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It's the end of the year.  And that means it's time to look back at the best of 2010.  So here's your chance to nominate the best writers, artists, stories, characters, comics and moments of the year.  The categories are listed below.  You may nominate up to two entries per category.  You do not have to nominate for every category (in other words, you may nominate 0, 1 or 2 entries per category).  Nominations for "best single panel" should include images.  I will leave the nomination thread open for about a week.  And, most importantly, have fun.



Best Writer
Best Artist
Most Underrated Writer
Most Underrated Artist
Best Self-Contained Story (Single Issue or One-Shot)
Best Story Arc
Best Limited Series
Best Ongoing Series
Best Original Graphic Novel
Best Webcomic
Best Reprint or Archive
Most Underrated Title
Best New Title
Best Male Character
Best Female Character
Best Villain
Best New Character
Best Supporting Character
Best Team
Biggest Surprise
Best Cover
Best Single Panel or Splash Page
Best Fight Scene
Best Character Recovery
Best Superhero Story in Another Media
RIP Award for Fictional Characters



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Let's see, a couple more nominations that I haven't gotten to yet:


Best Ongoing Series: Secret Six, and Unwritten. Six scratches that Suicide Squad itch, while also being perfectly twisted in its own way, as well. Unwritten is still an excellent conspiracy story that incorporates fictional worlds as well as our own. Plus -- Choose Your Own Adventure!


For Best New Title, on the other hand, I'm nominating Scarlet -- Bendis & Maleev's story of the teenage girl who kills a cop to (apparently) start a revolution, and American Vampire, the Steven King/Scott Snyder/Raphael Albuquerque (whom I wish I had room to nominate for something!)  collaboration that jumps around in time and place, but gives us anti-Twilight vampires.


My nominations


Best Writer:

Ed Brubaker
Dave Lapham
Best Artist:
Butch Guice
Mike Allred
Most Underrated Writer:
Chris Roberson
Jason Aaron
Most Underrated Artist:
Mark Buckingham
Yildiray Cinar
Best Self-Contained Story:
iZombie #4
Fables #100

Best Story Arc:
The Viltrumite War
Best Limited Series
The Last Days of American Crime
Cinderella: From Fabletown With Love
Best Ongoing Series:
Amazing Spider-man
Best Original Graphic Novel
The Outfit by Darwyn Cooke
Wilson by Daniel Clowes
Best Webcomic:
The Argyle Sweater
Best Reprint or Archive:
The Sweeter Side of R. Crumb

Most Underrated Title:
Best New Title:
Legion of Super-Heroes
Best Villain:
Mr. Dark
Conquest - Invicible
Best New Chracter:
Gwen - iZombie
Best Team:
Secret Six
Legion of Super-heroes
Best Fight Scene:
Frau Totenkinder & Mr. Dark
Best Character Recovery:
Rose Red
Best Superhero Story in Another Media:
Iron Man 2
Kick Ass
 Best Single Panel or Splash Page:
Luckily, Jason already posted mine. The panel from Astonshing Spider-Man & Wolverine.
Best Fight Scene:
Frau Totenkinder (Bellflower) vs. Mr. Dark
Invincible vs. Conquest
Best Male Character:
Best Female Character:
Dex Parios Stumptown
Gwen - iZombie
Best Supporting Character:
Carlie Cooper - Amazing Spider-man
Ellie - iZombie
Biggest Surprise:
That Cinderella's fairy godmother is the big baddie in her miniseries.
Best Cover:
Project Superpowers Chapter 2 #11
and iZombie #7
I think that is it.
P.S. Sometimes I hate the editing "feature" I went through three times putting spaces in my choices, and it never took.
Anacoqui nominated the Secret Skull from Mystery Society for Best New Character.
Don't forget: nominations are due today.
Remember...The Doctor = super hero.  Tell your friends!

Here's one I haven't nominated anything for yet: Biggest Surprise. This nomination is a little detail, but boy, did it surprise me. From the LegionSaturn Queen is a Buddhist? 


Also, favorite cover:

American Vampire 1 (I do get to nominate Rafael Albuquerque for something, after all!) 


and Madame Xanadu 25 (the great Mark Buckingham; I really need to read this book!)


Oh, let me nominate Turf for best limited series. Beasts of Burden was all 2009, right? Otherwise I'd nominate that, too.


For Best Arc, I should nominate "Cats in the Cradle," the excellent arc of Secret Six focusing on Catman. Also in that arc, my other nominee for Biggest Surprise: Catman's reaction to the crooks holding his son hostage. A jaw-dropper.


I'll also nominate Spy Smasher for best villain: she's a great dark reflection of Amanda Waller. And since Mister Dark has already been nominated, I'll nominate Jarvis Poker, the British Joker. I love the idea of cover versions of U.S. villains! 

Thanks for the nominations, everyone.  Polls should open momentarily.

In the interest of transparency: I added a second nomination from me for best single panel/splash page for the Star City Forest from Brightest Day 0.  This was a nomination that I initially had on my list and then deleted.  I put it back in because I thought that particular poll could use a little filling out.


I also took all 3 suggestions from Chuck Armstrong for best webcomic to fill out that poll. 

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