The first results are in! You can read all about it and talk all about it here.

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Best New Character

It's a good thing this award wasn't a tie. Larfleeze doesn't share. The greedy guardian of the orange power battery is this year's best new character.
Best Team

The Blackest Night juggernaut continues, with the Green Lantern Corps winning the "Best Team" Cappie. That's the fifth win for BN so far (best writer, best story arc, best mini-series and best new character). However, this one was pretty close as the Corps had to come from behind to take the award away from the Mighty Avengers.
Biggest Surprise

X-Factor was a runner-up for best single issue and most underrated title but it came through with a win for the biggest surprise of the year. Rictor and Shatterstar confirmed years of writer hints and fan speculation by kissing at the end of issue #45.
Best Cover

Fables is a perennial nominee in this category but this is their first win as James Jean takes home the "Best Cover" Cappie for his work on Fables #81.
Best Fight Scene

Scott Pilgrim had to take on Dove, two undead Hawks, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, an undead Elongated Man, Sue Dibny, Rogue, Ares and the whole universe in order to win this award. Scott Pilgrim vs. the Universe is considered the best fight scene of 2009.
Best Character Recovery

The Legion of Superfluous Heroes loves what Dan Slott is doing with the Avengers. The Mighty Avengers are this year's winners of the "Best Character Recovery" Cappie. Team leader Henry Pym already won "Best Male Character" and the whole group finished second to the Green Lantern Corps for "Best Team."
RIP Award

In one of the most lop-sided wins in the history of the Cappies, Little Boy Blue was given the RIP Award. This is the fourth win this year for Fables, following earlier victories in Best Ongoing Series, Best Villain and Best Cover.

Asterios Polyp, I'm really happy for you, I'ma let you finish, but The Hunter is one of the best original graphic novels of all time!

(Thanks for doing all this, Chris -- I really do have to get around to reading Asterios Polyp!)
New Awards for Next Year

I had asked everyone to vote for two nominees as that would take us to a nice round number of 25 awards. However, while not an outright tie, three nominees clearly had more support than the others. So I'm going with an executive decision and adding all three. That means next year there will be 26 awards. If it turns out to be too many, I may cut one or two based on a lack of support.

The new awards will be:
Best Single Panel or Splash Page
Best Superhero Story in Another Media
Best Supporting Character
Nice job, Chris. Thanks a lot for doing this every year.
I love the Cappies, great work and thanks for the organisation of the awards, congratulations to all the winners. and nominees. I'm glad for all the prizes Blackest Night won.
Going back and looking at the results I was surprised that Incognito was the close to Blackest Night

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