A while back, I logged some week-to-week posts on DC’s digital reprint program through Comixology. It’s been a while, and their digital offerings have matured, so I thought I’d take another look at what they’re adding each week. Currently, they seem to be doing about 30 books a week. I might not list all the issue numbers going forward – if the 90s Superman titles continue moving forward at two of each a week, there’s not much value in listing each issue. But let’s take a look at this week’s, and let’s see where the patterns take us, shall we?


90s Superman: DC is following the 90s Superman titles (soon to be the 2000s Superman, as this week’s titles are from December 1999) pretty quickly, giving us 8 issues of the books every week. There’s a lot of material to get through, but that’s still an admirable clip. We may only have a few more weeks of this, judging by Action Comics (the one title of the bunch that doesn’t change its numbering and continues for a long while) – 761 is the most recent issue, and Action already seems to be in the digital library from 769 on. Superman, Adventures of Superman and Superman: Man of Steel have bigger gaps, though. 

Action Comics 760, 761

Adventures of Superman 574, 575

Superman 152, 153

Man of Steel 95, 96


Arion: 11, 12

DC has been adding two issues of Arion: Lord of Atlantis a week for the last 6 weeks. There are 35 issues and a special, so there's a way to go before the series is completed.

DC Comics Presents: 75, 76

DCCP started out at a faster pace, but has been going two a week for a little while now. There are about 20 issues to go. Bonus: More Arion this week, in issue 75!

Guy Gardner: Warrior: 33

11 issues to go.

Huntress: 19, 4-issue 1994 series

We wrap up the Cavalieri/Staton ongoing that introduced Helena Bertinelli, and then power through a Chuck Dixon mini from 1994. Will Huntress return next week, or will we move on?

Justice League America (Bwa-ha-ha) 51, 52

This one has a ways to go before having everything available.

Manhunter: 34

Four more issues till it’s all there!

Mister Miracle: 23-25

This wraps up the 70s run – Kirby and then Marshall Rogers, it’s all there! (I think DC also recently wrapped the 70s Return of the New Gods run, too.)

Superman (Bronze Age): 233

This is an interesting one. The Kryptonite Nevermore cover – I’m surprised it wasn’t available before this. Will DC continue from here? Their 70s Superman offerings on Comixology are paltry.

Wanderers: 7, 8

This 80s Legion spinoff ran 13 issues, so we’re almost there.

Wonder Woman (Silver Age): 130, 131

DC has been making silver age Wonder Woman stories available, probably wishing to expand their catalog in anticipation of the movie. At this point the silver age issues go from 112-131, with a couple of gaps.

Swamp Thing (Diggle/Dysart run): 25

4 more issues to go.

Trigger: 5

This Vertigo sci-fi series lasted 8 issues. I don’t remember it at all.


That’s a pretty exhaustive look at this week’s offerings. Next week, I’ll probably just note new additions (what will replace Mister Miracle? The '89 and '96 series have already been collected, so we might be in for something new. And there might be more Huntress comics that haven't been reprinted yet, but Comixology has a bunch of them listed already, and the Bat-universe is so sprawling it's tough to search), unexpected omissions, breaks from the patterns, and go forward from there. 

And to make things easy to follow:
Week 2. (April 6, 2017)

Week 3 (April 13, 2017)

Week 4 (April 20, 2017)

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Luke Blanchard said:

Creators sometimes recreate moments that had a big impact on them. It's my guess the reveal at the climax of #244 was modelled after the end of Adventure Comics #369. 

I wouldn't be surprised, either. That first Mordru appearance casts a big shadow.

It's worth noting that this was only Mordru's 5th story appearance. He was introduced in the 2-parter in Adventure 369-370 (although he'd faced the Legion before, in an untold story). Then he made two appearances in backups (Superboy 173 and 188), and then he was the villain in the JLA/JSA/Legion teamup in JLA 147-148, which is probably where I first saw him. 

He's probably my favorite Legion villain, but we didn't see a whole lot of him in his first decade. 

He also had a role in the cover story in Superman #213. He catches Superman in a magical trap. His voice is heard, but he isn't seen.

Oh, wow! I never knew that. But considering there's a giant vault on the cover, maybe I shouldn't be surprised!

I never made that connection! He says "I've imprisoned you in here forever... as you once imprisoned me!" But I've not read his first appearance, and thought he just meant underground.

This is a spoiler by the way, but I might be too late saying that.

Oh, I think that cat's outta the vault by now.

In other news, DC Comics Presents is closing in on its conclusion. There are 7 issues left going forward in the run till the last issue (97), plus another 3 (issues 70, 71, and 74) that were skipped a few weeks ago. There are also 4 annuals, none of which have made it onto Comixology yet. But that's 14 issues, max, and at 3 a week there are only 5 more weeks of DCCP releases -- assuming everything gets filled in and there are no slowdowns.

DCCP is the one area in which Superman shows up Batman. Almost the entire 97-issue run of the Superman team-up title is represented, while there are only 18 Brave & Bold issue online right now...and only 12 of them are Batman team-ups. (There are also the three JLA issues, the two Teen Titans issues, and one Supergirl/Wonder Woman pairing.) Although there are a lot more grouped into the two Legends of the Dark Knight: Jim Aparo collections available, so if DC are so inclined it's probably a simple matter to break those up and remarket them as single issues.

Incidentally, I picked up a the first three issues of Arion a few weeks ago, and started reading them; I'm halfway through issue 2.

I love Jan Duursema's art -- and every now and then I find a page that looks like it was assisted by her husband, Tom Mandrake, whom Wikipedia tells me she met when they were students at the Kubert School. 

Paul Kupperberg's writing is a little much, though -- it's pretty purple, and stacked high with the kinds of high-fantasy names that are stumbling blocks when too many of them appear at once. (I had a higher tolerance for that when I was in middle school, I'm sure.)

I'm enjoying issue 2 more than issue 1 -- the first issue picks up in media res, where the backups in Warlord (which I've never read) left off. It's a wonder I ever picked up issue 2 as a kid. But I I loved art (I traced the cover to issue 1 so much!) and the pre-flood Atlantis setting, and those things -- and, I think, a desire to move past superheroes a bit -- carried me right along.  

(And yes, I'm just going to let this project take me down memory lane as certain books come up. I hope you all do the same!)

Yeah, I'm planning on getting some of those Arion issues as well. I remember reading the Warlord backups and getting the first 8 or 10 issues when I was in middle school so I'd like to give them another look.

I've picked up a few of the DCCP issues from that era as well. I got the Global Guardians and He--Man issues mostly for nostalgia reasons but the two I was really looking forward to were the George Perez OMAC issue and the soon to be available (hopefully) Annual #1.

Oh, that OMAC issue is gorgeous!

I'm looking forward to reading the Superman/Blackhawk teamup from issue 69. I picked it up at a con a while back, and its stacked in with my Blackhawk back issues, so I'll read it approximately in the order it came out.

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