If you have a book you'd like to start a discussion on, just post a message in this thread and we'll see about getting you scheduled in.  

Any genre of TPB or GN will work, although we have been trying to spread things out for variety's sake.  If the material isn't widely available, please make sure to schedule early so people can hunt down a copy.

Our selections so far:

   DC / Vertigo / Wildstorm

American Way - [discussion started by Detective 445]

Astro City: Life in the Big City - [discussion started by Border Mutt]

Astro City: Confession - [discussion started by Richard Willis]

Demo V.1 - [discussion started by Mark Sullivan]

Joker, Clown Prince of Crime - [discussion started by Mark Stanislawski]

Starman V.1: Sins of the Father - [discussion started by Philip Portelli]

Top 10: Book One - [discussion started by Wandering Sensei]


All New X-Men V.1: Yesterday's X-Men - [discussion started by Jason Marconnet]

Daredevil by Mark Waid V.1 - [discussion started by John Dunbar]

Journey into Mystery V.1: Fear Itself - [discussion started by Figserello]

Runaways V.1: Pride and Joy - [discussion started by Rich Steeves]


Fatale V.1: Death Chases Me - [discussion started by Travis Herrick]

Invincible V.1: Family Matters - [discussion started by Jason Marconnet]

Saga V.1 - [discussion started by John Dunbar]


American Born Chinese - [discussion started by Rob Staegar]

Creepy Comics V.2: At Death's Door - [discussion started by Wandering Sensei]

Good as Lily - [discussion started by ClarkKent_DC]

Local - [discussion started by Mark Sullivan]


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I like the idea and I'll be happy to participate.

I think it's a great idea, Border Mutt. I like the idea of scheduling them ahead of time.

I like it, too. There are some things on there--Local, especially--that I've been meaning to reread. I would likely sit out many of the superhero weeks, but I'd love to join in on the others.

There are definitely a few of the weeks I'll be involved.

I'm down. I think I'm good for about a third of these.

This week's book:

Astro City: Life in the Big City

for discussion the week of March 2

Count me in for this one!

I don't have access to the whole collection (although I have read it before). But I've got Issue #1 from Comixology, and the Flip Book, which is a prequel, so I can reread those.

Wow, I was thinking I will participate in the Astro City discussion if I can find the trade easily. First box, fourth book I looked at in my garage, and there it is. So, I am in!

Good list.  Half of them I'd be interested in rereading/discussing, 1/4 of them I'd appreciate the impetus to read the first time, and the other 1/4 I haven't heard much about.

Of the first batch, my library doesn't have Local or HarbingerLocal is by Brian Wood, and I won't be paying for that!

The first 15 issues of Harbinger might be problematic for most, as it's pretty expensive, however you cut it (even on Comixology!)  But they are probably good reading. 

There's a preview of Witch-Doctor vol 1 at the Amazon page, in case anyone wants a wee look.  It's also very reasonably priced on Comixology.

(Harbinger also has a preview on Amazon)

Of the first batch, my library doesn't have Local or Harbinger.  Local is by Brian Wood, and I won't be paying for that!

For me, I'm going to try to separate the work from the author.  I'm looking forward to seeing an American work that isn't New York or California focused.

The first 15 issues of Harbinger might be problematic for most, as it's pretty expensive, however you cut it (even on Comixology!)  But they are probably good reading.

I originally chose the deluxe edition 'cause I figured we'd probably only get to Valiant a few times a year and the Captain had already reviewed the first trade, but I didn't really take into account the price.  If it's going to be problematic for people, it might be a good idea to switch it to the first Harbinger trade, Harbinger V.1: Omega Rising, covering issues 1-5.  Another option is to switch it to the second Harbinger trade, Harbinger V.2: Renegades, covering issues 6-10.  What does everyone think, should we switch out the deluxe edition for one of these two trades?  

For me, I'm going to try to separate the work from the author.

I should too. I really should.  But on the personal level, I can't get over the "yick!" factor.  It's probably a book worth discussing.  I'm not planning to mention the factors that affect my appreciation of Mr Woods work again in the Weekly TPB discussions....

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