I thought a thread of this kind might help out our new members. If anyone has a question, just ask away.

When you're writing a post, you can make the html tags in it visible by pressing the 'html' button (the rightmost one above the reply box). This is particularly helpful if you want to put a "reply" quote at the start of your post. When you press the "reply" button immediately below a post you want to respond to, the board brings up a box with the post's text in a blockquote (at the bottom of the box). If you bring up the html, you can place your own text after the quote by placing it after the /blockquote instruction.

I sometimes write my posts in Word and then transfer them across. This can result in unwanted formatting effects, so when I do this, I switch to html format and cut out the chaff I don't want.

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Sometimes the reply box is complete and sometimes, like what I'm typing in, not. Refreshing the screen (sometimes twice) before starting your post helps.

I just looked at this page again and got two apology headings above the normal page heading.

At least you know they're sorry.

Richard Willis said:

I just looked at this page again and got two apology headings above the normal page heading.

Hey, guys I reached out to Ning support, and they saw the problems too. The have escalated to their tech team. Hopefully it will get resolved soon. They said they will email with a resolution, or something else. Which I assume will go to Captain Comics.


Yesterday and today, have struggled to post images. Philip had trouble, too.

Occasionally, I click on an image that someone has posted, so I can enlarge it and make it easier to view.  This is particularly useful when the image is a full page from a comic.  See the "Teen Titans (1976-1979)" discussion for some examples.

For the past day or so, whenever I do this, access to the page is blocked, and I get the following dire warning.

I'm using Microsoft Edge on Windows 10.  Is this an issue that anyone else has encountered?  Is Ning aware of the fact that they've apparently been reported for phishing?

No, but I used Edge to view the site the other day (I rarely use Edge for anything) and images in posts would not appear.

I recommend Google Chrome. If you accidentally close a window the history option in the menu will restore it. I've started closing the whole thing at night with a single click. I then just restore all of the windows in the morning with a single click.

I can work round this issue, either by switching browser (I don't get the problem if I follow Richard's suggestion to use Chrome, for example), or by saving the image to my hard disk, then opening it separately.  However, I thought that it might be of concern that Microsoft apparently considers there to be phishing threats on the site.

Is anyone else having trouble with the site the past few days? I can still post, but it looks like all the formatting of the page has been stripped away. Most of the images don't load*, the text is all basic. I'm wondering if there's some code in the site that's no longer being supported. (I'm using Chrome.)

*the exceptions are a few buttons (Add+, Like, and Add Reply) and the silhouetted people next to Advance Material.

I haven't noticed any issues with Safari.

It appears to be working well for me in Chrome, too.

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