So, it begins this week...JMS is taking Kal on a hard-travelin' hero journey across the country to reconnect after losing...again!...his people.  Will it be awesome or cringe-y...or both?  Let's take the trip together!

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No comment, Jeff. :)

And if I'm into the story, boom mics don't bother me.

There are times that out-of-sync feeling drives me nuts, and times I gloss right over it. The one time I particularly remember were a few issues of Bart Allen's Flash book. The artist (Ken Lashey?) was so clearly out of sync that it made me drop the comic. As awful as that comic was in general -- and it stank on ice --  it was that dissonance that was the final straw.


How bad does a Flash comic have to be for me to drop it? Well, let's just say they never got that bad before or since.


The classic case of “out of synch cognitive disconnect” is the splash page of Uncanny X-Men #140 (I think it is): Colossus striving and straining to uproot a stump that’s already flying through the air. I tried to convince myself that the “gutter action” occurred between the time it took to read the caption then scan right to the picture, then years later I discovered Chris Claremont’s scripting over the finished artwork irritated John Byrne, too. Had Byrne been working full script instead of “Marvel style” I’m sure he would have found some way to indicate the (albeit brief) passage of time between the straining and the uprooting. The kind of “artsy” way to portray such action in comics is the use of an additional panel inset within the establishing shot to demote the passage of time. I used to think that that technique was a fairly modern development until I saw it employed quite frequently by Frank King in certain Gasoline Alley Sundays.

...I've been keeping up with it...I bought #711?? ( not instantly handy ) , the latest is , with Live Wire , ended up being kept contained/good by the " flashy new wave " alternate Superman suit from that late Nineties plotline...

  ACTION and SUPERMAN are , currently , the only ongoing , " universe " , titles from either of the Two on my pull !!!!!!!!!!!

Alexandra Kitty said:
Superman walks; everyone has the frownies behind him. That cover is a downer...that, or Superman's super-gas is even more unpleasant than one can imagine...
...He's speaking for America !!!!!!!!!
  Remember that Eighties " Hands Across America " stunt/charity single ?

...#711 , if nothing else...shows us that Super-Hip still exists in the DCU !

  Is Tito Murray next ?

...And , #711's showing Superman's using that 90s " flashy retro-New Wave suit " to contain Live Wire seems to show to me that to-day's DCU's Superman , New Earth's , whatevs...Is the same Superman who Byrne's MAN OF STEEL #1 introduced , that Superman's life started then !!!

  I can live with that .

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