Here's the trailer from SDCC. Season 8 launches Oct. 22, 2017.

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And Eugene is a partial traitor, too. Negan is certainly ruling over a den of snakes.

My wife and I both called shenanigans on this episode's Father Gabriel storyline. It was just too neat the way everything fell into place for Gabriel's argument, which was very writer-ly. My wife also noted that the doctor should have checked the medicine bottles -- he IS a doctor -- instead of the half-blind guy doing it, and he should have seen the signs warning of the bear traps when, again, it was the half-blind guy who did so. For my part, I think anyone who still believes in a just and loving God in the world of the walking dead is delusional. 

I did like the Fungi Walkers. And I liked how we saw a walker dragging a bear trap and chain behind him at the beginning, and then the Field of Traps explained it later. Also, how the writers managed to keep Dwight alive against all odds was, I thought, well done. 

Also, I was pleased to see Morgan lie to the kid about who killed his brother. (It wasn't Gavin, it was the obnoxious guy in the pen.) If you're not fighting to protect children from as much brutality as possible, what are you fighting for?

Looking forward to next week. Simon sure is fun to hate!

I agree, the episode was very "writer-ly."

Yeah -- who needs a sign to warn them about bear traps, anyway! They SAW a walker dragging one, and then there were a host of other one-footed walkers the encountered. 

And I totally agree about the medicine bottles. There's no reason why Dr. Carson wouldn't have checked them out as soon as he'd dispatched the zombie in the room.

Loved the ham radio piggy bank, though! Probably my favorite prop all season.

Piggy bank was funny, but I have to wonder at the utility of putting a map and keys in it. If you're hiding them, then it's the first place a burglar would look. If you're storing them, you can't get them out without breaking the pig. It makes little sense to me that those items would be in there, so when Gabriel finally broke it -- boy, talk about a pig on the mantlepiece -- it was way too artificial that the two items -- the very two items our heroes most needed -- would be in there.

At least to me. YMMV.

Oh, no -- I agree that it makes no sense to put those items in there. (Although there had to be an opening on the bottom, or else how would the keys have gotten in? So with some effort, you'd probably be able to get them out without breaking the pig.) 

But when I really loved the pig was when it was just a prop that helped explain all the radio equipment, rather than a deus ex porcus.

Aye, you're not wrong about that. It was the pig that clued me in that the guy was a ham radio hobbyist and not, like, a party deejay or a singer with a home recording studio or something. It explained his electronics set-up at a glance.

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