One of the most noteworthy threads here at the Comics Round Table is the What Comic Books Have You Read Today? thread.  It was started over 10 years ago and as of today has over 5400 posts!  Safe to say a popular and active thread.  Created by Wandering Sensei, it was started with a simple yet obviously very effective premise:

Report what comic books you have read today--and tell us a little something about it while you're here!

I would like to start what I consider to be a companion thread, allowing people to ask about comics they are curious about.  Just like Sensei's thread, it can be about any comic book from any era.  Ask about a single issue, a storyline, a run by a particular creator, or an entire series.  Go wild folks!


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Hey folks! Just a heads-up that the first five 100 Bullets TPBs I purchased arrived this week. I began reading volume 1 last night.

Okay, ClarkKent_DC!

ClarkKent_DC said:

If you start a discussion on 100 Bullets, count me in!

Nice, Jonan! You're in for a real treat. I would like to commit to following along with the group, but I know my reading habits too well to do that.

This morning, I read Land of the Sons by Gipi. It's a European publication about two boys who are trying to make their way through a post-apocalyptic world, which doesn't sound original at all. The story has them with their father's journal in hand, trying to find someone who can read it to them, as they are illiterate. These boys have it rough. Their clothes don't fit them, and they are pretty much on their own, save one horrific family who probably want to enslave them.

This isn't a pollyana book, but it's not without hope. I read the hardback from the library. Warning: there is some nudity when they pick up a slave woman from the family's house, and some of the guys have their junk hanging  out from time to time. Plus, I'm sure there's some swearing, and it's also in black and white if that's a turn-off for anyone.

Recommended, but not to everyone.

Well, I tore through the TPB volumes 1-5 of 100 Bullets and am trying to find an affordable lot of books 7-13. (anyone wanna sell theirs?). I have a newfound respect for artist Eduardo Risso. Pretty decent crime comic!

Jonan Jello said:

Well, I tore through the TPB volumes 1-5 of 100 Bullets and am trying to find an affordable lot of books 7-13. (anyone wanna sell theirs?). I have a newfound respect for artist Eduardo Risso. Pretty decent crime comic!

I'm glad you liked it!

Here are a few series I’m curious about…

IRON MAN 2020: Way back when the character “Iron Man 2020” was introduced in the Machine Man limited series (1984) I thought to myself, “Man, that’s gonna come back to bite them in the ass someday.” Now, in the build up to the actual year 2020, it seems Marvel is actually incorporating Iron Man 2020 into continuity. For 35 years I’ve planned to read in the Machine Man limited series again in the year 2020. More recently, I’ve thought about reading the in the Iron Man 2020 tpb collection. More recently still, I have noticed (via Marvel’s solicitations in Previews) that they’ve been building to “Iron Man 2020” for some time now. Has anyone been reading Iron Man recently? Thoughts?

JASON AARON THOR: I haven’t been following Thor for quite some time, but when Marvel does a reboot, I’ll sometime pick up the first issue of one series or the last of another. I liked what few issues of Jason Aaron’s various arcs I have read, and he seems to have an overarching plan in mind. Before Marvel releases the Jason Aaron Thor Omnibus and I have to make up my mind, I thought I’d solicit some opinions from those who have read it in anticipation of that day.

STAR WARS: When Marvel got the “Star Wars” license back after however many years it was, I read the first several issues of a several of the series, including the first six of the main title which picked up immediately after the end of the first movie. Now I find out that, after 75 issues, Marvel is going to start over with a new first issue which will pick up after the end of The Empire Strikes Back (for once, a good reason to restart a series with a “new #1”). Who has been reading Star Wars #1-75 and what do you think?

Anyone reading the current Avengers or Justice League series?  Or any of the various spinoffs / related series?

I was reading Justice League, and then they started to stack up. If I get caught up, I may start buying it again. It's interesting and fun and packed, but it's complicated too.

Is anyone reading that new “Annihilation” series of titles, Annihilation: Scourge?

If so, I’d like to hear about it.

I’m about 4-5 months behind on Justice League, maybe more. I wait utnil they’re on sale for $1 at Comxiology and then snap them up. It’s a book that I think benefits from being read digitally, given how text-heavy it can be, combined with some of the lettering choices. I like to zoom in!

I also wasn’t into it enough to follow it in real-time at $4/issue. But binging the book at 75% off is entertaining, popcorn fun.

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