AHOY Comics's first publication is coming out today: The Wrong Earth #1, by Tom Peyer and Jamal Igle. It looks like an absolute blast: The Silver Age version of a character (Dragonflyman) is transported to the dark, grim-and-gritty world of a later iteration of him (The Dragonfly) -- and vice-versa. Essentially, it's as if Batman 66 and The Dark Knight swapped places.

But there's also a backup featuring the "Golden Age" Stinger, and a prose story by Grant Morrison!

It's a book I'm super exited to read -- not least of which is because in issue 3, in the text story slot will be a short story by me! 

But for now, here's the first issue cover... if you're heading to the comic shop, think about picking it up!

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Thanks, Mutt! I'm really excited about it! 

I read issue #1 over the weekend and I’m really glad I bought it. The Wrong Earth has immediately become one of my favorite current comics. I haven’t been this excited about a new company since… I don’t remember when. 20 years at least. I’m predisposed to like this kind of story, anyway, but this one is particularly well-done. The art is particularly well-suited, both the faux “Silver Age” and the modern styles. I agree with Rob that Morrison’s prose story was a hoot. I’m really looking forward to subsequent issues and I’m really looking forward to reading Rob’s story as well.

I really liked it too. The story really pulled me in and made me crave more. And, to be completely honest, I was kind of surprised by that. I went into this thinking, "I want to support Rob, and I want to support a new company. It's worth checking out."

1. The story was by Tom Peyer. I have always found Peyer's writing to be perfectly fine, but ultimately forgettable. It's normally the kind of writing that makes me say, "That was pretty good," but nothing more.

2. The art was by Jamal Igle. Same thing with him. I have always found his art to be well-done, but seldom more than serviceable. A better way to describe it would probably be that I have never noticed it before.

3. The story concept is nothing amazing. It's interesting, but certainly not the first time we've ever seen it.

But 1+2+3= something much more.

By the end of this issue, I found myself disappointed that it was over. I immediately wanted more. The story never once felt slowed-down or dragged down by any heavy exposition (was there any?), and the tropes of the classic villains as well as the updated villains were both on full display.

I think one of the things that kept me from loving Titan's Fighting American from last year (very similar concept) was that the old-timey version of the character used extra-flowery wordage and was overly enthusiastic and optimistic. In this story, the character just barely scraped along the edge of that limit instead of overdoing it.

Not only that, but I want more Ahoy Comics. Luckily, we're getting them. I'm especially looking forward to Edgar Allen Poe's Snifter of Terror, but I will be checking all of them out.

Awesome book! I'm really looking forward to more.

Thanks, Sensei! To be honest, your expectations and mine lined up pretty well. I rate Peyer and Igle more highly than you, I think, but neither one was an out-and-out "must buy" for me. And while I thought the concept was clever, I rarely go for indy superhero books -- I was looking forward to more of the rest of the Ahoy line than this one (Snifter and Captain Ginger, particularly, but High Heaven sounds like fun too). And yet it really wowed me -- I expected to like it, but I really love it, and can't wait for more.

And can't wait for my LCS's orders to catch up with the demand!

Ordered it today!

I don't buy many new comics, but I did pick this one up based on everyone's recommendations.  Very enjoyable!  The Stinger story was particularly fun; I look forward to future issues to see how the main story evolves, and to support Rob in #3.

Thanks, Dave!

And I just got word that they want to buy another of my stories! It'll likely appear sometime this winter, although it hasn't been slotted into an issue yet. 

I am *so* excited, guys!

I expect to go to my comic store next Wednesday. I plan to buy or order The Wrong Earth #1 and add it to my tiny pull list.

I read Wrong Earth last night, and enjoyed it, for the reasons mentioned above. The highlight for me was the Grant Morrison prose piece. No pressure, Rob!

Ha, yeah, that's a delight. And needless to say, mine's done in a very different tone & style. My second one is quite a bit sillier than my first, though!

Captain Comics said:

I read Wrong Earth last night, and enjoyed it, for the reasons mentioned above. The highlight for me was the Grant Morrison prose piece. No pressure, Rob!

HIGH HEAVEN #1: I liked The Wrong Earth so much that I decided to try two of Ahoy Comics’ other three titles. When I got to my LCS last week and saw High Heaven #1 on display, I couldn’t remember whether that was one I had decided to try or not. It was a light week, so I went ahead and bought it. Turns out, it was the one I had decided not to try. (Didn’t like the premise.) If I’d’ve skipped it, that would have been a mistake because it turned out to be my favorite comic of the week. The main feature was engaging, the back-up feature was a hoot, and the text piece by Grant Morrison was the most biting piece of satire I read since “A Modest Proposal.”

This is the second AHOY comic released, and the second one that was sold out by the time I got to the store. (Different store this time, but selling out Midtown Comics in NYC in the space of an afternoon is an achievement!) I just bought it on Comixology, and hope to get a physical copy when I see the AHOY crew at NY Comicon on Thursday. 

Haven't had a chance to read it yet. Maybe tonight... although I'm so busy with freelance work tonight that I might have to put it off. Glad it worked so well for you!

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