A while back, I logged some week-to-week posts on DC’s digital reprint program through Comixology. It’s been a while, and their digital offerings have matured, so I thought I’d take another look at what they’re adding each week. Currently, they seem to be doing about 30 books a week. I might not list all the issue numbers going forward – if the 90s Superman titles continue moving forward at two of each a week, there’s not much value in listing each issue. But let’s take a look at this week’s, and let’s see where the patterns take us, shall we?


90s Superman: DC is following the 90s Superman titles (soon to be the 2000s Superman, as this week’s titles are from December 1999) pretty quickly, giving us 8 issues of the books every week. There’s a lot of material to get through, but that’s still an admirable clip. We may only have a few more weeks of this, judging by Action Comics (the one title of the bunch that doesn’t change its numbering and continues for a long while) – 761 is the most recent issue, and Action already seems to be in the digital library from 769 on. Superman, Adventures of Superman and Superman: Man of Steel have bigger gaps, though. 

Action Comics 760, 761

Adventures of Superman 574, 575

Superman 152, 153

Man of Steel 95, 96


Arion: 11, 12

DC has been adding two issues of Arion: Lord of Atlantis a week for the last 6 weeks. There are 35 issues and a special, so there's a way to go before the series is completed.

DC Comics Presents: 75, 76

DCCP started out at a faster pace, but has been going two a week for a little while now. There are about 20 issues to go. Bonus: More Arion this week, in issue 75!

Guy Gardner: Warrior: 33

11 issues to go.

Huntress: 19, 4-issue 1994 series

We wrap up the Cavalieri/Staton ongoing that introduced Helena Bertinelli, and then power through a Chuck Dixon mini from 1994. Will Huntress return next week, or will we move on?

Justice League America (Bwa-ha-ha) 51, 52

This one has a ways to go before having everything available.

Manhunter: 34

Four more issues till it’s all there!

Mister Miracle: 23-25

This wraps up the 70s run – Kirby and then Marshall Rogers, it’s all there! (I think DC also recently wrapped the 70s Return of the New Gods run, too.)

Superman (Bronze Age): 233

This is an interesting one. The Kryptonite Nevermore cover – I’m surprised it wasn’t available before this. Will DC continue from here? Their 70s Superman offerings on Comixology are paltry.

Wanderers: 7, 8

This 80s Legion spinoff ran 13 issues, so we’re almost there.

Wonder Woman (Silver Age): 130, 131

DC has been making silver age Wonder Woman stories available, probably wishing to expand their catalog in anticipation of the movie. At this point the silver age issues go from 112-131, with a couple of gaps.

Swamp Thing (Diggle/Dysart run): 25

4 more issues to go.

Trigger: 5

This Vertigo sci-fi series lasted 8 issues. I don’t remember it at all.


That’s a pretty exhaustive look at this week’s offerings. Next week, I’ll probably just note new additions (what will replace Mister Miracle? The '89 and '96 series have already been collected, so we might be in for something new. And there might be more Huntress comics that haven't been reprinted yet, but Comixology has a bunch of them listed already, and the Bat-universe is so sprawling it's tough to search), unexpected omissions, breaks from the patterns, and go forward from there. 

And to make things easy to follow:
Week 2. (April 6, 2017)

Week 3 (April 13, 2017)

Week 4 (April 20, 2017)

Week 5 (April 27, 2017)

Week 6 (May 4, 2017)

Week 7 (May 11, 2017)

Week 8 (May 18, 2017)

Week 9 (May 25, 2017)

Week 10 (June 1, 2017) -- All the golden age Wonder Woman goodness!

Week 11 (June 8, 2017)

Week 12 (June 15, 2017)

Week 13 (June 22, 2017)

Week 14 (June 29, 2017)

Week 15 (July 6, 2017)

Week 16 (July 13, 2017) -- Our Worlds at War! Underworld Unleashed!

Week 17 (July 20, 2017) -- The Great Ten! More Wonder Woman!

Week 18 (July 27, 2017) -- Batman Confidential and Deathblow? Young Heroes in Love?? Doom Patrol!

Week 19 (Aug 3, 2017) -- Some Bronze-age Batman!

Week 20 (Aug 10, 2017) -- Loeb/Sale Challengers begins!

Week 21 (Aug 17, 2017) -- Silver Age Challs!

MIDWEEK SALE BLAST (Aug 22, 2017): Wildstorm!

Week 22 (Aug 24, 2017) -- Holding pattern...

Week 23 (Aug 31, 2017) -- chugging along

Week 24 (Sept 7, 2017) -- Same old, but with newer Challengers

Week 25 (Sept 14, 2017) -- Baron/Jones Deadman debuts

Week 26 (Sept 21, 2017) -- Holding steady, with more Deadman

Week 27 (Sept 28, 2017) -- Deadman in Action Comics Weekly?

Week 28 (Oct 5, 2017) -- A slow swerve into Batman

Week 29 (Oct 5, 2017) -- Doom Patrol finishes in the smallest week ever

The Gap List: a list of unexplained or awkward skips.

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Despero had returned to his chessboard motif by capturing J'onn J'onzz and forcing him to play against his former teammates in Justice League of America #177-178 (Ap-My'80).

I remember he was a part of the Geoff Johns/Carlos Pacheco hardcover JLA/JSA book that came out, what, fifteen years ago?

It wasn't as memorable as my favorite Despero story, the one in the Giffen/DeMatties Justice League where Mister Miracle "died", and was a real showcase for J'onn, Guy Gardner, and Blue Beetle.

Travis Herrick (Modular Mod) said:

I may have missed it, but when was the last time we saw Despero?

According to the GCD, the most recent appearance of Despero (aside from reprints) was in the Death of Hawkman miniseries from 2017. I didn't read it, so I don't know what role he played in the series.

As for his most recent appearance before he fought JL Detroit, he appeared in Crisis on Infinite Earths #10, and then before that, the JLA two-parter Philip mentions. (I'm ignoring flashback cameos and Who's Who entries.)

This week's 24  Comixology releases (released Thursday 12/20) are largely continuations of last week's runs. So let's get to it!

First, though, no Aquaman! We're missing issues 53-56 of the original run, and then 57-63 of the late 70s revival. But we get:

More H-E-R-O: Issues 9 through 12. Kano's back to drawing most of these, although one issue is by Leonard Kirk.

More Justice League Adventures: Issues 27-30. Since this lasts till issue 34, we might wrap it up next week.

More Detroit-era JLA: Issues 252-254. Since "The End of the Justice League of America" storyline is already available, this only has to fill in the issues through 257.

A lot more New Adventures of Superboy: Issues 37 through 43. With even more H-Dial action! Closing in on the end soon...

More Outsiders: Issues 19 through 22. Two issues to go!

And finally, a new miniseries:Both issues of JLA: Age of Wonder, a prestige format 19th-century Elseworlds two-parter by Adisakdi Tantimedh and P. Craig Russell. 

DC's having holiday sales galore, as is all of Comixology. There's no better time to check out a book you're curious about.

This and The Golden Streets of Gotham are two I had been waiting on for a long time. Neither has been reprinted in one of the Elseworlds volumes, and luckily now I have both of them digitally. I find it interesting that neither Adisakdi Tantimedh nor Galen Showman (the finisher over Russell's breakdowns) are very familiar names in the industry.

Rob Staeger (Grodd Mod) said:

And finally, a new miniseries:Both issues of JLA: Age of Wonder, a prestige format 19th-century Elseworlds two-parter by Adisakdi Tantimedh and P. Craig Russell. 

This week, we wrap up a lot of ongoing runs! Let's see what Comixology has in store for us...

First up, we get another short JLA Elseworlds series: the two-issue JLA: Secret Society of Superheroes, in which Superman leads superheroes operating in secret against supervillains. It's written by Howard Chaykin and David Tischman, with art by Mike McKone and Jimmy Palmiotti.

Then we get the continuation of H-E-R-O: Issues 13 through 16. Art by Leonard Kirk, then Dale Eaglesham. We're closing in on the end, with issue 22.

More Justice League Adventures: Issues 31-34. And that's all for this fun cartoon tie-in series.

More JLA: Issues 166-168 -- a Secret Society of Supervillains appearance that was essential to Identity Crisis (and that I'm surprised wasn't already on the service), as well as 255-257, wrapping up the Detroit era (and this volume of the series). JLA is also missing issues 112, 159, 160, 162-165, 169, and 175. And I'm pretty sure Annual 1 is missing, too.

More New Adventures of Superboy: Issues 44 through 49. This is the end of the Dial H backups in this title. Issue 50 has a story featuring the legion that centers on a stolen H-Dial, but Vicki and Chris don't appear (to my knowledge). And then the title lasts through issue 54, although issue 51 feels like such a capstone on the series that I was surprised those last three issues exist as I looked this up on the GCD. Maybe we'll get more superboy, but it might be more likely that we'll get Chris and Vicki's Adventure Comics run, from 479-490.

We wrap up Outsiders with Issues 23 and 24. 

And that's that! Next week is largely a blank slate!

DC still has the same holiday sales it had up last week (Vertigo and Superheroes), and they'll run till January 2nd.

It's a new year, and a lot of new entries to Comixology! Well, not entirely new, but there's nothing that appeared this week that was on the list last week. 

So first up is Backlash 13, created and co-written and drawn by Brett Booth! Unusual in that it's a Wildstorm comic, which we don't see a lot of these days. It looks like the first 12 issues were released as a bunch on August 22, 2017... which in the log at the bottom of the first post was a Midweek Sale for Wildstorm. (I should really update that.. I'm so far behind!) It lasted 32 issues, plus a two-issue crossover with Spider-Man (which I'm guessing we'll never see.)

The week before that -- August 17, 2017 -- DC released some Challengers of the Unknown books, but for some reason omitted the first two issues. That's finally rectified: Issues 1 & 2 are out today (They've  been available for a while in a digital edition of the Kirby collection.) The individual Showcase issues for the Challs (6, 7, 11, and 12) are still MIA. 

We get three more issues of Detective Comics with Norm Breyfogle art -- always a good thing. In this case, it's Detective 586-588. A previous run ended with 584, so 585 is going on The Gap List.

We also get Super Powers 1-5. There are two Jack Kirby runs of this miniseries, and this 5-issue series from 1984 written by Joey Cavalieri is the first. A six-issue series would follow in 1985 (by Paul Kupperberg and Jack Kirby), and is included as part of a digital collection that came out a while back, but isn't yet available as individual issues.

And finally, we get issues 1-6 of the original Who's Who from 1985. This might be ideal to have digitally... both for easy reference, and also because none of us are getting younger, and that tiny, sometimes muddy print was hard to read even then! But will zooming in make it any clearer?

DC is having a best of 2018 sale...now what did I skip the first time around that got good reviews... Aquaman.... Nightwing: The New Order.... Milk Wars... hmmm...!

Ooh, I had heard good things about Nightwing The New Order. I may have to check that one out.

Rob Staeger (Grodd Mod) said:

DC is having a best of 2018 sale...now what did I skip the first time around that got good reviews... Aquaman.... Nightwing: The New Order.... Milk Wars... hmmm...!

Eighteen new books on Comixology today...but no real surprises. Let's get to it:

Backlash 14 & 15: Continuing the Wildstorm series by Brett Booth. 

Then Detective Comics 589-592, continuing  the Grant/Breyfogle run that started last week. 592 has one of my favorite Breyfogle covers, with a stabby Abraham Lincoln! Also: 589 includes a "Bonus Book," an extra story using new talent -- which in this case means art by The Red Hook's Dean Haspiel!

Then we get the second Super Powers series, 6 issues in all, by Paul Kupperberg and Jack Kirby. 

And finally we get 6 more issues of Who's Who, issues 7-12, which takes us from Doctor Psycho to Kong. I took a look at some of the preview pages, and they look really sharp. 

DC's current sale is Young Justice -- which means we get a lot of the younger heroes of the DCU. Batgirl, Blue Beetle, Young Justice (of course), and the Legion all have trade paperbacks available. I'd been picking up digital singles of the Rebirth Blue Beetle series whenever it was on sale, and volume 3 will complete my set. Also there's Scooby-Doo Team-Up (which I love), Scooby Apocalypse (which I've heard really good things about), Gotham Academy, and Shade the Changing Girl. So there's plenty to choose from.

This was a pleasant surprise back when I bought a cheapie issue at Half Price Books a few years ago. I'm glad I have it now, because the Norm Breyfogle story collected in his hardcover book doesn't have the Haspiel story.

Rob Staeger (Grodd Mod) said:

Then Detective Comics 589-592, continuing  the Grant/Breyfogle run that started last week. 592 has one of my favorite Breyfogle covers, with a stabby Abraham Lincoln! Also: 589 includes a "Bonus Book," an extra story using new talent -- which in this case means art by The Red Hook's Dean Haspiel!

I'm glad DC's reprinting the Bonus Books along with the regular issues; it's a good piece of comics history to preserve.

Same. I like finding familiar names early on--usually unrecognizable in their initial styles, but still.

I have a big hardcover (can't remember what it's called, actually) based on Darwyn Cooke's work, and there is a very early story in there--I believe from a Bonus Book--where his art looks nothing like it later came to look.

If I recall correctly, though, I think Dean Haspiel's work looked pretty similar to his funky, blocky style he still uses.

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