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Best Writer

It's a tie. Ed Brubaker and Geoff Johns waged a fierce battle that was, in the end, too close to call. Both writers were already multiple winners in this category- Johns won in '05 and '08 while Brubaker won back-to-back in '06 and '07.
Most Underrated Artist

Congratulations to Jill Thompson, the creator of Scary Godmother and Magic Trixie, and the artist on this year's Beasts of Burden. This marks the third year in a row that a woman has won this award, following Colleen Coover in '07 and Nicola Scott last year.
Best Self-Contained Story (Single Issue or One-Shot)

You don't mess with a cowboy. Jonah Hex #50 pulled off a come from behind win over another 50th issue (X-Factor). This is the fourth straight year that a DC comic has won this award, following issues of Astro City, Green Lantern and All-Star Superman.
Best Story Arc and Best Mini-Series

It's a twin win for Blackest Night. The big DC crossover took home "Best Story Arc" for its work in Green Lantern, Green Lantern Corps and a host of tie-ins while the main series took home the Cappie for "Best Mini-Series." The Blackest Night predecessor, Sinestro Corps War, also won "Best Story Arc." DC has never lost in either of these categories.
Best Ongoing Series

Once upon a time, Fables won a Cappie. Well, that's not quite true. I should probably say "thrice upon a time" as Fables previously won this award in '05 and '08.
Best Original Graphic Novel

Already on some "best of the decade" lists, Asterios Polyp is also the winner of this year's Cappie for Best Original Graphic Novel. Though this category rarely receives a ton of nominations or votes, it's often a herald for which books we should read. I know that I sought out former winners and nominees such as Cairo and Pride of Baghdad.
Best Webcomic

The initial winner of this Cappie is xkcd, proving that you don't need capital letters to be a capital comic.
Best New Title

Sssh! I can't tell you who won this award. It's a secret. Well, okay, it's Secret Warriors, starring Nick Fury and a bunch of new characters. Secret Warriors narrowly beat out Air and fellow Marvel debut SWORD.
Most Underrated Title

This award carries a bit of a curse- the winner is usually canceled within the next year. Captain Britain and MI:13 avoided the curse by being canceled before winning the Cappie. That's some consolation to runners up Avengers Initiative, Hellblazer, Usagi Yojimbo and X-Factor.
Best Male Character

The redemption of Henry Pym is complete. The newly monikered Scientist Supreme is this year's "Best Male Character." Surprisingly, this is Marvel's first win in this category.
Best Female Character

I'll admit that I'm surprised by this one: Liberty Belle beat out Magic Trixie, Ramona Flowers, Pepper Potts, Buffy Summers and Rogue to win this year's "Best Female Character." This isn't the first time that I've been caught off guard by a JSA victory. I thought that Amazing Man winning the "Best New Character" Cappie last year was a bit of an upset as well.
Best Villain

It was a good year to be a bad Fable. Mister Dark was considered this year's best villain for his shenanigans in the Great Fables Crossover while fellow Fable Baba Yaga was the runner-up for her dastardly deeds in the Dark Age and Witches stories.

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