Pretty simple. Someone proposes a comics character that was either an utter failure, a laughing stock, a Mopee, a character that's had a hard time finding a good direction, or something similar. Someone else takes their best shot at breathing life into said character and making him/her more interesting. Then that poster tosses out a new character.

If you want, you can completely reinvent the character, or simply come up with a new direction.

To start, I'll throw out a personal favorite that most people revile: Razorback.

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Condiment King kills a reclusive chocolate manufacturer (by drowning him in tomato sauce) and assumes his identity. He introduces a new brand of chocolate which quickly becomes extremely popular. The real reason for this is that it's extremely addictive to women. C.K. parlays this into control over key Gotham women, and wealth and power.

The factory at which the chocolate is produced has an all-female staff. Batman becomes suspicious when a men’s organisation files a complaint against the factory and Gotham’s (female) mayor blocks enforcement of the law. Suspecting corruption, he does some investigating and is startled to learn Catwoman and Poison Ivy are working on its production line.

When the body of the manufacturer is found in a sewer it is unidentifiable, but Batman guesses his identity from cacao tree seeds he finds in the fabric of his clothing. He breaks into the manufacturer’s penthouse and finds C.K. We learn C.K. now has artificial hands, which he can replace with a series of cookery-themed weapons attachments (e.g. an eggbeater device, a pepper sprayer. He lost his real hands in a lab accident that occurred while he was devising his chocolate formula). They have a big fight, which culminates in his (apparent) plunge to his death in the middle of his own production line. C.K.'s chocolate is banned but continues to circulate illegally.

Next challenge: Stingray.
In the sequel Condiment King commits a string of murders using a poison chocolate that causes the victim's mouth, in death, to widen into a ghastly grin, rightly figuring the Joker will be blamed. Batman unravels the plot and Condiment King winds up in jail. The Joker sues him for stealing his modus operandi. Condiment King defends his scheme as a "bold act of artistic appropriation."
And in the one after that Condiment King becomes the star of an insane reality cooking show broadcast out of Gotham Prison called "Hell's Kitchen". The contestants are fellow prisoners. The first week he has them prepare and eat fugu, the survivors going on to the next round.

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