The first episode of this TWD spin-off (delayed from April) finally aired Sunday night. I think it has potential. the two main characters are teen-aged sisters Iris and Hope. They live in the well-protected "Campus Colony" and are being courted to join the mysterious Civic Republic. Their father has "voluntarily" joined the Civic Republic and, although kept incommunicado, has been sending the girls secret messages, cryptically hinting that the Civic Republic is not to be trusted. Stuff happens and the girls (and two boys) leave the safety of the only home they have ever known to travel cross country (from Virginia to New York) to find their father. After they leave, members of the Civic Republic are shown striding the ruins of the Campus Colony, which they have apparently just attacked.

There are multiple flashbacks to "the night the sky fell," which refers to an airplane crash but also the start of the zombie apocalypse. Hope suffered trauma as she and her mother were separated from her sister and their father. She witnessed the death of the mother and, unbeknownst to anyone, she killed the pregnant woman who killed her mother. Viewers learn that the pregnant woman was also the mother of one of the boys they are traveling with.

Anyone else watching this?

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Also, how Huck got her scar is reminiscent of Grimjack got his. (Not John Gaunt; Jim Twilley.)

We watched Talking Dead last night and one of the guests was Annet Mahendru who plays Huck. Her normal is speaking voice does not sound like the way she talks on the show, so is trying to pull off some kind of an accent, I'm just not convinced it's supposed to be Southern. If it is, I admit, it's bad. Whatever it is, it's bad. 

The show also confirmed it was Tony whose face got smashed in. I thought so, but all that was left of his face was his beard. It would have made more sense for it to have been Percy, but I've been complaining about how obvious this show is, so here's hoping it surprises me tonight. It's going to be a "Silas flashback" episode and, judging by the preview, they've again successfully managed to make an already young actor look younger still. 

I liked Annet Mahendru a lot on The Americans... in which she played a Russian national working at the Soviet embassy. I'm not sure what she's going for here, but she's the one person on this show I'm going to miss.

I liked the revelation of Huck's background. I think that makes her insane. I know that isn't how they'll play it.

What you do if you're a Marine and you're given an immoral order, you say, "Sir, I cannot in good conscience follow that order, sir!" And you're cashiered out.

You don't kill everyone in your unit.

But she did, and that says something about her ("I'm going to stay in my unit, despite an order I consider immoral, and kill anyone who disagrees with me") that the show will not address.

Regardless, the revelation makes her more interesting than heretofore.

These last two episodes have been more interesting than the ones leading up to them, and I have high hopes for the two-hour conclusion next week. Don't read any further if you haven't seen last night's episodes because I'm going to discuss specifics in five... four... three... two...

NOV 22: Hope tells Elton the story of their mothers' fates. I'm glad they didn't play that out too long. I didn't like that element, but we knew Hope's secret was going to be revealed eventually, so I'm glad it was sooner rather than later. Excellent performance by Nicholas Cantu who plays Elton. Very convincing!

Still not sure what to make of the Silas sub-plot. He doesn't remember killing Tony and Percy, and we haven't even seen Percy's body, so I'd be willing to bet he's still alive. 

And the double-twist ending: not only is Huck a spy, but she's Kublek's daughter. Right up until the reveal I was expecting a new character, but I've been asking for something not-so-obvious, and this certainly fills that bill. Her philosophy (I don't recall it verbatim, but something like "In order to make an omelet you have to break some eggs") was quoted at least twice. Apparently mother and daughter share this philosophy so, in their minds at least, they are doing the Right Thing.

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