Earlier this year, a brand new multi-platform Doctor Who story told across several media including novels, comics and audios began to be released. It features the Eighth, Ninth and Tenth Doctors. So far, Big Finish has released five parts of the overall saga: a three-part Eighth Doctor story; a "Short Trip" featuring the Master, available for download only; a one-part story featuring the Eighth and Tenth Doctors available only for download and on vinyl. 

Personally, I'm ambivalent about this entire project. Despite the franchise's origin and long history as a TV show, I have grown to think of Doctor Who as an audio thing, and I prefer to listen to CDs in my car. When I first read about this project I decided to give it a pass, but when I visited the Big Finish web-site and saw the Eighth Doctor three-parter is now available in its entirety on CD, I changed my mind. I don't have it yet, but i wanted to have this thread in place for when it arrives. 

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I received a partial shipment: parts one and three of the Eighth doctor story; part two is temporarily out of stock. I don't know why part two would be in more demand (if, indeed, it is) or why fewer copies were made (if, indeed, there were) or what the story is, but that's the situation. I also received a one-off "Time Lord Victorious" story featuring the Fourth Doctor 9which i failed to mention above), and that seemed like as good of a place to start as any.

GENETICS OF THE DALEKS: I don't know about the rest of "Time Lord Victorious," but this particular chapter came about when BBC contacted Big Finish and asked if they would be interested in doing an audio adventure that tied in with a video game. The game and the story each stand on their own, but complement each other. For example, the audio reveals certain clues about how to win the game. I don't know what the game adds to the audio, but the story (about a cryogenic ship infiltrated by a group of criminals... oh, and Daleks) is perfectly understandable on its own.

It's a nice little Dalak story on it's own, and I wasn't really sure how it is supposed to tie into "Time Lord Victorious" until the Fourth Doctor meets the Dalek mutant face-to-face. The Dalek identifies him as "the fourth Doctor in sequence according to my data."

"You've made a list!" the Doctor exclaims. "Am I your favorite?" (Can't you just hear Tom Baker say those lines?) The Dalek explains about the Time Lord Victorious. As near as I can tell, it's a future incarnation of the Doctor which sounds like an amalgam of the worst aspects of the War Doctor and the Valeyard combined. I don't know if that's a reference to the Eighth Doctor or some other aspect of the Doctor, but the Dalek has already been defeated by him and came back in time to give the Fourth Doctor foreknowledge in the hope that the Time Lord Victorious would never come about.

I suppose "Genetics of the Daleks" and the Eighth Doctor three-parter could be listened to in either order, either from the Doctor's POV or the Dalek's, but I don't plan to listen to part one until I have received part two. 

"I don't plan to listen to part one until I have received part two."

I still don't have part two, but I have received notification that it's in the mail. That's enough for me to move ahead with part one in hope I will have part two by next week.

HE KILLS ME, HE KILLS ME NOT: The action is set on a planet evocative of the American Wild West and features some of the worst American accents I have ever heard. There is an Ood assassin (yes, you read that right) which is incongruous, but not interesting enough to carry the whole episode. In the last scene, the doctor is confronted by a Dalek. 

Worse than the ones in "The Gunfighters"?

Jeff of Earth-J said:

HE KILLS ME, HE KILLS ME NOT: The action is set on a planet evocative of the American Wild West and features some of the worst American accents I have ever heard. 

"Worse than the ones in 'The Gunfighters'?"

I thought about those; yes.

Oh, and the Ood's name is "Brian." 

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