING SERIES: Big Bang Theory, The Walking Dead, Doctor Who, Undateable. [After broadcasting a live show (or was it two?) last season, I read that this entire season is going to be broadcast live. I like that.]

While we’re waiting for The Daily Show to return, we’ve been watching The Late Show (with Stephen Colbert). Whether we continue to watch it after TDS returns (or, indeed, whether we continue to watch TDS) remains to be seen.

Not sure which shows are beginning in which season but the ones I watch regularly are:

Better Call Saul



The Flash

Game of Thrones


The Leftovers

Mr Robot

Ray Donovan

The Strain

True Detective


Walking Dead (& Fear the...)

Looking forward to:

Netflix Marvel shows

X-Files mini-series

Heroes Reborn

I forgot to mention Empire comes back this week. I like it; it's exactly the right level of crazy (unlike Scandal, which goes against my grain).


Fargo- I thought the first season was brilliant. Can't wait to see what they do next.


Not sure how I feel about this one yet, but ...

Holy Cow!  Forget about Sif, why the heck isn't Jaimie Alexander playing Wonder Woman?  (OK, I can imagine why not, but Geez Louise she'd be great!)

The wife and I watched the debut episode of Dr Ken last night. Well, we watched the first two minutes of it and then gave up because it was terrible.

Doctor Hmmm? said:

Not sure how I feel about this one yet, but ...
Holy Cow! Forget about Sif, why the heck isn't Jaimie Alexander playing Wonder Woman? (OK, I can imagine why not, but Geez Louise she'd be great!)

I may look at this at a later date but so far have only seen promos.

One of the recent promos said they had done a DNA test on her. The result: "You're from Asgard!"

Since I've given up on Gotham, there's a hole in my TV schedule. I've given a try to Quantico, which is kind of a blend of suspense thriller, How to Get Away with Murder, and the early Grey's Anatomy. The show follows a class of recruits at the FBI Academy in the title town in Virginia, and, this being TV, they all range from photogenic to insanely hot. 

Like How to Get Away with Murder, the story flashes backward and forward in time, as the opening scene is of what's left of Grand Central Terminal, now reduced to smoldering rubble from terrorist bombs. In short order, the top recruit in that FBI class, one Alex Parrish, is arrested and charged with conspiring to make it happen. This being TV, of course, she's innocent -- or is she? -- and is on the run to prove it. 

Then the story flashes back nine months to her beginning days at the academy, focusing on her and six others, who all are harboring secrets. One of those secrets is that one of the recruits is a mole for the terrorists. Another is that said mole has been covering her or his tracks by framing Alex since Day One. Unless Alex really is the mole ... 

It seems like sudsy fun. And Alex, played by Bollywood star and Miss World 2000 Priyanka Chopra, is a strong lead. I think I'll enjoy this one. 

The Big Bang Theory is barreling along. It's a little better this season then it was last year, especially as it pulled the trigger on two long overdue events -- Penny and Leonard getting married and Amy and Sheldon breaking up. (Unfortunately, they didn't go all the way and write Amy out of the show, but you can't have everything.)

I don't think there are any new series we're picking up this year, other than probably Supergirl when it debuts later this month. We gave The Grinder a try, and it was decent fun, but we missed the next episode and neither of us is broken up about it. When Into the Badlands debuts, we might give that a try, too, and now that I realize My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is a musical starring the very funny Rachel Bloom (whose songs "F*** me, Ray Bradbury," "I Steal Pets," and others are a blast on YouTube), I might check that out, too.

Definitely looking forward to Supergirl. That and Quantico might be the new ones I'll start on this season.

I'm really lukewarm about continuing with Chicago P.D., and they've tried very, very hard to set up another spinoff, Chicago Med, and the backdoor pilot seemed so lame that I couldn't accept it. It only made me wish ER was still around.

Oddly, we've made it this far into the new TV season, and not a single show has been canceled!

According to AdWeek the new tactic is not to drop a show, but to cut back its esisode order: "Why Buyers Aren't Panicking About All the TV Shows Getting Trimmed... These days, it's better to leave a failing show on the air because there's no certainty any replacement will fare better, but it IS certain that nobody will watch reruns. 

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