Many years ago, I taught folklore at a summer camp(we had new campers each week of different ages, from 8-15). At the time, the folklore class was pretty unstructured, so I could more or less do as I pleased. Sometimes I told ghost stories, sometimes sports games, sometimes mythology, whatever I thought might be entertaining to the kids. One of the most useful things we did was two minute mysteries, as they allowed me to be lazy.

The basic rules are as follows: a scenario is laid before the people playing, and you're allowed to ask as many yes/no questions as you like to determine the answer. The answer to the question may also be 'Irrelevant' if it has no bearing on the solution.

I request the following :

* One question per post

* If you already know the answer, please keep it to yourself and let others play. Same with Googling the answer.

Once the scenario is solved, the person who solves it gets to post a new one OR they can pass it back to someone else who's interested (FYI, I'm happy to post more).

So here's the first scenario:

A man is found dead, surrounded by 52 bicycles. What happened?

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Randy Jackson said:

Was the mother the one who padlocked the door? 

Does the door have any other locking mechanism? 

Peter Wrexham said:

A woman and her young son live alone in the house which they have occupied since he was born.  There is a door in the house which is padlocked shut, and which he has been told he must never open, or their life together will change forever.

One day, while she is out, he finds that the padlock is not fastened.  He opens the door, and discovers something that ruins their life together.

No.  (Where "locking" requires a key, combination or something else of that nature.)

Randy Jackson said:

Does the door have any other locking mechanism? 

Hmm...well that explains why a padlock was used. 

Was the father locked inside of whatever structure he was in alive? 

That...may be worse than the actual scenario.


Randy Jackson said:

Was the father locked inside of whatever structure he was in alive? 

Hmm...was the structure a cooler of some sort, like a walk in refrigerator? 

Yes!  It's certainly like a refrigerator.

Randy Jackson said:

Hmm...was the structure a cooler of some sort, like a walk in refrigerator? 

Was there cannibalism involved? 


Actually, I think you've got all the essential details now.  The padlocked door was on a freezer (rather than a refrigerator) into which the father's body had been dumped.  When the son discovered that his mother had done this, it brought about a distinct - ah - cooling off of their relationship!

Randy Jackson said:

Was there cannibalism involved? 

Participation in this thread has dropped off quite considerably of late.  Do you think it's still worth continuing, Randy, or is it time to take a break?  I'm certainly running low on ideas for further puzzles, and wouldn't object to a month or two off.  However, you started the game, so I think you should have the right to decide.

If there's anyone else out there who would like to chip in with an opinion, please do so! 

Well, this is a bit of fun and a diversion. I have noticed that participation of late has been you, me and JD primarily. While I'm still enjoying the game and have a number of puzzles to work with  I can understand if others need a bit of a break. I'd like to keep playing, but I wouldn't mind if we set the game aside for a week or so.

Also I'd love to hear from others how their experience has been with the game. I hope it's fun for people. 

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