Additional DC and Archie previews came in, which made the original post too long (more than 10,000 characters, the Ning limit). So I've split the post, like I had to do last week. I may have to do this every week I use all of the Future State previews, as they are extensive.


I don't know much about manga. I've read a few, and have my favorites, but by and large I wait for The Baron to say something about one or another that intrigues me enough to check it out. But there are a lot of manga published (or re-published) in the U.S. now, and I will add PR of various books when I have it. That's harder than it sounds, because manga PR is ... strange. I'll get emails touting stuff that came out weeks ago, or won't come out for six months or more. And The Baron just explained to me what a "light novel" was, that I was listing with the comics because I didn't know better. I'll do my best, but don't expect brilliance.

Beyond Clouds GN Vol 3

Black Clover GN Vol 24

Daytime Shooting Star GN Vol 10

Haikyu GN Vol 42

Incurable Case of Love GN Vol 6

Jujutsu Kaisen GN Vol 0

Love Me Love Me Not GN Vol 6

Manga Classics: Pride & Prejudice SC New Edition

Moriarty The Patriot GN Vol 2

My Hero Academia GN Vol 26

Platinum End GN Vol 12

Prince Freya GN Vol 4

Promised Neverland GN Vol 18

Quintessential Quintuplets GN Vol 12

Snow White with Red Hair GN Vol 11

Takane & Hana GN Vol 16


BOOM! Studios

Buffy The Vampire Slayer #21

Klaus: New Adventures of Santa Claus GN

Mighty Morphin #1 3rd Ptg


Dark Horse Comics

Atomic Legion TPB

Harrow County Omnibus TPB Vol 01

Savor TPB

DC Comics

Batman Adventures: Robin, The Boy Wonder TPB

Batman: The Adventures Continue #8 (of 8)

Batman: The Caped Crusader Vol. 5

The Dreaming: Waking Hours #6

Just Imagine Stan Lee Creating the DC Universe Book 2 (New Edition)

Wonder Woman by George Perez Vol. 5

IDW Publishing

Dungeons & Dragons at the Spine of the World #3 (of 4)

Marvel Action Avengers (2020) #3

Marvel Vault of Heroes: Iron Man TPB

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic #93

Sleeping Beauties #5

Star Trek Year Five #18

Transformers #26

Usagi Yojimbo #16

Image Comics

Crossover #3

Fire Power by Kirkman & Samnee #7

Fire Power by Kirkman & Samnee TPB Vol 02

Getting It Together #4

Inkblot #5

Rat Queens #24

Savage Dragon Archives TPB Vol 10

Unearth #9

Walking Dead Deluxe #6

Marvel Comics

Aero TPB Vol 02 Mystery of Madame Huang

Always an Invader HC

Amazing Spider-Man #56

Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collection TPB Goblin’s Last Stand

Avengers by Jason Aaron TPB Vol 07 Age of Khonshu

Avengers West Coast Epic Collection TPB How The West Was Won

Captain America #117 Facsimile Edition

Deadpool HC Hey It’s Deadpool Marvel Select

Guardians of the Galaxy by Donny Cates HC

Hellions #8

Incredible Hulk Epic Collection TPB Who Will Judge the Hulk

Infinity Crusade Omnibus HC

Iron Man #5

Juggernaut #5

Marvel Previews Vol 05 #7 January 2021 Extras

Miles Morales Spider-Man #22

Marvel Masterworks: Captain America HC Vol 12

MODOK: Head Games #2

Moon Knight Omnibus HC Vol 01

Rise of Ultraman #5

Savage Sword of Conan the Original Marvel Years Omnibus HC Vol 04

Star Wars #10

Star Wars: Darth Vader #7 2nd Ptg

Star Wars: High Republic #1

Symbiote Spider-Man: King in Black #3

Symbiote Spider-Man: Marvel Tales #1

Thor #11

Uncanny X-Men Omnibus HC New Ptg Vol 03

Wolverine #7 2nd Ptg

X-Factor #6

X-Men by Chris Claremont & Jim Lee Omnibus HC Vol 01 New Ptg


100 Greatest Looney Tunes Cartoons HC New Ptg

2000 AD August 2020 Prog Pack

Artemis and Assassin TPB

Baby Sitter’s Little Sister GN Vol 3 Karen’s Worst Day

Backtrack #10

Banana Fox GN Vol 01 Secret Sour Society

Beak & Ally GN Vol 01 Unlikely Friends

Bloodshot (2019) TPB Vol 3

Cat & Cat GN Vol 03 My Dad’s Got a Date Ew!

Cat Shit Vol 2 #2

Crimson Scorpion #3 (of 3)

Cullen Bunn Omnibus: All My Little Demons

The Disney Bros. GN The Fabulous Story of Walt and Roy

Writer: Alex Nikolavitch

Art: Felix Ruiz

NBM / 7x10 / 112 pages / full color HC / $19.99

After the bankruptcy of his first two companies, the young Walt Disney decides to call on his older brother Roy to start a new business: the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studios. The combination of their opposing talents, one artistic, the other managerial, will give birth to an entertainment giant despite the difficult nature of Walt.

Little by little, Walt will push his brother into the shadows and sink into chronic depression and excessive consumption of alcohol. ... But all this will not prevent him from producing the greatest masterpieces of animation.

The authors have chosen a cartoon style, worthy of Mickey Mouse comics, to tell a very serious story of creation, money and politics, but also ... of family.

Dryad #8

Fangs GN

The Forevers TPB

Gold Digger #278

Happy Hour #3

Honor and Curse #7

Hot Valley Days & Cocaine Nights #2 (of 3)

Hound Heroes GN Vol 01 Beware the Claw

Join the Future TPB

Judge Dredd: Complete Case Files TPB Vol 35

Knock ‘Em Dead #2

Last Dance GN

Writer: Hanna Schroy

Art: Hanna Schroy

Iron Circus / 6" × 9" / Middle Grade / FC / $12 / 200 Pages

“For years I’ve watched ballerinas from this room. I want what you want. I wish to join them.”

Miriam has trained her whole life to fulfill her dreams and it’s finally paid off now that she’s the prima ballerina of the Lulli Dance Company, but she’s been keeping a secret from them. The years of sprains, fractures, and bruises have taken their toll and a catastrophic ankle injury now means one terrible thing: she has to give it all up forever. Distraught beyond consolation, Miriam runs from the studio and discovers a secret room she’s never seen before. Inside she finds a pair of gleaming white and gold slippers and a mysterious voice whispering to her in the dark. If she tries on the slippers, it says, she’ll regain the strength to raise en pointe. It speaks the truth!

Soon, Miriam is back, but each achievement means danger for everyone around her and negotiation with the spirit who claims it wants just one little harmless thing in return . . . to join the ballerinas and dance, just like her.

Creator Bio

Hanna Schroy is a cartoonist and illustrator living in Austin. She has participated in a multitude of self-published anthologies including Girls! Girls! Girls! curated by Alex Perkins and Thicker Than Blood curated by Mengmeng Liu. She is a long-time dance enthusiast and recent amateur gardener.

Selling Points

  • SMART MIDDLE GRADE CHILLS: A mix of Goosebumps-style horror with Mean Girls realness, LAST DANCE is thoughtful, character-driven horror for kids who love the scary stuff but need a lighter step into it. Its artfully realized theme of the dangerous, gripping power of dark thoughts takes shape in a safe, kid-centric ghost story about “leveling up” your skills and learning to work with others.
  • GRACEFUL DANCE VISUALS: Hannah’s confident, fluid linework beautifully illustrates pages upon pages of ballet scenes, making it perfect for young dancers and ballet fans who will follow along with each pirouette.
  • INSPIRING STORY ARC: Taking inspiration from the “be careful what you wish for” strain of horror that’s always been popular with young readers, LAST DANCE takes a sharp turn away with a main character who earns real growth and emotional maturity throughout the story. It’s delightfully creepy horror with a genuinely sweet message.
  • EYE-CATCHING ART: A showstopping cover teases the story with its clever depiction of Miriam’s dance and the darkness that’s tempting her. Hannah’s dynamic, inventive panel layouts keeps readers engaged and turning pages.

Lola’s Super Club Vol 01 My Dad Is a Super Secret Agent

Written by Christine Beigel

Illustrated by Pierre Fouillet

$14.99 HC / $9.99 TPB

Join Lola’s Super Club to harness the power of imagination!

Lola is a girl like any other, except for one tiny detail: her father, Robert Darkhair, is James Blond, a top-secret agent so secretive, that not even he knows what he does, or at least that is what Blond wants us to believe. When the villains of Friendly Falls kidnap Lola’s parents, she becomes Super-Lola. Accompanied by her toy dinosaur Super-James (in undies) who can grow to the size of an actual dinosaur (but, ahem, not the undies) their cat Hot Dog, a pencil, an eraser, and an infallible duckie pool toy, she is off to the rescue.

Ah, imagination. It is our most powerful weapon.

My Life & Times: Spain Vol. 3 by Spain Rodriguez

In My Life & Times, Spain turns his eye on himself to create his most candid, autobiographical comic stories, which draw on the pivotal moments of his formative years: cruising with teen pals and wild acquaintances; the Buffalo, New York, jazz clubs; close encounters with women and sexuality; and his growth as an artist. Through rarely seen paintings, a sampling of sketchbook pages, and dozens of stories, in addition to essays by historian Patrick Rosenkranz, My Life & Times explains how Spain went from a misguided youth to a community elder who attempted to bridge the gap between underground comix and the emerging Latino Art Movement — he was even included in the "Neighborhood Heroes" mural at the local middle school. This collection of comics from Zap, Blab!, Young Lust, Rip Off Comix, and The Comics Journal make for Spain's most personal contributions from his over six-decade career.

The Mythics Vol 02 Apocalypse Ahead

My Weird School GN Vol 1: Mr. Corbett Is in Orbit

Napalm Jack HC Vol 1 Hot Load

Naturalist Graphic Adaptation

Ninja Nuns Bad Habits Die Hard one-shot

North Bend TPB

Psi-Lords TPB Vol 1

Punchline #11

Resistance Reborns #1 one-shot

Seamus the Famous GN

Shadowplay TPB

Vain #4

World of Betty & Veronica Jumbo Comics Digest #1

Cover: Dan Parent

Script: Jamie L. Rotante

Art: Brittney Williams, Glenn Whitmore, Jack Morelli

Archie / 192-page / full color comic / $7.99 U.S.

BRAND NEW STORY: “The Challenge!” Betty and Veronica are FlipFlop famous for their dance challenge videos! When they find out that their favorite band BTX is holding a contest to perform at the hometown of the winner of the best dance challenge video, Betty and Veronica are ready to make the best viral video out there — but when everyone in Riverdale gets in on the action, especially prankster Reggie Mantle, will Riverdale win, or will it be one big flop? Find out in this brand new, double-length lead story from the creative team that brought you BETTY & VERONICA: THE BOND OF FRIENDSHIP!

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My Hero Academia GN Vol 26

I'm looking forward to this.  MHA and One Punch Man are my favorite super-hero stories these days.

I covered a local convention for The Daily Memphian and there was a kid there -- probably kindergarten, or first grade -- in a costume I didn't recognize. I asked its parents what the costume was, and they said My Hero Academia, which was the kid's favorite show.

Wha--? I haven't even read the book yet!

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