Here's the trailer from SDCC. Season 8 launches Oct. 22, 2017.

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You're right; I was going from memory, and remembered wrong. 

And I was going from Rob's memory. ;)

How foolish do I feel? THIS foolish.

I was wondering if maybe the actor's name was Rodriguez, or if I was having a senior moment!

Anyway, I looked him up, too, and according to the Internet -- which is never wrong! -- the last time we saw Morales his wife and child were alive and with him. They decided to go to Birmingham instead of the CDC in Season 1, and that was the last we saw of them. 

According to the internet, where you're not allowed to post false information.

OK, this episode was an improvement, in that it was coherent. And fewer people were standing up in the middle of a gun battle. (Rick and Daryl, at least, are familiar with the concept "take cover".) 

Looks like Rick and Daryl are heading in different directions. Presumably both Maggie and Rick will start thinking about being more civilized in leading up to the (SPOILER) decision with Negan. Meanwhile, Daryl's imprisonment seems to have radicalized him. Might be suffering from PTSD.

Well, hell, they ALL should be suffering from PTSD.

I liked Morgan's line, "I ain't right" -- multiple meanings there! -- "but I ain't wrong."

Hey, where's Michonne? Usually when an actress who is a regular on a TV show is missing for a couple of episodes I assume "off having a baby." It was true of both Tara and Sasha. Anybody know?

Incidentally, in the "old man Rick" flash-forwards in the season premiere, there is only ONE tweenage girl. That looks grim for either Judith or Gracie.

This ep really wasn't the greatest, but it's so much better than the last one it seems really good!

The Old Man Rick flash-forwards were largely confined to his and Michonne's household; my guess would be that Aaron adopts Gracie, not Rick, so she wouldn't be there. (And how weird would those flash-forwards have been if there'd been a second girl there with no explanation!) 

I loved Morgan's line, too. Though I think Jesus is right, no matter how hard that path forward is.

I figured what happened to Morales would happen to Morales...and yet, I was really impressed with the scene. Instead of highlighting the plot of it -- say, by showing Darryl trying to get a clear shot on him -- it emphasized character, by showing Darryl's quick dispatch, and Rick's reaction. He even points out "Do you know who that was?" and Darryl just shrugs and says it doesn't matter. Chilling stuff, for a scene that could have been rote. 

Ok so it's Morgan and not Abraham who will appear on FtWD. I have to admit that caught me off guard a bit. But then I started thinking about it. There's not a ton of drama to have a past tense version of Abraham on Fear. It would lock that show into a certain time period and there wouldn't be a ton of drama surrounding Abraham since we would know he was never in any danger.

And for that reason I don't think this will be a past version of Morgan either. Instead, I wonder if Fear will experience a time jump that brings it into sync with the parent show. That would at least make it easier for Scott Gimple to keep the timelines straight since he now runs both shows.

The comic book doesn't seem to call for it but I'd love to eventually see a true crossover with all of the characters interacting.

Last night’s was the best episode of this season so far. (Damning with faint praise, I know.) I think TWD works best with several ongoing stories, a lesson it seemed to have forgotten (and Fear never learned). When Rosita inserted herself into Michone’s story, I realized I had completely lost track of her story. I think Gregory serves a valuable function as advisor. Maggie should keep him around if only to do the opposite of whatever he suggests.

“I don't think this will be a past version of Morgan either.”

You don’t think so? There’s a big chunk of Morgan’s backstory yet to be told. I think I’d prefer them to fill in the gaps rather than do a time jump. There’s no reason Morgan couldn’t be on both shows. (I don’t think Gimple would have trouble keeping the stories straight.) Apparently he’s going to become a regular; it’s not just a one-shot thing. He’s got to learn the name of the show, though. Twice last night he referred to it as “Fear of the Walking Dead.”

Given his temperament, I could definitely see Morgan going on walkabout again after all this is over. I wonder about the time period shift -- part of the charm (and the frustration) with Fear was that it was set so much in the early days, when people didn't know quite what to make of the walkers. I've stopped watching the show, so a time jump would be the sort of thing that might draw me back (and new cast members Garrett Dilahunt and Jenna Elfman are a good step, too). But would it betray the current viewers who were counting on a direct continuation of last season's cliffhanger? Did last season end with a cliffhanger, or more of a pause in the action where a time jump could occur?

I was thinking about the Morgan thing, too, and came to the same conclusion you did. A past-tense Morgan wouldn't make for very good drama. So likely we'll have a time jump on FTWD.

As to the parent show, the last two episodes have been pretty good. You still have to guess when things are happening -- why do they love non-linear storytelling so much? -- but at least things are happening.

Nice also to know the number of Negan's satellite camps (three). Looks like Bored Guy and Angry Chick are in charge of two of them, but I'm unclear who's in charge of the third, although Simon mentioned that all of them were in that meeting. 

Negan referenced the events of the "Here's Negan" story.

Eugene has clearly figured out who the traitor is. I have no idea what he'll do with that information.

The falling-out between Rick and Daryl that I predicted above has happened. I suspect the latter will strike out on his own. Norman Reedus probably doesn't have as much time for this show now that his own is doing well.

The way the Gregory-Maggie rivalry plays out in the comics doesn't seem to be in play here. (It involves poison.) Maybe they'll still set it up later. I did notice that Gregory finally got Maggie's name right when she was putting him in the "jail."

Keeping prisoners outside all night seemed like an outsize risk to me, not only to the prisoners but to the guards. They can't light fires for light, because that would draw walkers. Without fires, the walkers have the advantage. At least it was a full moon -- that would help in a world without electric light.

So Gabriel is sick. My first thought was that he was bitten. Why wasn't that Eugene's first thought? Anyway, they wouldn't bother to introduce the illness if it didn't spread, so that will be a factor.

Siddiq is a big player in the comics. So he'll probably be OK. But what was red-eyed Rick crying about in the flash-forwards? Maybe that will be revealed in the midseason finale Dec. 10.

I enjoyed the joke about the "Fat Lady."

Jeff of Earth-J said:

You don’t think so?

I don't feel completely sure about it. But it seems like Abraham would have made a lot more sense if it was going to happen in the past. He was from Texas and Fear is changing locations to Texas. Having Morgan transfer in the present makes more sense to me because it sort of pulls Fear into lockstep continuity. I wonder if the ratings on Fear were causing some concern and Gimple was brought in to bring it more in line with the parent show. Present day Morgan creates a concrete link to stuff that is happening "now" and creates more of a "must watch" environment.  The Talking Dead interview could be a misdirect, but there seemed to be a finality to things. Like the actor himself thought he was leaving one show and going to the other.

Also, there's the theory circulating that Madson is slated to become Alpha from the Whisperers storyline in the comic. Seems a little far fetched to me but you never know.

Rob Staeger (Grodd Mod) said:

Did last season end with a cliffhanger, or more of a pause in the action where a time jump could occur?

Cliffhanger. Nick set off a bomb in a dam he was standing on with Salazar. The new chief bad guy had just left, but we don't know if it was in time. Taka and Crazy Dog (two Native Americans who were important this season) took off for parts unknown. Madison, Alicia and Strand were on a dinghy in the river when the bomb went off and we see Madison wash up downstream but nobody else. (Everyone else you know or remember or may have vaguely heard of is dead.)

The story about Lennie James switching to this show did seem pretty final. It mentions Alicia, so I guess she survives. I imagine the others do, too, and the next season will switch back and forth between Texas and the Cal/Mex border. But, honestly, you could kill off the entire original cast and I wouldn't mind a bit. They forgot to make us like them.

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