Thought maybe I'd just make this an undated, running thread -- and just date the entries as the weeks turn.


Of the books I've read so far, Flash 7 is my favorite -- I loved Flash running through the wormhole, the promise he made to Snart (and the resolution of that promise), an interesting wrinkle in what will likely wind up being the Golden Glider's origin, the hint at Captain Singh's love life, and more. I liked Iris going through the wormhole -- it'll give Barry some alone time with her (though I'm by no means anti-Patty). And I'm looking forward to Turbine, next issue!

All-Star Western never disappoints, either -- the lead story made good use of Hex's origins and I like the gladatorial scenario. And the backup art had a real John Severin feel to it, which I appreciated -- and I liked the look at Nighthawk's background, as well. My one quibble was that I couldn't tell if Cinnamon was wearing a mask or not -- in some places, it looked like she wasn't drawn wearing one, but the colorist might have been trying to fix that.

Aquaman, sadly, I'm thinking of dropping. It's good -- objectively a good comic, I think, well drawn and exciting in parts -- but it isn't really connecting with me. Maybe it will in trades, sometime down the road.

New Deadwardians: I was planning on waiting for the trade with this one, but I decided to give a single issue a chance. I love the mystery it sets up, and I love the low-key nature of the supernatural here. It's well worth checking out.

Legion of Super Heroes: Secret Origin wrapped up with a nice moment for Phantom Girl, in particular. That said, I'm not sorry to see it go. While it approached the formation of the Legion in a different way than I'd ever seen before, and Chris Batista delivered some nice Ernie Colon-inspired work, the book as a whole was kind of flat. I much prefer the modern-day Legion, with characters who have a long history behind them. 

Still to come: Daredevil and The Unwritten.

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Thanks for the info, Philip! I'd read Bones's first appearances when they came out, but have never gone back and looked at them again. I totally forgot that he had super-strength -- and I don't think I'd ever seen the Black Terror's costume up to that point, so that's news to me... but yeah, it certainly was!

I've read just a handful of the books I've bought this week -- 5/22/2013 -- but here's a quick rundown. 

Daredevil 26: We finally learn who's been targeting Matt since the series began, and in the meantime have a couple of great scenes of tension as Matt's being stalked. Plus -- Matt finds a very, very clever way to disguise himself from someone who can track him by his heartbeat. There's also a backup about Foggy, but I haven't read that yet. But the opening story is stellar.

Green Team 1: Art and Franco and Ig Guera set out a great introduction of the Green Team at a pop-up science expo... and if the comic is a little short on action, it certainly is full of fun ideas and well-crafted characters. I'm looking forward to more.

Justice League 20: We see Firestorm, the Atom, and Element Woman face off versus Despero, who's SO out of their league. Luckily, they get a little help from an unexpected source. Plus -- We learn a secret about the Atom, and Batman shows Superman the JLA Protocols... and explains why he's so worried about the Superman/Wonder Woman romance. In the backup, we see the origin of Black Adam... and then, back in the present, Billy finally gets a chance to turn back into Shazam. But is he too late? I've been really enjoying these backups; next issue is the finale... it looks to be all Shazam, but the League might make a guest appearance.

  • his skin is invisible but when they used some scanner on him, it turned out he was African-American.
  • his costume was based on the Black Terror [...].



Who knows what goes on in the subconscious depths of a hack with deadline pressures?


That link reminds me - as big a fan as I am of Alan Moore and his wondrous beard, there's a fair tranche of his ABC superhero work I haven't read yet.  Terra Obscura and related comics being some of them.  I had to stop buying comics completely around 2002-4 and I'm still not caught up.

My favorite ABC books were Tom Strong and Top 10. Terra Obscura and its sequel were pretty good but I got the feeling that since they featured characters that were in the public domain, there was no need to make them look good. So these Golden Age Nedor stars had the same foibles, weaknesses and personality flaws that Moore used in Watchmen. It was almost like they were "only" super-heroes because that's how they got to live out their fantasies.

Figs - I would read Alan Moore and His Wondrous Beard, but only if you wrote it. Or Grant Morrison, if you weren't available.

Oh, I'd want Mike Allred to draw that! Or maybe R. Crumb.

Wasn't that a Harry Potter movie?

The Baron said:

Figs - I would read Alan Moore and His Wondrous Beard, but only if you wrote it. Or Grant Morrison, if you weren't available.

I'm glad they made Black Adam a true villain again, I never liked the anti-hero one that Isis married.

He should have been Gray Adam.

I had heard that Black Adam was supposed to be a thinly veiled version of Namor...  do you agree?


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