Over in the "TV Shows I Am Binging" thread, I noted that I got hooked on This Is Us, which led to a quick discussion over the show's merits and a pledge to talk about the latest episode. We threw out the idea of having that conversation in the "What Are You Watching Right Now?" thread, but I decided to start one dedicated to the show. Although I titled it "Season 4," I'm not going to limit my observations to that season alone,

So far, it's just been me and Jeff, but I welcome anyone else to join in -- especially Tracy! We've seen too little of you here in the Comics Cave!

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Going back to the previous episode, which focused on Kevin and Madison, he's been staying in her garage so he can be close to their kids. Which made me wonder, and not for the first time: Just how much money does Kevin have?

It also made me wonder what happened to the trailer he had when he was camping out next to Nicky's raggedy old trailer.

It also made me wonder about his status as an actor. Certainly, doing a dumb sitcom like The Man-ny isn't a sterling achievement on any actor's resume, but he moved up a notch or two with the play The Back of an Egg, and must have solidified at least B-list status with the Ron Howard movie.

Of course, he then blew it with the indie film, and walking out didn't help, since it cemented him as being a "difficult" actor who walks out projects. But I find it almost as frustrating as Kevin does that he supposedly doesn't have any better prospects than doing a revival of The Man-nyIf that's the case, he needs a new agent.

If I was one, I'd try to position him for things like ensemble dramas or TV miniseries, or ensemble movies like Valentine's Day or New Year's Eve, not lame sitcoms. Of course, one reason Kevin is taking seriously the notion of doing The Man-ny  is that it's a job with (somewhat) regular hours and doesn't require traveling, which appeals since he wants to be close to his kids. If he wants that, he should go for things like The Rookie. Or something acting-adjacent, like the way Mario Lopez hosts Access Hollywood or, say, being a voice actor. 

But to present things as "do The Man-ny" or "do Hallmark movies in Toronto" is an utterly false choice.

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