Bought and read The Twelve: Spearhead #1. Enjoyed it.

There is a promo in the book that claims that The Twelve #9 is "Coming Soon". I'll believe that when I see it.

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I liked the Lost Gen books, too. I wouldn't mind seeing more done with those characters.

Finally, #9 is here, I am afraid the very long wait will hurt the interest in the series but it's good that they finish it, at least I am interested.

I kind of remembered what happened before as I went on reading, but I'll also have to re-read the previous issues in order to get in touch with the characters again. When #8 finished with Blue Blade saying to Dynamic Man that he was about to reveal him a big secret and that he knew what was behind all their adventures I was terribly excited, now I read #9 and it's ok but I didn't care so much for the people.

There was another change with the issue, I remember that in all previous numbers the past of the cover character was revealed in flashbacks, in this comic there was nothing said about Blue Blade and I'll guess we will never know about him now that he is dead.

Issue #10: Phantom Reporter wakes up in the hospital and reveals that he knows who killed the Blue Blade, but he can't tell until he gathers everyone together in one room because drama.  So he gathers all of the Twelve Eleven in one room and tells how Electro did all of the killings but that Electro was being controlled, but the others are like "How could somebody control Electro without the control box?" and the Reporter has Dynamic Tension Man tell his origin but then he says "You left out the important part" and he has Fiery Mask burn off all of Dynamic Tension Man's clothes and they all can see why maybe Dynamic Tension Man should be called "Ken", and maybe Dynamic Tension Man isn't too happy about it all.


Interesting stuff. I'm eager to see how they wrap this all up.

...More to come , this relates to something I'm about to post.........

I knew Dynamic Man's secret since it was revealed in one of the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe so I saw it coming. I'm hoping the last two issues deliver more.


Issue #11:  The excrement hits the airfoil as Dynamic Man goes medieval on everybody, literally bringing the house down, before fleeing. Rockman holds the house up long enough for the rest to escape - Rockman gets a very poignant death scene, here.  The Phantom  Reporter, Captain Wonder, Fiery Mask and Master Mind Excello track DM back to the lab where he was created. The heroes find and battle DM, who kills the Fiery Maks, but not before he passes his powers on to the Reporter. He destroys DM, but Captain Wonder is badly scarred in the process. The remaining heroes discover a mystery about Rockman, Mister E retires and after FM's funeral, and the Reporter ( and we) wonder what will happen next.


I quite enjoyed this - I'm eager to see how JMS finishes this up. I think it would be interesting to see these characters as a part of the modern day Marvel Universe.

I have not yet read #9-11, but I have begun to read/re-read the entire series through issue #11 (beginning with Spearhead #1) before issue #12 ships this week. As much as I distain the whole “zero issue” numbering concept, I could have accepted it in this case (because it was released long after yet occurred before issue #1). Too bad Marvel had previously released issues #0 and #½ reprinting stories of some the original Golden Age characters The Twelve is based on. (I re-read those this weekend, too.) now if I can only manage to read #1-11 before Wednesday!

Issue #12:

And so we get the final wrap-up of the Twelve:

1)Mr. E has retired to be with his family.

2)The Blue Blade is still dead.

3)Dynamic Man is dead (or should that be "destroyed"?).

4)The Fiery Mask is still dead, although he passed his powers on to the Phantom Reporter.


This issue is largely taken up with the fates of the remaining characters:


5)The Laughing Mask cuts a deal to become the new operator of  6)Elektro, who is last seen attacking Middle Easterners whilst the Mask cackles gleefully.


7)The Witness is seen to have gone to work for Nick Fury.


8)Captain Wonder, now wearing a half-mask to cover the burnt part of his face, appears to have gone back to super-heroing.


9)Rockman - well, it's hard to say.  There seems to be some indication that he's actually found Abyssia, but there also seems to be some indication that he's still wandering lost below the Earth.


10)The Black Widow leaves the compound they're staying in, saying she has things to do. She and 11)The Phantom Reporter profess their  love for one another, and she asks him to come with her. He doesn't quite work up the nerve, however.  12)MisterMind X-Acto tells the Reporter his origin and then also leaves.  The Reporter leaves the base to stay in a suite that a mysterious benefactor has provided. He is joined there by the Widow - apparently whatever she had to do didn't take that long, I guess.  They get real friendly, and later they go see the benefactor, who turns out to be X-Acto, who turns out to be filthy rich, and he offers them a job fighting crime, and the book ends with our hero and heroine racing into action.


So, an OK ending, I guess. It kind of petered out a bit, more like an epilogue, in a way. Still, the set-up is there for these characters to appear again. I've no idea what, if any, plans there are for them..  I really am going to have to go back and read the whole things through at one go, to see what kind of an overall impression I get.


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