Back in the Sixties, when the Superman Family were forever meeting/romancing doubles of themselves, I remember editor Mort Weisinger's lettercol telling us more than once that everyone on Earth has 17 doubles (so how many must there be across the universe?). I'm now 45 and have never met anyone unfortunate enough to look like me and am beginning to think he made this up.

Any more dubious facts?

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"17 Doubles"? That means there's 18 of me? Geez, I hope the other ones are doing better than I am...
The Baron said:
"17 Doubles"? That means there's 18 of me? Geez, I hope the other ones are doing better than I am...

See I want them to be doing worse than me. Me am Travis Herrick #1
I love the shamelessness of that "fact," and the size/precision of the number. "Everyone on Earth has *a* double" sounds superficially more plausible, but 17 sounds [i]authoritative[/i], while if true making the [i]recycling[/i] of the "person who looks exactly like a Daily Planet staffer" plot seem more plausible.

I have 16.5  doubles.

"Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read." -Groucho Marx

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Listen to, it's the future of rock-n-roll!

I have multiple doubles as I have been mistaken for other guys many, many times. When I was in college, a girl stormed up to me after a lecture, furious that I didn't say hello to her...only after a few moments did she realize her mistake.
With me, it's always "Mr. Sellick, would you sign my autograph book, please?"

I get so tired of hearing that.
Doc, we need a picture.
Martin Gray said:
Doc, we need a picture.
[I] am beginning to think he made this up.

Knowing Mort, it's more likely someone told it to him earlier that day, and he just passed it off as his idea.
Doc, GASP . . . it's YOU!

Hmm, a thinner Kurt Busiek, maybe?

My double is Mr Potato Head. See my Facebook profile pic (ie am at work so not able to upload).

Anyone else learn anything?
I'm rereading The Invisibles, and one of its plot points is the supposed Mayan date for the Apocalypse (Dec. 21, 2012). I read the issue where it was first mentioned a few weeks ago and did some research on it...just days before all the 2012 stuff hit the news in a big way. Although it has surfaced a few times in the last few years.
I learned that a tornado can drive a straw through a tree.

From real life, I learned that no matter how hard you throw a straw, you can't duplicate the effects of a tornado.

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