Oct. 26-Nov. 1


Next, "File #4" (Fox, Oct. 27)

Archer, season 11 finale, "Cold Fusion" (FX, Oct. 28)

Star Trek: Discovery, "People of Earth" (CBS All Access, Oct. 29)

The Mandalorian, season 2 premiere, "Chapter 9: The Marshal" (Disney+, Oct. 30)

Fargo,  "Lay Away" (FX, Nov. 1)

Pandora, "On a Night Like This" (CW, Nov. 1)

Fear the Walking Dead,  "The Key" (AMC, Nov. 1)

The Walking Dead: World Beyond,  "Madman Across the Water" (AMC, Nov. 1)


Wonder Woman: Agent of Peace #14 (Oct. 28)

“Under the Radar” by Amanda Diebert and Aaron Lopresti

Wonder Woman shares a story from her childhood with Etta Candy about a traveler who changed her life.

Midnight Massacre (week of Oct. 30)

All in print, all together, all for the first time! Action Lab: Danger Zone is pleased to present the complete collection of John and Ben Matsuya’s MIDNIGHT MASSACRE! This graphic novel is perfect if you’re a fan of Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, Shaun of the Dead, Cabin in the Woods, or Adventureland. An amusing horror story guaranteed to make you smile as much as gasp, MIDNIGHT MASSACRE will be available on September 23rd at a comic store near you!

Halloween is on the horizon for the visitors of Calico Adventure Park,  and the park’s executives have been hard at work preparing for their annual extravaganza, the park’s “Midnight Massacre”. But this year’s main event is going to be more horrifying, more visceral, more realistic, and more unexpected than any of the park’s visitors could ever realize. We’re not talking about employees in suits, folks. We’re talking monsters—the real deal. And when all hell breaks loose, it’s up to Amy Nicholson, a jaded games booth employee and her friends to save the park, the town, and maybe even the world.

“If you’re looking for a comedic romp about a girl who’s working the Halloween shift at the amusement park, wasting away her talents and her passions, that’s extremely specific of you... But also, exactly what MIDNIGHT MASSACRE is about!” Creators John and Ben Matsuya quip. “We’ve got the undead, punk rock, roller coasters, Halloween, thrills, romance, late stage capitalism, and maybe… just maybe a moral? It’s all the fun of waiting in line combined with a marauding horde of monsters!” 

Not only is their story an amusing delve into the spectacular and supernatural, but in it’s own way, an insightful observation about the world around us. This story isn’t only their attempt to entertain, but an honest extension of the hand to readers who might be in a similar place in their lives to Amy. “If you’ve ever been stuck at a dead end job (which I’m sure all of us have had at some point), you feel like something is wrong; that the system isn’t working for you.” The Matsuya brothers explain.

They continue, “How is your boss the dumbest person alive? How are the least qualified people tasked with the most amount of responsibility?”

Both John and Ben chose to pursue their creativity, but following the 2008 recession, they both took on jobs which put them in a feeling of stasis that they attempt to describe throughout their tale—One in a white collar workplace, the other in the very theme park position that Amy holds in the story. It was that experience which drove them to share a story like Midnight Massacre.

As a last  thought, the Matsuya brothers offer the following: “We believe everyone who’s been in a job to 'pay the bills' will feel an affinity with the struggles that Amy undergoes and take away the same message that she does. You aren’t just a cog. Be courageous. Follow your passion and fight for it. Don’t lose your sense of self and don’t let the system change you; change the system.”

So, join Amy Nicholson, jaded games employee, as she and her friends save the town, save the park, and save the world, one horrifying monstrosity at a time in the complete print collection of MIDNIGHT MASSACRE! Coming soon to a comic shop near you, order the graphic novel with Diamond item code JUL200967!



Angel & Spike #15

Encyclopedia Lumberjanica Illustrated Guide

Firefly Unification War Deluxe Edition HC

Mega Man Fully Charged #3

Once & Future #9 2nd Ptg

Power Rangers: Drakkon New Dawn #3

Power Rangers: Sins of the Future OGN

Unkindness of Ravens #2

Wynd #5


Colonel Weird: Cosmagog #1

Jeff Lemire and Tyler Crook Explore the Strange Origins of Colonel Weird in this Spacetime Adventure

From the world of the Eisner Award-winning Black Hammer series comes a bizarre, sci-fi adventure origin story! Black Hammerwriter and co-creator Jeff Lemire and acclaimed artist Tyler Crook (Harrow County, Manor Black) bring the next story from the world of Black Hammer: Colonel Weird: Cosmagog.

Wacky space adventurer Colonel Randall Weird leaves the Black Hammer farm and embarks on a strange journey through space and time for something that he’s long forgotten with his sanity and life at stake!

"Colonel Weird has been my favorite Black Hammer character since Dean Ormston and I created him. I've always wanted to do a series where the storytelling would echo Weird's unique mind, and unique perspective. Tyler Crook's work more than lives up to the challenge. This is a deep dive into Colonel Weird’s past and his future. This series will answer the question of what happened to him after the events of Black Hammer: Age of Doom." — Jeff Lemire

"I think Jeff and Dean have created one of the most interesting and heartfelt superhero universes that we've seen in decades. I feel lucky to get the chance to contribute to the world. Colonel Weird is a personal favorite because he is the most human and most bonkers of the bunch. The story is full of cosmic weirdness but it's all in the service of telling a touching, personal drama. I'm really excited for readers to see this book!" — Tyler Crook

Colonel Weird: Cosmagog #1 (of four) goes on sale April 22, 2020, and is available for pre-order at your local comic shop.

Praise for Skulldigger + Skeleton Boy:

"Lemire, yet again, delivers a book that is enthralling and visual with the aid of his creative team of Wands and Zonjic. Complex characters and an engaging crime atmosphere add to the already wonderful world of Black Hammer and its accessible to new readers." — But Why Tho?

"With stunning artwork and a bold take on a familiar tension from older superhero universes, Skulldigger + Skeleton Boy is a must-read comic and a worthy choice to start the next phase of the Black Hammer world." — Comics Bookcase

"With an incredible art team and a writer with a strong and cohesive vision, this book is just begging to be read." — Sequential Planet

Hellboy & BPRD: Return of Effie Kolb #2

Stranger Things: Science Camp #2

X-Ray Robot #3


Absolute Swamp Thing by Alan Moore Vol 01 HC New Edition

Absolute Swamp Thing by Alan Moore Vol 02 HC

Action Comics #1026

Batgirl #50

Written by Cecil Castellucci

Art by Robbi Rodriguez

Cover by Giuseppe Camuncoli

Variant by Terry and Rachel Dodson

One thing ends, another begins. It’s hard to think of a better example of that old maxim than next week’s Batgirl #50, the extra-sized final chapter of Barbara Gordon’s ongoing series. Kicking off in 2016 as a part of DC’s line-wide “Rebirth,” Batgirl has seen its hero leapfrog from the high-tech, click-savvy world of Burnside (home of Barbara’s now-iconic purple and gold costume) back to the mean streets of Gotham proper, where she’s tangled with the likes of the Terrible Trio, KGBeast and her own former identity, Oracle. However, it’s been Batgirl’s two most recent confrontations that have been her most shocking. Having narrowly survived a second brutal attack by the Joker in the midst of his war on Gotham, Babs found herself once again at odds with her not-quite-rehabilitated brother—a confrontation that led to James Gordon, Jr’s death, seemingly at Batgirl’s hands.

We won’t know whether Barbara’s story ends happily until next week, but while hers nears its finish, another young hero’s story is just beginning. Ryan Wilder, an all-new DC character played by Javicia Leslie, will soon make her live action debut on The CW’s Batwoman as she takes on the title role after original Batwoman Kate Kane goes missing. However, if you’re curious when you might be seeing Wilder in the comics, the answer is…pretty much right now. You can catch the scrappy hero-to-be’s first comic book appearance in Batgirl #50—and in our exclusive first look at the issue. Drawn by the amazing Emanuela Lupacchino, Wilder comes out kicking—figuratively—as she let’s Barbara know exactly what she thinks of her boss, Congresswoman Alejo. It’s a powerful moment reminding us that even though Batgirl may be stepping out of the spotlight for a while, there are plenty of would-be heroes more than ready to meet this moment standing in the wings.

The extra-sized Batgirl #50 by Cecil Castellucci, Emanuela Lupacchino, Marguerite Sauvage and Aneke.

Batman 80 Years of the Bat Family TPB

Batman Beyond #48

Batman: The Man Who Laughs The Deluxe Edition HC

Batman Superman #13

Batman: Three Jokers #3 (of 3)

Dark Nights: Death Metal — Rise of the New God #1 one-shot

Detective Comics #1029

Flash #764

House of Whispers Vol 03 Watching the Watchers TPB

John Constantine: Hellblazer #11

Justice League Dark #27

Last God: Songs of Lost Children #1 one-shot

Legion of Super-Heroes #10

Red Hood: Outlaw #50

Shazam: The Deluxe Edition HC

Suicide Squad #10

Superman’s Pal Jimmy Olsen: Who Killed Jimmy Olsen? TPB

Wonder Woman #765


Bettie Page Unbound TPB

George RR Martin: A Clash of Kings #8

James Bond 007 HC Vol 02 

Red Sonja/Vampirella/Betty & Veronica TPB Vol 01

Vampirella/Red Sonja #11


Canto II Hollow Men #3

Crow Lethe #1 3rd Ptg

Crow Lethe #2 2nd Ptg

Crow Lethe #3 2nd Ptg

Dying Is Easy HC

GI Joe #9

Monkey vs. Robot Complete Epic TPB

Redbone: True Story Native American Rock Band GN

Star Trek Year Five #15

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin #1 (of 5)

Springing from a lost 1987 storyline by TMNT co-creators Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird, the much-anticipated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin will be available this summer from IDW Publishing (OTCQX: IDWM) in an epic oversized five-issue miniseries!

In a future New York City far different from the one we know today, a lone surviving Turtle goes on a seemingly hopeless mission to obtain justice for his fallen family and friends. Kinetic layouts from Eastman, atmospheric inks from Andy Kuhn, and a thrilling script full of surprises from longtime TMNT scribe Tom Waltz all combine to make this one of the most memorable TMNT stories that fans will ever read.

In his own words, Kevin Eastman reflects on the conception of this important TMNT milestone:

"About ten years ago, I re-discovered a twenty page outline for a TMNT story that Peter and I wrote together back in 1987. The story was set thirty years in the future, which (as written then) was set in 2017. Reading through it again, I drifted back to a very different time in TMNT history — back when it was all about the comics, mostly just Peter and I writing and drawing the issues, pre-everything the world would soon come to know about these characters that we'd created and called the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

“It has been an INCREDIBLE thirty-six year journey, thanks to the brilliant talents of so many that brought new visions and TMNT stories to life, and especially the fans who supported all of them. Nine years ago, I was invited back into the TMNT comic universe, via my friends at IDW Publishing. Aside from the original run with my friend and co-creator Peter Laird, working on the IDW TMNT universe has been the best time I have had with the Turtles for a very, VERY long time.

“A little over a year ago, as the ongoing series headed towards issue one hundred, I showed a rough revised and updated version of the story outline (now set in the year 2040) to Tom Waltz, who equally fell in love with the possibilities of it. The Last Ronin is a heartfelt love poem to all the TMNT universes of the past, and offers up an intense look at one possible future — firmly based on and adapted from an original thirty-three year-old idea, from the original creators.

“Trust me — Tom, Andy, and I have just started on a two-hundred page journey... and it IS going to be one HELL of a ride..."

Series co-writer Tom Waltz says, “When Kevin first showed me the outline that he and Peter had created back in the ’80s, I was gobsmacked. Beyond Peter Laird’s eerily prescient technological and sociological predictions, the story idea itself was exciting and versatile, designed in a way that it could be easily modified to fit into the many different TMNT iterations that have existed over the years, without losing any of the core elements injected into it by both Kevin and Peter. I have the absolute honor to join these legendary creators to craft a TMNT story set in a chaotic future, rife with revenge, honor, tragedy, hope, and over-the-top ninja-action sequences that’ll blow any Turtles fan’s mind, no matter what version of the beloved franchise is their favorite.”

“After hitting TMNT #100 last year, we were interested in doing something even larger in scope and also something that really plays to everyone’s strengths,” says editor Bobby Curnow. “The Last Ronin is that project: the future New York we’re building is a perfect place for Tom’s immersive world-building and characterization, and Andy’s art is more innovative and engaging than we’ve ever seen. This is Kevin and Peter’s vision, but the entire team is making it their own and that’s really exciting to see.”

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Last Ronin #1 will be available with multiple cover variants for retailers and fans to enjoy, including Cover A by Kevin Eastman and two Retailer Incentive editions by Eastman and Mateus Santolouco (TMNT: Shredder in Hell), respectively. Each issue is a blockbuster 48 pages and 7.5x11 trim size!

Transformers '84: Secrets & Lies #4

Transformers: Galaxies #11


A Man Among Ye #3

Ascender #14

Bliss #4

Blue in Green OGN

Bestselling creators Ram V (Grafity’s Wall, These Savage Shores) and Anand RK (Grafity’s Wall) team up for an exploration of ambitions, expectations, and the horrific depths of their spiraling pursuit in Blue in Green. This original graphic novel will hit stores in October from Image Comics.

The dark and haunting portrayal of a young musician’s pursuit of creative genius— the monstrous nature of which threatens to consume him as it did his predecessor half a century ago. 

"Blue In Green is unlike anything we’ve done before," said Ram V in an exclusive with The Onion's AV Club. "The fact that Anand and I are expanding our boundaries as creators, I think is evident in the way this book looks and reads. I am excited for both fans and new readers to experience this book.”

Anand RK added: "Blue In Green is a coming together of some of my biggest influences both in terms of genre and in stylistic tone. It comes at a time when realism and grounded storytelling is something of great interest to me. It is both a distant and an intensely personal project at the same time. The protagonist, in many ways, is me. I have used myself as reference to draw him, grew a beard for this reason, many of my own little personal traits have made their way into him. The gradual shift in a man’s psyche and his grip on his world, the way Ram plays with the tone and craftfully shifts it and then brings it all back without making it look jarring, this is something that I find quite exciting about this book, even as I draw it. I think readers are going to see that come through in the work. They’ll hopefully find something intensely human and personal in a story that often pushes at the edges of its own reality.”

Blue in Green will be available on Wednesday, October 28 and in bookstores on Tuesday, November 3. It can be pre-ordered at your local comic book shop and on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-a-Million, IndieBound, and Indigo.

Blue in Green will also be available for purchase across many digital platforms, including the official Image Comics iOS app, Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, comiXology, and Google Play.

Chu #4

Dead Body Road: Bad Blood #5

Department of Truth #2

Exorsisters TPB Vol 02

Killadelphia #9

Lazarus Risen #5

Nailbiter Returns #6

Nailbiter Vol 7

The beloved thriller/horror comic series by Joshua Williamson (The Flash, Birthright) and Mike Henderson (Deadpool vs. Old Man Logan) is back—just in time to add some thrills to your Halloween. Nailbiter, Vol. 7 will collect the Nailbiter: Returns #1-5 into trade paperback and will be out from Image Comics this October.

Sixteen of the world’s worst serial killers were all born in the same small town…but Agent Finch and Sheriff Crane solved and buried that mystery. Didn’t they? In Nailbiter: Returns, violent copycat murders imitating the infamous Buckaroo Butchers have begun in Portland, Oregon, and if Finch wants the killings to stop, he’ll have to team up with the daughter of the Nailbiter himself.

Nailbiter, Vol. 7 trade paperback  will be available on Wednesday, October 28, and in bookstores on Tuesday, November 3.

Sex Criminals #69

Spawn #311

Image Comics President and SPAWN creator, Todd McFarlane, will pay tribute to Chadwick Boseman in the upcoming SPAWN #311 with a cover in memory of the late actor who brought to life Marvel’s Black Panther character in the Avengers films. A black and white version of this tribute cover will be available in limited quantities—inquire with your local comic shop for more info on availability.

In the initial announcement of the Boseman tribute cover, McFarlane said: "Given the limited amount of minority characters in the comic industry today that are considered major Superheroes, I thought it appropriate for one of those well-known heroes (Spawn) to pay tribute to a man who made a lasting impact on helping shape such a strong superhero of color. Chadwick Boseman is a person who honed his skills and then made a career using them. Then he fought a fight against his own body that showed the true spirit of this man. We should all admire the traits Chadwick shared with us. And the inspiration he gave to millions of children around the globe who got to see a strong, meaningful and proud hero that looked like themselves."

Image Comics President and SPAWN creator, Todd McFarlane, will pay tribute to Chadwick Boseman in the upcoming SPAWN #311 with a cover in memory of the late actor who brought to life Marvel’s Black Panther character in the Avengers films.

Tartarus #6

Undiscovered Country #9


Amazing Spider-Man #51

Black Widow: Widow's Sting #1

Written by Ralph Macchio

Art by Simone Buonfantino

Cover by Ema Luppachino

MCU variant by Stefano Caselli

Rated T+ / $3.99

Something’s stirring in the criminal underworld. Maggia boss SILVERMANE is making his move.  S.H.I.E.L.D. has sent an agent in to investigate, but they’ve disappeared.  It’s time to call in the heavy hitters.  It’s time to call in the BLACK WIDOW.  And the plan NATASHA ROMANOFF will uncover is far deadlier than any of them realized.  Don’t miss this all–new tale from the dangerous, deep–cover days of the Black Widow!

Marvel is excited to announce that select Black Widow comics will receive new Marvel Cinematic Universe variant covers featuring artwork inspired by Marvel Studios’ Black Widow! To celebrate the superspy Avenger’s upcoming solo adventure, fans can find these variants by exploring her action-packed world of espionage in BLACK WIDOW #3, the next issue in her current ongoing series by Kelly Thompson and Elena Casagrande, as well as one-shots like BLACK WIDOW: WIDOW'S STING #1 by Ralph Macchio and Simone Buonfantino and WIDOWMAKERS: RED GUARDIAN AND YELENA BELOVA #1 by Devin Grayson and Michele Bandini.

Drawn by some of the industry’s hottest talents, these eye-catching covers showcase characters and imagery from the highly-anticipated film. One of the most popular Black Widow artists in recent years, Eisner award-winning artist Chris Samnee, returns to the character with a movie poster-style cover depicting the film’s main cast for WIDOWMAKERS: RED GUARDIAN AND YELENA BELOVA #1. On superstar artist Stefano Caselli’s BLACK WIDOW: WIDOW'S STING #1 cover, Natasha Romanoff races to her next mission. And fans will be delighted at Jen Bartel’s vibrant depiction of Scarlett Johansson’s iconic portrayal of the character in her cover for BLACK WIDOW #3!

Daredevil HC Man Without Fear Marvel Select 

Dawn of X TPB Vol 09

Doctor Doom #8

Empyre TPB

Fantastic Four Antithesis #2 2nd Ptg

Fantastic Four: Antithesis #3

Writer: Mark Waid

Art/Cover: Neal Adams

Medusa timeless variant by Alex Ross

Rated T / $4.99

Without Galactus, there's only one way the Fantastic Four can hope to stall the threat of Antithesis - by absorbing the Power Cosmic to multiply their abilities a thousandfold!

Fantastic Four Epic Collection TPB At War With Atlantis

Immortal Hulk #39

Incredible Hulk By Peter David Omnibus HC Vol 02

Infinity Gauntlet Omnibus HC New Ptg  

Iron Man 2020 Robot Revolution TPB Force Works

Ironheart TPB Meant To Fly

League of Legends TPB Zed

Marvel Art of Savage Sword of Conan HC

Marvel Previews Vol 05 #5

MMW Defenders HC Vol 07

Runaways #32

Written by Rainbow Rowell

Art by Natacha Bustos

Cover by Kris Anka

Promotional Image by Kris Anka

The Runaways are back! RUNAWAYS #32, the next issue in writer Rainbow Rowell’s acclaimed run, will be available in comic shops and digitally on Wednesday, October 28th.

Featuring art by Marvel’s Stormbreaker artist Natacha Bustos, RUNAWAYS #32 is the perfect jumping on point for readers! As the team pick up the pieces from their last adventure, life-altering choices must be made, and if the Runaways are good at anything… it’s making bad decisions.

“The Runaways have always been full of surprises,” says Editor Nick Lowe. “So we’re following in their footsteps and surprising YOU with RUNAWAYS #32 at comic shops next week. Gert, Chase, Nico, Karolina, Molly, Victor, Old Lace and Gib barely survived a stint as Doc Justice’s J-Team. What they do to pick up the pieces will shock you and the new arc “Come Away With Me” is the most devastating yet!”

Also, RUNAWAYS #33, featuring art by Andres Genolet, is coming soon. Guest-starring Wolverine and Pixie, the team will descend into one of the most terrifying Marvel Universe locations ever—HIGH SCHOOL!

The lead up to the Runaways’ milestone 100th issue begins now! Check out the covers for RUNAWAYS #32 and #33 by superstar artist Kris Anka, exclusive interior art from upcoming issues, and be sure to pick up RUNAWAYS #32 when it hits stands on October 28th!

Savage Avengers #13

Shang-Chi #2

Writer: Gene Luen Yang

Art: Dike Ruan

Art/Cover: Philip Tan

To variant by Marcus To

Shang-Chi timeless variant by Alex Ross

Rated T+ / $3.99


Shang-Chi may have finally met his match in the form of this strange new assailant,

Sister Hammer - BUT WHO IS SHE REALLY? Find out in this shocking reunion!

She-Hulk by Dan Slott Omnibus HC

Spider-Man Noir #5

Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #5

Star Wars TPB From the Journals of Obi-Wan Kenobi

Strange Academy #4

Writer: Skottie Young

Art/Cover: Humberto Ramos

Scarlet Witch Alex Ross Timeless Variant

Rated T+ / $3.99

TAG, YOU'RE IT! The students at the Strange Academy blow off their homework for the craziest game of tag ever.

Every door of Strange Academy holds a surprise - one takes you to Dr. Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum, another to Weirdworld, another to Asgard; and some doors' destinations are unknown even to Strange himself.

The students plan on stepping through every door, and at least one of the students will bear some significant consequences of their actions.

True Believers: Black Widow & The Thing #1

True Believers: Black Widow Yelena Belova #1

X of Swords: Stasis #1Written by Tini Howard & Jonathan Hickman

Art by Pepe Larraz & Mahmud Asrar

Cover by Pepe Larraz

X of Swords, Part 11

X OF SWORDS, the epic X-Men crossover that represents the next chapter in Jonathan Hickman’s bold new vision for mutantkind, is now underway! In the action-packed beginning of the biggest X-Men story since HOUSE OF X, fans everywhere finally learned about the deadly conflict that lies at the center of this mutant milestone.

The new mutant nation of Krakoa is under threat of invasion by the inhabitants of the lost land known as Arakko, and Saturnyne, the Omniversal Majestrix, has devised a delightful way to settle this ancient dispute— a thrilling tournament! Ten champions from each nation will gather mythical swords to wield in duels that will determine the very future of mutankind. Ten X-Men will rise up to defend their home. But who are the mysterious new characters that will be called to battle on behalf of Arakko? Meet the swordbearers of Arakko, a host of exciting new characters that will go on to play major roles in the X-Men saga moving forward. Get your first glimpse at Solem, Pogg Ur-Pogg, Isca the Unbeaten, and more in the exciting new trailer for X OF SWORDS: STASIS #1!

“The swordbearers had to look as dangerous as possible. They had to tell a story of fighting for survival over a millennia; a story of ancient times, deadly violence and a brutal kind of beauty,” superstar artist Pepe Larraz said about his designs for the X-Men’s deadly new enemies. “In designing them, I mixed elements inspired by Egyptian culture, Laamb (Senegalese fighting), Donga (Ethiopian spear fighting), Nuba body-paint, postmodern minimal fashion, Thierry Le Goues’ photography, Maori weaponry, and biomimicry, among other things. Well, and a giant crocodile with four arms…”



2000 AD March 2020 Prog Pack

2000 AD Summer Sci-Fi Special 2020 TPB

Accelerators #19 Forwards And Backwards

Adler #5

Air War Stories #2

American Terrorist GN

Archie Giant Comics Leap GN

The Autumnal #1 2nd Ptg

Writer: Daniel Kraus

Artist: Chris Shehan

Variant cover: Martin Simmonds

Colors: Jason Wordie

Letters: Jim Campbell

Designs: Tim Daniel

Vault is extremely pleased to announce The Autumnal #1 second printing cover by white-hot star artist Martin Simmonds (The Department of Truth, Friendo). The second print will hit store shelves October 28th, the same date as issue #2. The first printing of The Autumnal #1 has garneded tremendous praise already, with the first printing selling out at the distributor two weeks ahead of sale date. 

Simmonds' cover will be available in two different versions. The first version (AUG208061) will be a standard comic cover with a $3,99 SRP. The second version (AUG208062) will be a special foil cover on deluxe heavy-weight card stock, with a $9.99 SRP.

"The Autumnal is amazing," said Martin Simmonds. "If you’re a fan of horror, you won’t want to miss out on this."

The Autumnal is co-created by writer Daniel Kraus (The Shape of Water, Trollhunters, The Living Dead), and artist Chris Shehan, with colors by Jason Wordie, letters by Jim Campbell, and designs by Tim Daniel. The sold out first printing of issue #1 goes on sale September 23rd, 2020.

The Autumnal #1 is already one of the most talked-about horror titles of the year:

"Horror stories have made clowns creepy and this one might do the same for fall foliage." — THE NEW YORK TIMES

"I immediately fell in love with the unsettling world of Comfort Notch. I just added it to my pull list. Definitely one of the must-read horror titles running as we enter the spooky months...Add it to your pull lists!" — JAMES TYNION IV (The Department of Truth, Something is Killing the Children)

"I just read a sneak peek of The Autumnal. It's terrific! Just my kind of horror series! And that cliffhanger! I cannot wait for issue 2!" — CULLEN BUNN (Harrow County, The Sixth Gun)

"Got an early read of The Autumnal. Has the beautiful electricity of an establishing shot in a horror movie, the first crack of thunder before a storm, an A+ mom/daughter relationship that makes the sense of foreboding that much more suffocating & VIBES. FOR. DAYS." — COURTNEY SUMMERS (NY Times bestselling author of Sadie)

"The Autumnal is a chilling look at generational trauma & how our past can consume us with all the flavor of 80's horror classics. A gorgeous descent into the simmering dread beneath the veneer of an idyllic small town. Don't miss this book." — ZAC THOMPSON (Cable, Yondu,Undone By Blood, No One's Rose)

"The Autumnal is amazing. If you’re a fan of horror, you won’t want to miss out on this." — MARTIN SIMMONDS (The Department of Truth, Friendo)

"The Autumnal is deftly crafted with heartfelt characters, and a meaningful monster. The ideal read for Halloween season." — LONNIE NADLER (Undone By Blood, Black Stars Above)

"Had an early peek at this fire the other day, and boy is it the real deal. Beautifully-paced and plotted horror." — ALEX PAKNADEL (Lords of Empyre: Celestial Messiah, Friendo)

Autumnal #2

Backtrack TPB Vol 01

Bakemonogatari GN Vol 05

Battle of Britain War Picture Library HC

Betty & Veronica Jumbo Comics Digest #288

Black Clover GN Vol 23

Breaks GN Vol 02

Breathers #4

Broken Gargoyles #3 (of 3)

Captain Ginger TPB Vol 02

Cells at Work Code Black GN Vol 06

Cerebus TPB Vol 02 High Society Remastered

Deadbeats Omnibus TPB Vol 03

Demon Slayer Kimetsu No Yaiba GN Vol 18

Disney Manga Nightmare Xmas Zero’s Journey Ultimate Edition TPB

Dog Days Sc GN

Don’t Toy With Me Miss Nagatoro GN Vol 04

Dr. Stone GN Vol 14

Drawn to Sex GN Vol 02 Our Bodies and Health

Dry Foot #1 (of 4) 2nd Ptg

Emmie & Friends 4 Book Box Set

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest GN Vol 05

Fairy Tale: Battle Royale GN Vol 04

Fate Grand Order Mortalis Stella GN Vol 02

Final Fantasy: Lost Stranger GN Vol 05

Finger Guns TPB

Fire Force GN Vol 20

Fleetway Picture Library SC Air War Stories

Found Footage GN Vol 01

Gabby & Gator GN

Geek of the Gods SC

Giga #1

Writer: Alex Paknadel

Art: John Lê

Cover A: John Lê

Cover B: Gooden & Daniel

Cover C: Gorham

Cover D: David Mack

Cover E Foil: David Mack

Vault Comics is thrilled to announce GIGA, an epic new sci-fi series co-created by writer Alex Paknadel and artist John Lê, with colors by Rosh, letters by Aditya Bidikar, and design by Tim Daniel. 

Nobody knows why the skyscraper-sized mechs known as ‘Giga’ fought their bitter, centuries’ long war. All they know is that when the fighting finally stopped, the dormant Giga became humanity’s new habitat and new gods in one. When disgraced engineer Evan Calhoun finds an apparently murdered Giga, his society and the fascistic tech-centered religious order that controls it are rapidly thrown into chaos.

"You’ve seen giant robots battling mechs and kaiju, but what happened decades – even centuries – after the fighting stopped," asked GIGA co-creator and writer, Alex Paknadel. "Our book depicts a world in which the robots destroyed every metropolitan center on Earth, instantly rendering a good chunk of the human race homeless. Then, when their war inexplicably and abruptly ended, they went dormant for so long that humanity moved in. The robots that destroyed our cities became our cities, and – perhaps inevitably – objects of religious worship to boot."

"Now, imagine what would happen if one of these gods-cum-living skyscrapers was murdered. That’s our book. That’s ‘GIGA’."

When approaching the art for GIGA, I thought back to the first evening I read the script that Alex had given me," added artist and co-creator, John Lê. "I remember the excitement I felt while reading and watching the story unfold - the world, the characters, and the chaos that was to come. Like lucid flashbacks, each story beat brought me back to the exact moments where I fell in love with the worlds of Neon Genesis Evangelion, Akira, Tekkon Kinkreet, and too many others to list. My passion for these stories, worlds, and visual aesthetics is the energy I wanted to bring to the world of GIGA - a love letter in the form of a comic book."

GIGA #1 will debut with a Vault Vintage B cover by Nathan Gooden & Tim Daniel, that pays homage to  Herb Trimpe's iconic cover to Shogun Warriors #1, published by Marvel Comics.

Vault Comics is thrilled to announce two new gorgeous David Mack incentive covers for Giga #1. Mack's cover art will come in two different versions. A regular cover will be available as a 1:15 variant, while a deluxe foil edition printed on thick card stock will be available as a 1:30 variant.

Giga is co-created by writer Alex Paknadel (Empyre: Celestial Messiah, Friendo) and rising star artist John Lê, with colors by Rosh, letters by Aditya Bidikar, and design by Tim Daniel.

Gothic Tales of Haunted Futures GN

Grit #2 2nd Ptg

Grumble Memphis & Beyond The Infinite #4 (of 5)

Gudetama Surviving the Holidays HC

Haikyu GN Vol 41

Harmony GN Vol 01

Heavy #1 2nd Ptg

The first issue of HEAVY,  Vault's newest series, sold out at the distributor the day it went on sale. The series saw the largest influx of immediate on-sale date reorders in the publishers history. The issue is being rushed back to print. A new cover and release date for the second printing will be announced soon.

HEAVY is co-created by writer Max Bemis (Moon Knight, Worst X-Man Ever, Polarity), and artist Eryk Donovan (Memetic, Quantum Teens Are Go), with colors by Cris Peter, letters by Taylor Esposito, and designs by Tim Daniel. The synopsis for HEAVY #1 can be read below.

Bill may be dead, but he's got a job to do.Welcome to the Big Wait, where folks who do't quite make the cut go to work off their debt. Everyone in the Wait's got a job. Bill is a Heavy, whose job is policing the multiverse, making sure bad eggs get what's coming to them. He's on track to earn his Climb and reunite with the woman he loves... until he meets his new partner: the worst dude of all time.

Heavy is The Punisher for neurotics; Inception for the impatient; Preacher for... well, it's a lot like Preacher. Max Bemis and Eryk Donovan bring you a story about the existential purpose of dumb boys with big guns.


"Fresh and intense, Heavy packs two-tons of hard-hitting humor and stands tall among its peers and predecessors, establishing itself as a must-read series." — THE BRAZEN BULL

"A singularly strange journey." — SCREENRANT

"Heavy #1 delivers a stylish and action packed debut that should be on everyones pull list."  — COMICS BOOKCASE

"Vault Comics have been publishing some absolute corkers recently, and HEAVY #1 is another on a growing list of Must Read comics."   — GRAPHIC POLICY

"Heavy #1 sees Max Bemis & Eryk Donovan imagine a unique version of Purgatory that feels like The Punisher meets What Dreams May Come." — BLEEDING COOL

"Heavy #1 is an excellent start to this Vault Comics series." — PASTRAMI NATION

"It’s way out, it’s wonderful for those who are built for the harsh unrelenting power of the violence, savagery, and brutal take on hitmen of the future." — FANBOY FACTOR

"...A thematically rich and absurdly over the top series..." — MONKEYS FIGHTING ROBOTS

Heavy #2

Heroic Legend of Arslan GN Vol 13

Heterogenia Linguistico GN Vol 01

Hi Score Girl GN Vol 04  

Holler #2

Hully Gee: It’s The Yellow Kid #1

If I Could Reach You GN Vol 05

Inspector Oh GN

It Eats What Feeds It #3

I’ve Been Killing Slimes 300 Years Maxed Out GN Vol 03

John Carpenter’s Tales Scifi Vortex 2 #5 (of 8)

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure 4 Diamond Is Unbreakable HC Vol 07

Kaguya Sama Love Is War GN Vol 17

Kemono Friends a la Carte GN Vol 04

Kiss Me at the Stroke of Midnight GN Vol 11

Knights of the Dinner Table #277

Legacy of Mandrake The Magician #1

Legend of Dororo & Hyakkimaru GN Vol 02

Little Big Horn Serpieri Italian GN

Lost GN

Loud House Winter Special GN

Written and Illustrated by The Loud House Creative Team / $12.99

Winter is about to get a whole lot more chaotic with the cast of The Loud House and The Casagrandes. Hit the slopes with Ronnie Anne Santiago and her best friend Sid or hit the ice with Lily who can skate like nobody’s watching. To warm up, enjoy a frothy cup of hot cocoa—but who has a better recipe, Abuela or Mr. Chang? Decorate some ornaments or a gingerbread house with the Loud kids—Lincoln, Lori, Leni, Lynn, Luna, Luan, Lucy, Lola, Lana, Lisa, and Lily. Or just curl up with your favorite online game … on a frozen computer. No matter, Luan has a puppet show to make you think of warmer weather. All this and more with laughs, family, and lots and lots of chaos.

Love and Lies GN Vol 09

Manga Classics Anne of Green Gables TPB

Manga Classics Frankenstein SC

Measuring Up GN

Michigan on the Trail of the War Bride HC

Misplaced One-Shot Collected Edition

Monstrous Witch Hunt #4 (of 4)

My Hero Academia Vigilantes GN Vol 08

Ninjas & Robots #2

Niobe She Is Death TPB Vol 02

Odessa GN

Old Haunts #5 (of 5)

Parallel Paradise Volume 3 (Ghost Ship)

When the Last Moon curse comes early for one of Yota’s friends, there’s nothing that can be done to save her. Then, the mark to show she’s cured fails to appear on Lilia…

Pistouvi GN

Popularmmos Presents Zombies Day Off HC GN

Pre-Code Classics: Beware Terror Tales HC Vol 02

HC: 184 pages / $46.99

Slipcase Edition: 184 pages / $56.99

Here’s a bumper gathering from Fawcett, fellow spooksters — Beware! Terror Tales, Volume 2 featuring issues 5 through 8 (January to July 1953) and also including (wait for it) the far-out bonus  'The Man From Planet X' # 15 Feb 1952. This title was one of the best and most unsettling comics from what is considered by many to be the true Golden Age (Pre-Code) of horror! An anthology comic featuring horror stories, hosted by The Mummy and with contributors  including Bernard Baily, Sheldon Moldoff, Maurice Gutwirth, Bob McCarty, Harry Harrison, Bob Powell,  Anthony Cataldo, Bill Discount and Kurt Schaffanberger — place your orders, kids!          

About 'Beware! Terror Tales'

This second volume covers the Fawcett title of 'Beware! Terror Tales' and features issues 5 – 8 January to July 1953. Also include is bonus issue 'The Man From Planet X' issue 15 from February 1952.

Pre-Code Classics: Operation Peril HC Vol 03

7x10, 184pg, Full Color, $46.99

Collects #10-14,1952-53. Recommended. By Richard Hughes. Art by Ogden Whitney et al. This third volume of Operation Peril collects a title in the process of changing genres. #10-12 all feature the three ongoing strips: two-fisted adventure with "Danny Danger," and "Typhoon Tyler," and sci-fi/history in the interesting "Time Travelers." With #11 the Korean War takes over the cover, and with #13 the older features are gone and it's full time war.

Pre-Code Classics: The Beyond HC Vol 03

HC: 184 pages, $45.99

Slipcase: 184 pages, $55.99

The third volume reprinting Ace Magazines' The Beyond is here! Collecting issues #11-15 from May to September of 1952, these stories feature classic terror tales from Jim McLaughlin, Mike Sekowsky, Lou Cameron, Rocco Mastroserio, Richard Case, Ken Rice, Gene Colan, Bill Molno and Chic Stone! It's frightful fun 'n' games in the form of ghouls and cadavers, vampires and ghosts... plus an occasional slice of far-out Sci Fi! Available in Standard and Slipcased hardcover editions!

Pre-Code Classics: Weird Adventures HC Vol 01

8x11, 184pg, Full Color, $45.99

Collects #1-3 and two classic Avon one-shots, 1951-53. Highly Recommended. Art by Matt Baker, Everett Raymond Kinstler, John Giunta et al. PS is kicking off a new series of inexpensive paperbacks. Here we have three great issues of Weird Adventures--not the Ziff-Davis title but the far stranger 3-issue run from tiny P.L. You'll find bondage/hypodermic panels, male bondage/torture, and a severed head story. A real treat is "The She-Wolf Killer" by Matt Baker. But even better, we have two more comics: iconic, good-girl Avon rarebies, Diary of Horror! and City of the Living Dead, both with wild covers and stories by by A.C.Hollingsworth. Also available in softcover.

Prince Valiant HC Vol 22 1979-1980

Promised Neverland GN Vol 17

Rick & Morty Ever After #1

Rick And Morty HC Book 05 Dlx Ed

Rin-Ne GN Vol 36

Samurai 8 Tale of Hachimaru GN Vol 04

Sapiens GN Vol 01 Birth of Humankind

Savage Bastards TPB

Shomin Sample Abducted By Elite All Girls School GN Vol 13

Shortcake Cake GN Vol 10

Silver Age Classics: Space Adventures HC Vol 04

HC: 184 Pages / $46.99

Slipcase: 184 Pages / $56.99

SPACE ADVENTURES Volume 4 is a bumper-full line-up from Charlton Comics which has everything you could ever imagine! Including four courageous astronauts blazing an interplanetary trail and rocketing     into the unknown in issue #20’s  FIRST TRIP TO THE MOON! This baby near on demands that you dig     out that old goldfish bowl and holster your interstellar raygun four-color-fans - open the pages because you’ll forgive ‘em anything with writers and artists including Ted Galindo, Dick Giordano, Tony Tallarico,     Bernie Krigstein, Bill Molno, Charles Nicholas, Dick Rockwell, Sam Burlockoff and Lou Morales.     

Way to go, folks!

About 'Space Adventures'

This fourth volume covers the Charlton title of Space Adventures and features issues 16-20 from May 1955 to March 1956.

Silver Age Classics: Strange Mysteries HC Vol 01

7x10, 184pg, Full Color, $46.99

Collects Strange Mysteries #9-12, 1958-64 and Strange Worlds 1958. Recommended. By Jay Disbrow, Ross Andru et al. Stories here are collected from Rulah, Spook, Strange, Tales of Horror—from steamy jungle adventures of the Sheena-wannabe, to 1950s horror. In Strange Worlds, we get reprints of Avon's Strange Worlds #5 and #9, with work by Everett Raymond Kinstler. PS Artbooks, 2020....More.

Sisters GN Vol 06 Hurricane Maureen

Writer: Christophe Cazenove

Art: William Maury

Being a sister is super! Being a super sister is even better! From the pages of The Sisters and spinning out of Maureen and Wendy's imagination, these two siblings are donning flight packs and space suits to keep the galaxy safe! They battle intergalactic thieves and multi-limbed troublemakers but can all their sisterly-fights prepare them for their greatest foes... their clones? Available in softcover and hardcover editions.

Snow White with Red Hair GN Vol 10

Stargazer #1 (of 6) 2nd Ptg

Stuff of Legend TPB Vol 05 Call To Arms

Sue & Tai Chan GN Vol 02

Sword Art Online Progressive Transient Barcarolle GN Vol 01

Sympathy for No Devils #1

Tales of The SS Junky Star HC GN Vol 01

Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose #124

That Time I Reincarnated Slime Monster Nation GN Vol 02

That Time I Reincarnated Slime Trinity GN Vol 01

This Is a Flying Rat HC

Touching Evil #9

Unholy Bastards vs The Future one-shot

Uq Holder GN Vol 20

Van Helsing vs League of Monsters #6

Vault of Cerebus one-shot

Wasted Space #16

Weed Magic #4 (of 4)

Who Says Warriors Can’t Be Babes GN Vol 02

Wings of Light GN

Witch and Beast GN Vol 01

World Trigger GN Vol 21

World’s End Harem Fantasia GN Vol 03

X-Venture Xplorers HC Vol 01 Lion vs Tiger

Writer: Slaium & Meng

Art: Black Ink Team


An educational exploration of the animal kingdom!

Lions and Tigers normally don't cross paths in the wild because they live in different habitats. Who is to say for sure who would win in a battle of these big cats? Under the guidance of Dr. Darwin and his faithful assistant Smith, a young group of researches, Sherry, Jake, Bean, Louis, Tazen, and Kwame, scour the globe for the perfect specimens to test their hypothesis. But if they aren't careful, the fact hunters will become the hunted by mealtime! Dynamic action is supported by informative diagrams and studies of the top members of the feline family (felidae).

Zorro In Land That Time Forgot #1

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Added by Archie:

Archie Giant Comics Leap

LEAP into over 400 full-color pages of Archie’s most hilarious and timeless tales!

Script: Various

Art: Various

Cover: Dan Parent

$9.99 US/$12.99 CAN, 480 pp, Full Color

Betty & Veronica Jumbo Comics Digest #288

Script: Dan Parent

Art: Dan Parent, Bob Smith, Glenn Whitmore, Jack Morelli

Cover: Dan Parent

192-page, full color comic, $7.99 U.S.

NEW CLASSIC-STYLE STORY: “Fall Back, Fashion Forward!” The Riverdale Fall Fashion Show is approaching and Veronica’s having major creative fashion block! Betty convinces her to reach out to her fashionista cousin Harper for some help. But when the designs are a hit, will Veronica be willing to share the spotlight?

Added by Dynamite:

Bettie Page: Unbound Vol. 1 TPB

Writer: David Avallone

Art: Julius Ohta, Moy R.

Cover: Scott Chantler

128 pages | $19.99 | Teen+

When you step through an inter-dimensional gate the results are unpredictable: sometimes you find yourself in a bikini made of coins with a sword in your hand! Reality is shattering, the gate has been opened for an invasion from the Great Old Ones...and only model spy BETTIE PAGE can save the world in this epic miniseries from David Avallone (ELVIRA: MISTRESS OF THE DARK) and Julius Ohta. The Crisis on Infinite Betties begins!

Link to buy

George R.R. Martin’s A Clash of Kings (Vol.2) #8

Writer: George R.R. Martin, Landry Walker

Art: Mel Rubi

Cover: Mike Miller, Mel Rubi

32 pages | $3.99 | Mature

Amidst the freezing cold beyond the wall, Jon Snow meets the wildling Ygritte and learns the Song of the Winter Rose. Meanwhile, Theon Greyjoy, fresh from conquering Winterfell, awakens to the disappearance of his hostages, Bran and Rickon. War is coming soon, as Dynamite Entertainment once again brings to life another exciting chapter of George R. R. Martin's epic fantasy series - A Song of Ice and Fire!


James Bond 007 Vol. 2 HC

Writer: Greg Pak

Art: Eric Gapstur & Robert Carey

Cover: Dave Johnson

152 pages | $24.99 | Teen+

A friendship is finished. The world is in peril. And Goldfinger wants diamonds?

You think you know Goldfinger. But you don't know THIS Goldfinger. Go inside the mind of the most ruthless sociopath in the world, courtesy of GREG PAK (World War Hulk, Weapon X) and ERIC GAPSTUR (Batman Beyond, The Flash: Year Zero).

Link to buy


Red Sonja & Vampirella Meet Betty & Veronica Vol. 1 TP

Writer: Amy Chu

Artist: Maria Sanapo

Cover: Fay Dalton

152 pages | $19.99 | Teen+

Mystery, murder, and mayhem descends on Riverdale as four of your favorite comic book women meet for the first time. A string of paranormal, unsolved murders leads the vampire hunter Vampirella and her sword-wielding barbarian partner Red Sonja to the small, sleepy town where things always seem to happen... There they discover Betty and Veronica, investigative reporters for the high school newspaper, also hot on the trail of the same killer.

Link to buy

Vampirella / Red Sonja #11

Writer: Jordie Bellaire  |  Artist: Drew Moss

Covers: Jae Lee (A), Lauren Walsh (B), Leonardo Romero & Jordie Bellaire (C), Giulietta Zawadzki Cosplay Variant (D) Drew Moss “Then and Now” Variant (E), Brent Peeples "Rob Liefeld Homage" Variant (RI), Drew Moss “Then and Now” Variant (RI/BW), Brent Peeples "Rob Liefeld Homage" Variant (RI/BW), Leonardo Romero & Jordie Bellaire (RI/Virgin) Drew Moss “Then and Now” Variant (RI/Virgin) Leonardo Romero & Jordie Bellaire (RI/BW)

FC  |  32 pages  |  Action/Adventure  |  $3.99  |   Teen+

The Generation Stone, the powerful object that brought Vampirella and Red Sonja together... is fading. Their time together grows short... but by god, they’re gonna beat the hell out of anybody that tries to stop them from saving the ones they love...

From JORDIE BELLAIRE (Buffy The Vampire Slayer) and DREW MOSS (Star Wars)!

“Bellaire, Moss, and Nalty are at the top of their games in a flawlessly written and illustrated comic” – Spartantown

Added by Titan:

Adler #5

Author: Lavie Tidhar

Art: Paul McCaffrey

Cover A: Gary Erskine

Cover B: Paul McCaffrey

Mature Themes / 170 x 258m / 32pp / FC / $3.99

THE FINAL BATTLE BEGINS!Adler and her team of Victorian heroines face-off against AYESHA'S army of AMAZONS!Written by World Fantasy Award Winner, Lavie Tidhar. In the vein of Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill's The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen!

Added by A Blue Wave World Inc.:

American Terrorist TPB

Writers: Tyler & Wendy Chin-Tanner

Art: Andy MacDonald, Matt Wilson, and Michael Wiggam

6.625 x 10.188, General Adult, FC,  $19.99, 224 pages

PUB DATE: November 10, 2020

“When you put it like that, it sounds more like an adventure than the end of life as we know it.”

Embedded with an eco-terrorist group hellbent on explosive direct action, investigative journalist Owen Graham is enmeshed in a dangerous culture on the political fringe. Ordinary citizens, frustrated by inequality and oppression and a bureaucracy’s resistance to change, are starting to go off the grid and disrupt the status quo. But the fringe is poised to go mainstream, and Owen’s days as a passive observer are running short.

When a series of escalating misunderstandings land an idealistic public school teacher in the middle of a hostage situation and the sights of an overeager federal agent who has been trailing Owen for months, he intervenes in a desperate split-second decision. In an instant, Owen’s old life is gone forever. Now he’s on the run with a trio of fellow crusaders, all fighting for a better world but now labeled as terrorists by the government. Disparate people on all sides, each convinced they’re right – and doing the right thing -- are now spinning towards each other in an inexorable spiral of violence.

AMERICAN TERRORIST is a high-speed chase across the country in search of radical solutions to injustice, inspiring a movement that may be snuffed out before it starts.


From his early careers in teaching and humanitarian aid work, Tyler Chin-Tanner took the leap into his lifelong passion for comics attending The Kubert School from 2003 to 2006 and co-founding A Wave Blue World with his wife Wendy in 2005. Publishing through AWBW, Tyler wrote a number of graphic novels including New York Times featured American Terrorist and edited several anthologies such as All We Ever Wanted, art books like Punkrock* Jazz, and creator-owned projects including Kismet, Man of Fate.

Wendy Chin-Tanner is the co-publisher and executive director of A Wave Blue World. She is the author of the poetry collections Turn (Sibling Rivalry Press, 2014), which was a finalist for the Oregon Book Awards, and Anyone Will Tell You (Sibling Rivalry Press, 2019). Wendy also serves as a poetry editor at The Nervous Breakdown. A trained sociologist specializing in cultural studies, identity, discourse analysis, and cultural production, she was educated at Cambridge University, UK. Her essays and poems have been published at such venues as Gay Magazine, xoJane, The Huffington Post, Alternet, The Academy of American Poets Poem-A-Day Series, and The Rumpus. Her work has been nominated for Best of the Net and the Pushcart Prize.

Andy MacDonald is a veteran comic book artist who has worked with virtually every major comic book publishing house and was one of the co-creators of the series NYC Mech. Recently, he's been working on graphic novel adaptations of novels including James Patterson’s Zoo and Brent Weeks' The Way of the Shadow.


  • TIMELY POLITICAL THRILLER: Originally written during the height of the Occupy Wall Street movement, AMERICAN TERRORIST is a classic-style action-packed political thriller set in our current moment, with today’s concerns about affordable healthcare and housing, climate change, and racial equality. The story has only grown more timely today as the government increasingly falls sway to authoritarianism. Its politics are not based on conspiracies or wish fulfillment, but a realistic depiction of where we are now as a society.
  • GROUNDED IN RESEARCH: Co-Author Wendy Chin-Tanner, a Pushcart Prize-nominated poet, is also a trained sociologist specializing in cultural studies, identity, discourse analysis, and cultural production. Many of her contributions to AMERICAN TERRORIST stem from her doctoral research in post-9/11 culture, media discourse, and anti-terrorism strategies.
  • RELENTLESS PLOT: Briskly paced like a season of 24 or Homeland, Owen’s violent road trip through American political theories is never bogged down in dialogue or lofty speeches. Each action leads to a reaction and the next action, bringing the cat-and-mouse players closer together in increasing tension as they move from small private lives to huge public ones.
  • BALANCED THEMES: The characters aren’t action movie archetypes, but real people (journalists, lawyers, schoolteachers) debating the feasibility of political change and the morality of direct action. The counterpoint perspectives of the authorities presented as antagonists are given equal time and emotional weight. It’s a surprisingly balanced story in which questions are explored, and no one ideology is presented as the solution.
  • STYLISH YET REALISTIC ARTWORK: Andy MacDonald’s stylized artwork is appealing and welcoming in a way that more hyper-realistic look couldn’t pull off. His world is soft and lived-in, and each scene, whether it’s a library or a gas station or a busy Chinatown street, feels like a place you’ve been before. Subdued color work brings this home and sets it apart from more “blockbuster cinema” approaches to political thriller graphic novels.


“An absorbing graphic novel that is, by turns, inspiring, disturbing, and triumphant.” – FOREWORD

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