Another month of numbered thingies:


1. Sorry to say my LCS never pulled Savage Sword #1 for me, so I now have no interest in issue #2.

2. Nice to the Crime Does Not Pay trade coming out in an affordable package. 20 bucks for over 200pgs.

3. 5 Green Lantern prequels...good luck with that DC.

4. another thing I don't get whatever momentum they get out of Action #900 they lose me with the very next issue with being a "Reign of Doomsday" tie-in.

5. Judd Winick on Batman & Robin? I'm out.

6. But that cover to Red Robin intrigues me, so I am swapping those two out essentially.

7. So long Doom Patrol, Freedom Fighters, & R.E.B.E.L.S.

8. The Brian Bolland book of his covers looks really good.

9. I barely noticed that Top Cow is fully integrated with Image proper now.

10. Ten comics for Fear Itself and its tie-ins.

11. Am I the only one who thinks "Herc" is a terrible name for a title?

12. How many Oz books has Shanower and Young done? It seems like a lot. Very admirable.

13. Ultimate Comics Avengers vs. New Ultimates is billed as the Ultimate Event of the Decade. Sorry Death of Spider-man storyline

14. It only took till issue 3 for the new Venom to lose control of the symbiote.

15. I think I will tradewait the new Moon Knight series. Even if the rest of the series is $2.99, I don't like the $3.99 first issue.

16. I may not read the series, but I really dig those Jae Lee Wolverine covers.

17. Wait DeadpoolMax is a mini again? I just checked last month's, and yes it was solicited as an ongoing then.

18. Fun to see Richie Rich is getting a new series.

19. I see a trade is coming out for Marv Wolfman's Defex series. I only remember one issue coming out.

20. Let's check in with some of Bluewater's output this month: Taylor Swift(!?), Ryan Reynolds, Ayn Rand(!) & Stephen King.

21. Oh and they have a Ronald Reagan foil edition comic.

22. Dynamite pulls me in with another dollar comic, Kirby: Genesis.

23. I haven't bought trading cards in years, so who is buying the Topps' UFC set?

24. Not surprising, but a ton of Green Lantern movie merchandise.

25. Another $2,900.00 statue for those interested. This time with a character I've never even heard of: Dark Ivory.

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Oh, I would assume this is a revamp from the ground up. In an effort to preserve that ol' "sensawunda" I generally try to avoid any advance knowledge of upcoming developments, plot points and storylines, so I didn't actually read the copy associated with the solicitation. That's one reason why I often appear so clueless. The other reason, of course, is that I actually am clueless.

I'm a bit leery of the Genesis line. Despite really liking Kurt Busiek and his comics, I have the "Doomed to fail" feeling about it.


There have been several new "universes" of super-hero comics in the 4+ years I've been open, and with the exception of Irredeemable/Incorruptible, sales have been terrible. (Even those 2 are starting to slip down the store's sales charts.)


Alex Ross' previous line, Project Superpowers started strong, really strong actually, and by 6 months in I couldn't cut my orders fast enough. The Stan Lee Presents line is only 6 months in, and I never sold more than 3 copies of any of them, and most just 1 copy. DC's push of the Red Circle heroes failed, as did their First Wave, and that one had Batman! The new Atlas line which debuted last week is DOA, with only 1 comic sold so far across 3 titles. They have announced a big Atlas crossover event for this Fall that I bet won't happen at all. Dark Horse's revival of the revival of the Gold Key characters is doing nothing here, with a subscriber or two getting one title, and only one customer getting all of them.


The Wildstorm Universe is MIA, and the Ultimate Universe is floundering.


What that tells me, is the one thing that comics fans do not want more of are big sprawling super-hero universes. Marvel and DC have those already, and arguably, do them very well. The big (or medium, depending on your POV) surprise hits of the past several years are comics that are not super-hero related at all. Stuff like Walking Dead, Morning Glories, the Unwritten, Hack Slash, Criminal, etc. while in the mid-list range on the national sales charts, are what people are really, really excited about.


So, while the talents involved in Genesis are top-notch, I don't think most people are going to care.


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