I loved it! Anyone else seen it?

So much comicky goodness.

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Of course I saw it.  It was Hulk-a-rrific! 

And Pa, Kevin Feige and Mark Ruffalo say  that Hulk will have a major arc starting here and continuing through Avengers 3 and 4 -- essentially, they say, a Hulk solo movie that does an end-around the Universal problem. That seems a semantical stretch, but does promise more Hulkishness!

And this movie was almost a Defenders movie. You had Dr. Strange, Hulk and Valkyrie. Replace Thor with Namor, and there you go.

And I loved it, of course. 

Even if it does mean I have to add another word to the list of comic book names I've been pronouncing since childhood. Evidently it's HELL-uh, not HE-luh. 

Hemsworth has great comedic chops, and managed the humor without sliding into camp. Great work. Ruffalo, too, always delivers, whether it's humor or drama.

I liked Tessa Thompson a lot better here than in Westworld. She must be limited by the material in the latter. Weirdly, she spoke in a British accent, although she's from L.A.

Other actors didn't bother to disguise their accents, notably Cate Blanchett (Australian) and director Taika Waititi (New Zealander), who voiced Korg. Even Hemsworth (Australian) let a "mate" slip out once.

I'm amazed they managed to include both Planet Hulk AND Ragnarok in a single movie, and not make it seem rushed or over-packed. It felt entirely unforced.

Loved this version of Ragnarok. We were missing some key elements -- Loki should be on the bad guys' side, the Jotun were absent, no Midgard Serpent. But you had Hela and an army of the dead (canon), Fenrir (canon) and Surtr (canon) burning Asgard to the ground. I believe Garm and Nidhoggr are also MIA, but they're not really major players.

Loved the Hulk's disappointment at not fighting Surtr. "But ... big monster." Hulk always gets to fight the big monster! Also, he and Hela both had their Kirby/Simonson looks. Those could not be improved upon, and the filmmakers didn't even try.

Loved Loki's reaction when Odin said he loved his sons, without qualification. (Especially since Loki had, essentially, just killed Odin.) In a similar fashion, Loki didn't seem to know what to do with Thor's unreserved compliments on a number of occasions. Good work by Hiddleston, as always, who is the coolest Loki I can imagine. 

I was looking forward to Cate Blanchett, and I wasn't disappointed. She didn't chew the scenery, she devoured it and came back for seconds. My only complaint: She should have been wearing green lipstick (and maybe eye shadow). Or maybe a mix of black and green.

Yes, her back story deviates considerably from the Norse myths. In the Eddas -- and I think in the comics -- she's Loki's daughter, not Odin's. In the comics, Thor does have a sister, Angela, but I don't know much about her since I didn't read her series. (She had some good moments in Guardians of the Galaxy, which I was reading when she guested there.) In the Eddas, Odin doesn't conquer the nine worlds, so Hela obviously didn't assist in that.

She is the goddess of death in all media, but doesn't have the pull-swords-from-the-air trick anywhere except the movie. Instead, her touch is death in the comics, and I'm unaware of any attributes in the Eddas aside from ruling Hel, where the dishonored dead go. It's those dead that rise at Ragnarok, to battle the honored dead of Valhalla to mutual destruction.

I don't mind the deviation at all, as touch-of-death is too quick and final, whereas her actual attributes in the movie made her battles with the Asgardian warriors, Thor and (especially) Surtr memorable. And her back story with Odin explains a lot. I loved the line, "where do you think all this gold came from?"

I loved that Heimdall got to do so much. He's really one of the most powerful Asgardians, probably second only to Thor, and the way they used his see-far power here was remarkably imaginative. In fact, a lot of this movie was downright surprising in its novel ideas and objects.

I will miss Hogun, Volstagg and Fandral -- and presumably Sif, who is a warrior and would have died in Hela's first attack, unless she was off-world for some reason.

Oh, and the flashback to Hela's battle with the Valkyries was absolutely gorgeous.

Also, Thor's visions of his father were appropriately shot. Very dream-like.

Looking ahead, it's a literally crippled Thor who goes into Infinity War. Down an eye, down a hammer, down the Warriors Three. I'm glad they established his elemental power isn't tied to the hammer -- as Odin notes, "you're the God of Thunder, not the God of Hammers" -- but Thunder God who can't fly is seriously off his game.

And then there's Loki. We all know what side he's on -- his own. Will these events change him? Or will he still be playing both sides all the time? And how welcome do you suppose he will be on Earth?

Nice assessment, Cap. 

I would love for there to be a solo Hulk movie, but I don't think that is going to happen.  They killed that when they sold the rights to Universal and they made two bad movies. 

I wonder if they are going to get Thor's hammer back to him in the Avengers next adventure? 

Since this is movie three of Thor will they attempt a fourth?

Doesn't Universal have to eventually make another bad movie to keep the rights?

They considered a Lady Sif appearance, but Jaimie Alexander was unavailable during the shooting time. Officially, Sif remains alive somewhere.

Some reports (I do not know their status) suggest Hemsworth doesn't want to play Thor beyond the Infinity Wars.

The Hulk gets actual dialogue, rather than a few puny lines, and they could do a road trip buddy movie with these characters now and I'd watch it.

I enjoyed the humorous Guardians-style approach. I could have done without a joke undercutting the destruction of Asgard.

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