TITANS follows young heroes from across the DC Universe as they come of age and find belonging in a gritty take on the classic Teen Titans franchise. Pre-order now at DCUniverse.com. #DCUniverse

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"F*** Batman"? Seriously? 

Burt Ward never said that.

Not out loud, anyway.  

Jeff of Earth-J said:

Burt Ward never said that.

"Language, chum."

It's an interesting rationale, Skipper, but I guess I'm just enough of a horrifying old fart that I don't like the idea of a "Titans" show with that kind of language in it.

I think it's a bridge too far myself.

And I'm such an old fart that it disturbs me when Batman and Robin aren't getting along. I never liked that, even back when they first split in, what, the late '70s?

Dang you, Jeff!  I already had the meme made and everything!

Jeff of Earth-J said:

"Language, chum."

Not sure if anyone is watching this series but through 6 episodes they paint Batman as some crazy, paranoid nutjob. I'm not sure how I feel about that.

Other than that the series is pretty good. It certainly paints a different picture regarding super-heroes. It's something more along the lines of what Alan Moore or Rick Veitch did with super-heroes back in the late '80's, early '90's.

I was kind of disappointed in the Doom Patrol episode. It was more of an introduction episode. Hopefully we'll see them in action at some point down the road.

I watched the first episode on iPad, and couldn't see it very well. (It is dark, and I am old.) But recently we got a Roku, and dcuniverse.com is pre-loaded app, so now I can watch it on my big ol' TV. So I'll be watching, and commenting, as soon as I catch up. (It's on the list right after we finish Last Kingdom Season 3.)

As to the Doom Patrol, I'm sure you know that they're getting their own show in 2019. No start date has been announced, but I'm guessing sooner rather than later. So their Titans appearance was just an introduction.

Also, I'm reading that Donna Troy has appeared or is about to appear. She'll be Diana's sister, which makes more sense than 99 percent of the seemingly hundreds of Donna Troy origin stories. Looking forward to it. They'll never be able to re-create the Nick Cardy version I had a huge crush on in the '60s, but I'm hoping they'll try.

And I know Hawk and Dove have appeared. Who else has the series introduced?

We watched the first seven episodes, and Titans is as good or better than any CW show. It's not Netflix Daredevil good, but it's at least Luke Cage good.

The guy playing Robin is really impressive -- I've never been a huge Dick Grayson fan, nor a fan of Bat-psycho, but this show does give good reason for Dick to be resentful and traumatized, and Thwaites plays it well. The kid playing the other Robin is equally good, giving me good reason to hate Jason Todd all over again.

The girl playing Raven gets a lot of screen time, and she's decent, too, although the character is really young -- I think she's playing 13 or so -- and children that young in peril is squirm-inducing. The kid playing Beast Boy is something of a cipher so far, and I'm still not totally sold on this version of Starfire, but I'm OK with the main four so far.

I thought we'd have to wait for Nightwing,but the last two episodes make it clear that Dick's not going to be Robin again. I wonder how they'll explain the name in a world without Superman.

Also, the show has made the strange decision to have all the super-powers take a little time to "warm up." So that means that whenever there's a threat, the only one who can step up immediately is Robin -- the guy without superpowers. That's super evident in the seventh episode, when the four (and a rescued woman) are attacked in a tunnel, and Dick -- who has been drugged and tortured -- is the only one to step up and say "I'll get this" or words to that effect. So while super-powered characters like Starfire, Beast Boy and Raven simply look on, Dick pulls a Netflix Daredevil and beats the crap out of an endless stream of thugs all by his lonesome (and barely on his feet). It's the first time I really believed Robin was a useful member of the Teen Titans, and not just a marketing necessity.

The Doom Patrol episode had some great moments. Clearly, the Chief is not to be trusted. Rita's scenario is a combo of her comics personae and works really well. (Is she supposed to be an actress from the 1930s? '40s? Her posters, pictures and movies seem pretty dated.) I didn't care at all for Robotman's look, especially his head, but I guess whatever I had in mind would cost too much. I'm looking forward to what they do in their own show, especially a look at Negative Man.

So, the girl they saved was Celsius, right?

So Wonder Girl is established in the most normal way possible (as Wonder Woman's sidekick). And it really, really works.

Sort-of famously, Dick and Donna never hook up, even though that seems the most natural story way to go, especially since Dick bed-hops like nobody's business. But in life, they are really unlikely to hook up, and that's how Marv Wolfman and this show plays it. They are best friends, with a brother-sister vibe, because they grew up as kid sidekicks together and their shared mutual trauma means family, not romance.

I loved it when Donna said to Dick, "Try to have a conversation that isn't gender-specific or ends in a fistfight." That speaks volumes, that a post on a website can't possible explain better than the words themselves.

The actress who plays Donna does a great job. She's dark-haired and attractive, although I don't think she will -- or can -- match any fan's internal idea of Donna Troy. (I blame you, Nick Cardy.) But she sells the character perfectly, so she is Donna Troy in the way that counts. She plays the character as pragmatic, hopeful, happy, confident, competent and an antidote to the venom of the world. In other words, well-adjusted. That IS Wonder Girl, and always has been.

Although I think the actress has had a bit too much collagen in the ol' lips. Hey, I can be shallow occasionally, can't I?

At this point, my wife likes Titans more than most of our other shows. It is that good.

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