• One of the oddities of the pandemic interference in shipping is the conflicting information on when various collections, TPBs and OGNs will arrive. This week’s puzzler is Marvel Masterworks: Avengers v20, which Diamond says is shipping, Instocktrades doesn’t list (it has MMW: Marvel Team-Up v5 instead) and Amazon says it will ship June 30 (and at full price, meaning the discount houses don’t have it yet). My LCS doesn’t get MMWs, so I’m dependent on you guys to let me know if it ships or not.
  • Uncle Scrooge: The Twenty-Four Carat Moon is another question mark.
  • Both Alex Toth and John Buscema worked on Dell’s Roy Rogers, and Hermes Press offers a “Best of” HC this week.
  • Apparently, American Mythology has the Zorro franchise now.
  • Papercutz has begun reprinting Asterix in HC.



  • Stargirl, “Hourman and Dr. Mid-Nite” (June 15, DC Universe): Last week, Wildcat. This week, two more recruits.
  • Stargirl, “Hourman and Dr. Mid-Nite” (June 16, The CW)
  • Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., “Out of the Past” (June 17, ABC): Last week's episode was really cute, with Jenna Simmons pretending to be Peggy Carter in Area 51 in 1955, until (Spoiler) Daniel Sousa shows up, and knows she's a fraud. Also, we learn what the deal was with Area 51, and all the other "areas," as Coulson calls them. It was really well done -- and it's not over yet. The previews indicate that, historically, Sousa got killed when he discovered Hydra had infiltrated S.H.I.E.L.D., and the agents are tempted to save him -- despite the danger of changing history. Fun!
  • Snowpiercer, “Trouble Comes Sideways” (June 21, TNT)
  • NOS4A2, “Bad Mother” (June 21, AMC): Season premiere.



All books ship June 17, unless otherwise indicated



  • Mirka Andolfo’s Unsacred #6

Adhouse Books

  • Cankor GN

Aftershock Comics

  • Dark Ark After Flood #4
  • Man Who Effed Up Time #3
  • You Are Obsolete TPB


Albatross Funnybooks

  • Grumble Memphis & Beyond The Infinite #2 (of 5)


American Mythology Productions

  • Lady Zorro #1


Amigo Comicss

  • Barbara The Barbarian #2 (of 3)


Artists Writers & Artisans Inc.

  • Hotell #2 (of 4)
  • Resistance #2 (of 6)


Archie Comics

  • Vampironica: New Blood #4
  • B&V Friends Jumbo Comics Digest #280


Boom Entertainment

  • Wynd #1

BOOM! Studios

  • Bill & Ted TPB Box Set
  • Buffy Vampire Slayer v3 TPB
  • Firefly #16
  • Lumberjanes: Campfire Songs TPB
  • Power Rangers Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #5
  • Steven Universe v5 Crystal Clean OGN


Clover Press

  • Complete Wraith TPB
  • Grievling #1 (of 2)


Dark Horse

  • Against Hope TPB
  • Art of Wolfenstein Youngblood HC
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender — Imbalance Library Edition HC
  • Bandette v1: Presto TPB (2nd ed)
  • Disney: Frozen 2 — Story of the Movies in Comics HC
  • Disney: The Little Mermaid TPB
  • EC Archives: War Against Crime v2 HC
  • Invisible Kingdom v2: Edge of Everything TPB
  • Neil Gaiman Library Edition HC
  • Panorama TPB


DC Comics

Shipping June 16

  • Aquaman Giant #4
  • Batgirl Vol. 7: Oracle Rising TPB
  • Batman & the Outsiders #13
  • Catwoman Vol. 3: Friend or Foe TPB
  • Daphne Byrne #5
  • Dark Nights: Death Metal #1: “It All Matters” Get ready for the earth-shattering encore! The legendary team behind Dark Nights: Metal and Batman: Last Knight on Earth take center stage and reunite for one last tour. When the Earth is enveloped by the Dark Multiverse, the Justice League is at the mercy of the Batman Who Laughs. Humanity struggles to survive in a hellish landscape twisted beyond recognition, while Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman have all been separated and fight to survive. Unleash the beast and let the head banging begin! (See preview below.)
  • DC Comics: The Astonishing Art of Amanda Conner HC
  • Detective Comics #475 Facsimile Edition
  • Dial H for Hero v2: New Heroes of Metropolis TPB
  • The Flash Annual #3
  • The Flash v12: Death and the Speed Force TPB
  • The Green Lantern Season Two #4
  • Hawkman #24
  • Joker: The Deluxe Edition
  • Justice League v5: Justice Doom War TPB
  • Metal Men #7
  • Nightwing Annual #3
  • Primer OGN
  • The Question: The Deaths of Vic Sage #3
  • Superman #22
  • The Terrifics v3: God Game TPB
  • Wonder Woman #757
  • Wonder Woman: Dead Earth #3 (of 4)
  • Year of the Villain: Hell Arisen TPB
  • You Brought Me the Ocean OGN
  • Young Justice #15


Dynamite Entertainment

  • Death To Army Of Darkness #3
  • George RR Martin A Clash Of Kings #4
  • Red Sonja: Age Of Chaos #4
  • Red Sonja: Birth of a She-Devil TPB


Fantagraphics Books

  • Art Young Inferno HC
  • Dancing After Ten HC
  • Disney Masters v11 De Vita Ice Sword Saga Pt 2 HC
  • Metaphrog’s Bluebeard OGN
  • Old Growth HC
  • Perramus The City And Oblivion HC
  • Walt Disney’s Uncle Scrooge: The Twenty-Four Carat Moon


Hermes Press

  • Best of Alex Toth & John Buscema Roy Rogers Comics HC


IDW Publishing

  • The Crow: Lethe #1 (of 3, 2nd printing)
  • The Crow: Lethe #2 (of 3)
  • Dave Cockrum X-Men Artifact Edition HC: After the runaway success of Giant Size X-Men #1, all-new stories exploded in the pages of X-Men #94… and the rest is the stuff comic book dreams are made of! This Artifact Edition contains more than 100 pages from Cockrum’s initial run on X-Men, as well as pages from the artist’s second run on the characters several years later. As an added bonus: a gallery section featuring covers, sketches, and a few surprises! This is an art book made for fans of Dave Cockrum’s X-Men art!
  • Dying is Easy #5 (of 5)
  • I. Joe: A Real American Hero #272
  • Lab v1 GN
  • Tiananmen 1989: Our Shattered Hopes HC: Follow the story of China's infamous June Fourth Incident—otherwise known as the Tiananmen Square Massacre—from the first-hand account of a young sociology teacher who witnessed it all. In this powerful graphic novel, Lun Zhang shares his unvarnished memory of this crucial moment in world history for the first time.
  • Transformers #20
  • Transformers: The IDW Collection - Phase 2 v11 HC
  • Uncle Scrooge #56
  • Walter Simonson’s The Mighty Thor Artisan Edition HC


Image Comics

  • A Man Among Ye #1: Writer Stephanie Phillips and artist Craig Cermak invite readers aboard a high-seas adventure in a swashbuckling new series from Top Cow. Set during the waning days of piracy, when men were men (and the best pirates were ... women?), writer Stephanie Phillips (Butcher of Paris, Descendent) and artist Craig Cermak (Red Team, Voltron) bring to life the tale of Anne Bonny and Mary Read as they hoist the skull and crossbones, draw cutlasses, and seek a treasure that will make them legends. In an era when sailing with women was thought to be bad luck, Anne and Mary might just be the only people capable of saving the pirate way of life. “I've always wanted the chance to work with Craig, and I think this was the perfect opportunity. Craig's linework and storytelling are just phenomenal,” said Phillips. “I hope that readers really have fun with the story. This is an adventure with a lot of heart, and we look forward to sharing that journey with readers.” Cermak added: “It's a delight working with Steph, whose scripts flow so well, have a flurry of fun beats, as well as her knack for precise shaping of so many characters into believable forms—perfect for illustrating a variety of expressions and moods. This tale has all the conniving you'd ever want among a world of cut-throat pirates and pirate hunters, and a prime selection of the most beautiful, the handsomest, and the grimiest of pirates.” (See preview below.)
  • The After Realm #2: After Loki tricks Oona into releasing him from his crystal prison, Oona must trick the trickster in turn to keep her world safe from the chaos she has unleashed. We also get a glimpse into the larger realms awaiting her next journey! By Eisner Award-winning Powers co-creator Michael Avon Oeming.
  • Birthright #44: The Chosen One vs. the God King Lore for the fate of two worlds! Could this be the end of Mikey Rhodes?
  • Crowded v2 TPB: After escaping a televised attempt on their lives and blowing past two million bucks in their REAPR campaign, Charlie and Vita abandon Los Angeles for the desert paradise Las Vegas in search of answers. But between the human debris of Charlie’s past and the well-kept secrets of Vita’s old life, the only thing less likely than Charlie and Vita surviving their REAPR campaign is them surviving each other.Collecting the second arc of the critically acclaimed ongoing series by Eisner-nominated writer CHRISTOPHER SEBELA (SHANGHAI RED, HIGH CRIMES, We(l)come Back) celebrated artists RO STEIN & TED BRANDT (Captain Marvel), TRIONA FARRELL (Runaways, Mech Cadet Yu), and CARDINAL RAE (BINGO LOVE, ROSE). Collects CROWDED #7-12
  • Deadly Class v9: Bone Machine TPB: The Sophomore exam draws near as another year comes to a close in RICK REMENDER and WES CRAIG’s smash-hit series. Collects DEADLY CLASS #40-44
  • Family Tree #6: The story of Darcy’s infection with the horrific sylvan disease is finally revealed as, in the present, Grandpa Judd struggles in the grasp of the deadly Arborists.
  • Gideon Falls #22: 2019 EISNER AWARD WINNER, BEST NEW SERIES“WICKED WORLDS,” Part One After the mind-bending destruction of the Black Barn, our heroes find themselves spread across the Gideon Falls multiverse the barn contained within! While Angie struggles to survive in a 1984 version, Clara is alone in the old West, Father Fred is a man out of place in cyberpunk Gideon Falls—and where Norton landed is anyone’s guess… And while these worlds all seem far apart, the Laughing Man is always closer than you think!
  • Gideon Falls v4: The Pentoculus TPB: The smash-hit horror series continues! After the time- and space-shifting journey of the last arc, Norton and Clara are trapped in small-town Gideon Falls with a murderous psychopath. Meanwhile, Angie and Father Fred confront the Bishop in big-city Gideon Falls, where the secrets of the Pentoculus Machine are revealed in all their mind-twisting glory. In the midst of the chaos, what will happen when the Ploughmen finally answer the call of duty? Collects GIDEON FALLS #17-21
  • Hardcore: Reloaded #5 (of 5): HARDCORE: RELOADED reaches its explosive finale as rogue body-jackers surround the President of the United States. But this president has two things going for him: he was a Marine, and he has the most lethal Hardcore operator on the planet protecting him!
  • Heart Attack #6: East Austin is poised to explode as thousands of Variants march on the Wall, while Charlie and Jill lose control of their powers at the very worst time.
  • The Ludocrats #2 (of 5): How could we follow the startling first issue of LUDOCRATS? With issue two. Sometimes it doesn't pay to overthink these things. Herein, stuff of a ludicrous and oft entertaining character happens.
  • Moonshine #18: “THE ANGEL’S SHARE,” Part One After the heartbreak of New Orleans, Lou Pirlo finds himself down and out in Kingsbury Run, the notorious hunting ground of America’s first serial killer. And when famous G-man Eliot Ness catches wind of the so-called “Cleveland Torso Murderer,” Lou finds himself caught between a rock and a hard place. Meanwhile, Tempest finds herself making a play for Lou’s old crime lord in the glitzy New York jungle.
  • Moonshine v3: Rue Le Jour TPB: The hit supernatural gangster story continues! Delia is on a quest to rid Lou Pirlo of his werewolf curse, and along the way, she enlists the help of two witches who come at a high price. Lou is a resourceful man, willing to do whatever it takes to pay, but when you’ve got no soul left to sell, bad things are going to happen.Collects MOONSHINE #13-17
  • Perdy v2 HC: Perdy desperately needs her daughter to help pull a heist so they can get Thee Ol’ Posse back together. The problem is, Petunia wants nothing to do with her mother! She just wants to get rid of Perdy before she finds out that Petunia was responsible for putting her own mother away in Yuma Prison for 15 years. The proverbial horse manure hits the wagon wheels in this volume. There will be no turning back. Sex. Language. And enough violence to make The Wild Bunch blush.
  • Savage Dragon #249: “THE CALM BEFORE THE STORM” The countdown to SAVAGE DRAGON #250 continues as, unbeknownst to Malcolm Dragon, his greatest foes have gathered in an effort to eliminate him once and for all and take over the city of Toronto! A great jumping-on point for new readers from award-winning writer/artist ERIK LARSEN.
  • Tartarus #3: Tilde and Klinzu face a new impossible foe ”the most dangerous threat they've faced so far. When the smoke clears, not everyone will make it out alive.
  • Includes a new installment of LIFE, a backup story by STEPHANIE COOKE and MEGAN HUANG, exclusively in single issues.


Mad Cave Studios

  • Over The Ropes #5 (of 5)


Magnetic Press

  • Klaw v3: Cycle Renewed


Marvel Comics

  • 2020 Ironheart #2 (digital only)
  • Ant-Man #5 (digital only)
  • Conan: The Book Of Thoth TPB
  • Daredevil By Chip Zdarsky v3 TPB
  • Dawn Of X v5 TPB
  • Ghost-Spider #10 (digital only)
  • Iron Man Epic Collection v17 TPB
  • Marvel Masterworks: The Avengers v20 HC
  • Silver Surfer Omnibus v1 HC (New Printing)
  • Star Wars: Age Of Rebellion HC
  • The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl: Big Squirrels Don’t Cry TPB
  • Valkyrie: Jane Foster #10 (digital only)


Oni Press

  • Invader Zim Quarterly #1
  • Kaijumax Season 5 #3
  • The Savage Beard of She Dwarf OGN
  • Tea Dragon Society OGN



  • Asterix Omnibus v1 HC
  • Attack of The Stuff GN: In what is described as “an 8 year old’s fever dream,” ATTACK OF THE STUFF follows Bill Waddler, a simple cash-only hay seller with a not-so-simple ability. He can talk to his appliances …. that is, he can hear them constantly complain to him! He can’t even go to the bathroom without his toilet giving him a hard time. Little does Bill know that his annoying ability may be the only thing that can save the world.
  • Mythics v1: Heroes Reborn OGN


Scout Comics

  • Canopus #3
  • White Ash #4


Seven Seas Entertainment

  • My Room Is a Dungeon Rest Stop v2
  • New Game v9



  • Don’t Call Me Daddy v1
  • Konohana Kitan Manga v8
  • No Vampire No Happy Ending v1



  • Otherworldly Izakaya Nobu v7



  • Rai (2019) #6


Viz Media LLC

  • Pokemon Adventures Collectors’ Edition v1 TPB
  • Sleepy Princess In Demon Castle v11


Yen Press

  • Karneval v10
  • Umineko When They Cry v3: Episode 8 Twilight Golden Witch
  • Woof Woof Story v2: Pampered Pooch Not Fenrir


Zenescope Entertainment

  • Red Agent: Island Of Dr Moreau #5 (of 5)

'A Man Among Ye' Preview

'Dark Nights: Death Metal #1' preview

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