I was looking through some old comics when I thought of a new game. I call it Three of a Kind. Here's my first entry. 


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"Okay, maybe I'm cheating a bit with the second one."

How about Iron Munro?

That is a...very impressive A-M shot, Hoy. I've never seen it before, and it's quite memorable. I don't think it's from a movie, certainly not one I've ever heard of. It could be a photo shoot. It's always a high-quality MSA thread when we can find a reason to inject a few A-M photos.

That said, I'm shocked it's taken me this long.

If you think this last one is cheating, I think we can all agree who should have been playing Poison Ivy on the Batman TV show in 1966.

-- MSA

Jeff of Earth-J said:

How about Iron Munro?

Nope, that's still not "Man of Iron"   photo biggrin.gif

Will either of these help?

Cobalt, perhaps?

Craig, you know what to do.

Everyone is being very creative. 



Two more in that vein...

Maybe I'm being a bit slow here.  The link between these three seems to that they're not linked to each other, but each would make a fourth member of a different set of three that's already been posted.  Very meta!

The Adventure Comics cover goes with Dave Palmer's set of weddings where the guests are worrying about what the marriage will mean for them.  The Captain Marvel cover obviously goes with Mister Silver Age's set of three other Captains Marvel.  But why the Captain Atom cover?

Or have I missed something really obvious?
Hoy Murphy said:

Craig, you know what to do.

Everyone is being very creative. 



The link between these three should be really obvious!  I'm just disappointed that the Marvel title isn't Angel and Iceman.

Peter, that's clever! Thanks. 


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