A while back, I logged some week-to-week posts on DC’s digital reprint program through Comixology. It’s been a while, and their digital offerings have matured, so I thought I’d take another look at what they’re adding each week. Currently, they seem to be doing about 30 books a week. I might not list all the issue numbers going forward – if the 90s Superman titles continue moving forward at two of each a week, there’s not much value in listing each issue. But let’s take a look at this week’s, and let’s see where the patterns take us, shall we?


90s Superman: DC is following the 90s Superman titles (soon to be the 2000s Superman, as this week’s titles are from December 1999) pretty quickly, giving us 8 issues of the books every week. There’s a lot of material to get through, but that’s still an admirable clip. We may only have a few more weeks of this, judging by Action Comics (the one title of the bunch that doesn’t change its numbering and continues for a long while) – 761 is the most recent issue, and Action already seems to be in the digital library from 769 on. Superman, Adventures of Superman and Superman: Man of Steel have bigger gaps, though. 

Action Comics 760, 761

Adventures of Superman 574, 575

Superman 152, 153

Man of Steel 95, 96


Arion: 11, 12

DC has been adding two issues of Arion: Lord of Atlantis a week for the last 6 weeks. There are 35 issues and a special, so there's a way to go before the series is completed.

DC Comics Presents: 75, 76

DCCP started out at a faster pace, but has been going two a week for a little while now. There are about 20 issues to go. Bonus: More Arion this week, in issue 75!

Guy Gardner: Warrior: 33

11 issues to go.

Huntress: 19, 4-issue 1994 series

We wrap up the Cavalieri/Staton ongoing that introduced Helena Bertinelli, and then power through a Chuck Dixon mini from 1994. Will Huntress return next week, or will we move on?

Justice League America (Bwa-ha-ha) 51, 52

This one has a ways to go before having everything available.

Manhunter: 34

Four more issues till it’s all there!

Mister Miracle: 23-25

This wraps up the 70s run – Kirby and then Marshall Rogers, it’s all there! (I think DC also recently wrapped the 70s Return of the New Gods run, too.)

Superman (Bronze Age): 233

This is an interesting one. The Kryptonite Nevermore cover – I’m surprised it wasn’t available before this. Will DC continue from here? Their 70s Superman offerings on Comixology are paltry.

Wanderers: 7, 8

This 80s Legion spinoff ran 13 issues, so we’re almost there.

Wonder Woman (Silver Age): 130, 131

DC has been making silver age Wonder Woman stories available, probably wishing to expand their catalog in anticipation of the movie. At this point the silver age issues go from 112-131, with a couple of gaps.

Swamp Thing (Diggle/Dysart run): 25

4 more issues to go.

Trigger: 5

This Vertigo sci-fi series lasted 8 issues. I don’t remember it at all.


That’s a pretty exhaustive look at this week’s offerings. Next week, I’ll probably just note new additions (what will replace Mister Miracle? The '89 and '96 series have already been collected, so we might be in for something new. And there might be more Huntress comics that haven't been reprinted yet, but Comixology has a bunch of them listed already, and the Bat-universe is so sprawling it's tough to search), unexpected omissions, breaks from the patterns, and go forward from there. 

And to make things easy to follow:
Week 2. (April 6, 2017)

Week 3 (April 13, 2017)

Week 4 (April 20, 2017)

Week 5 (April 27, 2017)

List of unexplained or awkward skips.

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I was encouraged to see two FANTASTIC FOUR Masterworks (10 and 11) collected - (even cheaper on Kindle!)

I'm snapping them up and hope to see more soon.

Good score!

Something I’m curious about: Does DC premiere certain issues during sales?

Knowing that there’s a Wonder Woman movie coming out, I thought I’d take a look at what Wonder Woman titles are already available, to compare them with what they’ll put in the inevitable sale.

As of May 18, 2017, here are all the series with Wonder Woman in their title:

First, there’s the digital-age stuff, where everything’s available. Wonder Woman Rebirth, the Wonder Woman ’77 digital-first stuff, The Legend of Wonder Woman, Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman, The First Amazon, New 52 Wonder Woman, Superman/Wonder Woman, All three Trinity series, Wonder Woman: Earth One, The Wonder Woman Steve Trevor special (upcoming). There’s also the Wonder Woman: her Greatest Battles collection, as well as Wonder Woman: A Celebration of 75 Years and Wonder Woman and the Justice League.

There are also a few miniseries: Wonder Woman: Blackest Night, Wonder Woman: Convergence, and the Busiek/Robbins The Legend of Wonder Woman are all available. There’s also Flashpoint: Wonder Woman and the Furies.

Then in the basic pre-digital Wonder Woman books, here’s what we’ve got.

Sensation Comics has issue 1 available for free, and issues 2-3, 4-5, 6-7, and 8-9 available as two-packs, for 99 cents apiece. These are the Wonder Woman stories only – but still a steal!

The Wonder Woman series that ran from the golden age through Crisis includes these issues: 1-7, 105, 112, 114-117, 119-122, 124-142, 144, 178-190, 192-196, 199-203, 212-230, 274-277, 285-293, 300, 306-329 (the final issue).

The Perez-era Wonder Woman offers a few collections: Wonder Woman: Gods and Mortals; Wonder Woman by George Perez, Volume 1 (which includes the Gods and Mortals volume and 7 more issues for only $2 more); Wonder Woman: War of the Gods; Wonder Woman by Mike Deodato; and Wonder Woman by Greg Rucka, Volume 1.

The single issues are as follows: 1-75, 77-226 (including 0 issue). Issue 76 being missing is probably an oversight. I’m going to add it to my gap list.

The 2006 series is basically complete, but with a weird numbering: 1-44, then 600-614. Plus one annual.

Now that I look at it, there’s not a lot to premiere, beyond more issues from Wonder Woman’s original series, and more Golden Age Sensation Comics issues. So when the sale comes, those are the places I’ll be comparing.




That's the theme of this week's Comixology backlist output from DC. It's all the stuff we were expecting...but in some cases, more!

Let's start with what hasn't changed. We get another 2 issues of Arion, another 3 issues of Hawk and Dove (13-15; seems I misnumbered last week's entries) . We get one more issue of the Jurgens Justice league America run, which dropped away for a few weeks. And we get 3 more issues of the DnA/Copiel Legion series, and 2 more issues of 1970s Superboy and the Legion (including one that's about to be collected in the upcoming hardcover!).

No Lobo this week. The Main Man has Memorial Day off!

But we get another 2 issues of Guy Gardner: Warrior, continuing the new pace from last week. Two more issues till it wraps up -- probably next week.

And Superman pulls out the stops with 4 new issues of Adventures of Superman, 4 new issues of Superman, and 5 new issues of Superman: The Man of Steel. The last issues of each series (598, 176, 120) are the issue after the Joker: Last Laugh crossover, so they're all in sync. 

Swamp Thing #29 remains a muck-encrusted MIA.

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