Is there really no discussion of this yet? We are falling down on the job, people! I, for one, thought the movie was terrific. What did y'all think?

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I saw it last night. I liked it. I don't think it was my favorite comic movie but it still ranks high. From what little I know of Thor, the casting was dead on. I think my favorite scene was when Thor and company went to confront the Frost Giants. The humor was good in this too. I was a bit disapointed  by the Hawkeye scene. He didn't even shoot an arrow, though from his bit of dialogue I'd say Jermey Renner is a good choice for the character. It does seem it's more of the Ultimate version of Hawkeye but that's ok, I like both versions.


Don't forget to stay after the credits. I have to say that after the after the credit scene was one of the best ones. It seemed a bit longer and with Loki showing up was awesome.

I agree I just posted on Cap's column. It was a good movie, fun, with a likable cast. I particularly liked Jane's supporting crew, Eric (Peter Skaarsgard!) and Darcy. It was really accessible to me, with my limited familiarly with Thor. The world looked Kirbyesque and I liked how it's magesty contrasted with retro New Mexico. One thing my non-comic friend mentioned and I agreed with is that Odin could have figured out a better way to father the boys than pitting the against each other.
The small New Mexican town was fairly well presented other than the fact it was awfully Caucasian. 

Ana Canino-Fluit (Anacoqui) said:
 The world looked Kirbyesque and I liked how it's magesty contrasted with retro New Mexico.

I enjoyed the fact they avoided the cliche of Thor seeing a car and screaming about an iron dragon.

I thought Asgard looked an awful lot like 1930s Amazing Stories kind of science fiction. It only looked like Kirby when there was a huge statue of some kind. The rest of the time it looked like something kids were reading in the 1930s ... and I kind of liked that. So did my wife, who has never read a funnybook in her life that Kirby drew, or had Thor in it.


I liked it that Hemsworth (sp?) wasn't an over-the-top, bodybuilder type of actor -- he had some chops. I liked it that Odin (and the high-caliber actor playing him) was restrained, and had a reason to be. I liked it that Loki had a reason to be a turd. I liked it that "Asgard" sidestepped the whole "god" thing and had a reason to exist, as aliens, and a place to be, that has always been there. I loved the whole "magic and science are the same thing where I come from." I liked it that the "gods" made reference to how easy it used to be to slide down to Midgard and get some lovin'.I liked the comedy-relief chick. I liked Jane as an astrophysicist (although I don't believe that the older man wasn't in charge, given what I know about academia). I liked, liked, liked nearly everything.


I didn't LOVE it, like I loved Iron Man. But I did like it.


There are some things I didn't like. I didn't like Thor being in love with Jane, when she did nothing to earn it, when everyone else did more to earn his attention than she did. (Although I admit that I don't care much for vapid-smile Portman as an actress.) I didn't like the look of the Frost Giants -- the Kirby look can't be beat, and they didn't even try it. Plus, they weren't tall enough to be giants. Plus, if you're going to have some sort of huge. terrible beast in Jotunheim ... duh, how about Jormangandr, the World Serpent? Jesus, he's about the most important bad guy in the Aesir world, and he's even been part of the comics since the Roy Thomas days. Use him! He sets up a sequel! (But, no, we have some sort of unnamed beast we've seen in other movies ...)


So I thought it was a sort of B+ movie when I saw it. But I'll also say this: Unlike Iron Man, or Batman Begins, my wife and I were still talking about it the next day. Something about the SIZE of it required a longer period to digest.


And that's perfect for THOR!








Random thoughts:


I really like Natalie Portman, and I think they should have put her in the movie, instead of the cardboard cutout of Jane Foster using her face. Talk about a character with no character! I would watch a whole movie about Darcy, though.


The rest of the movie was awesome!


Cap, I think Jormangandr would have been too big of a menace for this movie. The World Serpent is a menace to threaten worlds, not a creature to be tamed and used as a watchdog for the Frost Giants. Thor II: The World Sepent has a nice ring to it, I think.


I was really surprised to see JMS show up in a cameo in the movie. I didn't know until the closing credits that he had co-written the script!


I know a lot of people love Samuel L Jackson as Nick Fury, but not me. To me he seems to be Samuel L Jackson playing Samuel L Jackson playing Nick Fury. I look forward to the big reveal that all the times Nick Fury has shown up in the Marvel movies, he's been using an image inducer.


I am really glad they showed Thor flying around a bit. Too much of the time Iron Man has been standing instead of flying.


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The movie has been open in Australia for two weeks now.  I wanted to go and then gloat about seeing it first, but parental obligations interfered.


I enjoyed it.  Asgardians wax, I noticed.  Who'd've thought?

Jason Marconnet said:

I suspected the other things in the vault would be recognizable but I couldn't see them well enough. Cool.

I saw it at a midnight show in IMAX 3-D, and it was worth every penny. You really feel those battles and explosions!


I liked it. I'm not a fan of Thor the character or Thor the comic; outside of the Walt Simonson run on the title, I've always tolerated Thor in The Avengers or guesting in Marvel Team-Up or something. But I could appreciate the movie's approximation of Thor's origin, and the Warriors Three and Sif, so I almost (almost) didn't care there was no Balder.


I liked how the S.H.I.E.L.D. guy was a bigger presence in this movie; after all, if they're setting up The Avengers movie, he ought to be more than a shadowy presence. And I appreciate that he wasn't some malevolent martinet working for an eeeeeeeEEEEEEvil government conspiracy.


I don't have any great problem with Natalie Portman, although some critics do. But the casting overall was good. Our lead, Chris Helmsworth, had real presence, charm, and comic timing to go with his muscles. 


As for Samuel L. Jackson, I recently have been reading The Ultimates 2 Vol. 1: Gods And Monsters and The Ultimates 2 Vol. 2: Grand Theft America (yes, I'm late to the party, I know), so it's a kick to see Sam Jackson's Nick Fury on screen after seeing him on paper ... and Chris Helmsworth's Thor fairly resembles his Ultimates counterpart, too!


Overall, the movie was a lot of fun. That's all I wanted, and it delivered!

One of my favorite parts of the film was that the Foo Fighters' song "Walk" was featured in the film, twice! Once in the background when Thor and Eric are at the bar and again during the end credits. It's off their new album and it's a great song, fits well with the theme of the movie.

I just saw it today and I liked it alot. It had some interesting plot points and was fairly faithful to the comics. Here's my list:

  • Thor was arrogant and foolhardy in the beginning just as Tony Stark was in Iron Man. They both had to learn to be heroes, they were already great and powerful but lacked the realization of "Might For Right!" It was like the new Star Trek, James Kirk could be a tool at first as long as he earns being the captain at the end.
  • I liked Natalie Portman as Jane. She looked pretty and was brave and smart. In fact the entire cast was very good.
  • Loki's real motivations were well hidden if they were indeed his original plans. Did he want Odin dead? There's room for doubt and he seemed to be close to Frigga, so he was either conflicted or being an opportunist.
  • That none of SHIELD's agents or consultants NOT connect a hammer from the sky with Norse mythology would be like them not seeing a link with a sword in a stone with Camelot.
  • I thought the big SHIELD agent Thor fought might have been Luke Cage.
  • Agent Barton! With a bow! Bet the old couple in front of me had no clue!
  • The Warriors Three! I want action figures!
  • Speaking of figures, if Wonder Woman is half as effective as Sif....
  • The Destroyer was awesome as was the final battles.
  • Nick Fury's back and he brought one funky die!
  • Looking forward to Captain America: The First Avenger!

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