A while back, I logged some week-to-week posts on DC’s digital reprint program through Comixology. It’s been a while, and their digital offerings have matured, so I thought I’d take another look at what they’re adding each week. Currently, they seem to be doing about 30 books a week. I might not list all the issue numbers going forward – if the 90s Superman titles continue moving forward at two of each a week, there’s not much value in listing each issue. But let’s take a look at this week’s, and let’s see where the patterns take us, shall we?


90s Superman: DC is following the 90s Superman titles (soon to be the 2000s Superman, as this week’s titles are from December 1999) pretty quickly, giving us 8 issues of the books every week. There’s a lot of material to get through, but that’s still an admirable clip. We may only have a few more weeks of this, judging by Action Comics (the one title of the bunch that doesn’t change its numbering and continues for a long while) – 761 is the most recent issue, and Action already seems to be in the digital library from 769 on. Superman, Adventures of Superman and Superman: Man of Steel have bigger gaps, though. 

Action Comics 760, 761

Adventures of Superman 574, 575

Superman 152, 153

Man of Steel 95, 96


Arion: 11, 12

DC has been adding two issues of Arion: Lord of Atlantis a week for the last 6 weeks. There are 35 issues and a special, so there's a way to go before the series is completed.

DC Comics Presents: 75, 76

DCCP started out at a faster pace, but has been going two a week for a little while now. There are about 20 issues to go. Bonus: More Arion this week, in issue 75!

Guy Gardner: Warrior: 33

11 issues to go.

Huntress: 19, 4-issue 1994 series

We wrap up the Cavalieri/Staton ongoing that introduced Helena Bertinelli, and then power through a Chuck Dixon mini from 1994. Will Huntress return next week, or will we move on?

Justice League America (Bwa-ha-ha) 51, 52

This one has a ways to go before having everything available.

Manhunter: 34

Four more issues till it’s all there!

Mister Miracle: 23-25

This wraps up the 70s run – Kirby and then Marshall Rogers, it’s all there! (I think DC also recently wrapped the 70s Return of the New Gods run, too.)

Superman (Bronze Age): 233

This is an interesting one. The Kryptonite Nevermore cover – I’m surprised it wasn’t available before this. Will DC continue from here? Their 70s Superman offerings on Comixology are paltry.

Wanderers: 7, 8

This 80s Legion spinoff ran 13 issues, so we’re almost there.

Wonder Woman (Silver Age): 130, 131

DC has been making silver age Wonder Woman stories available, probably wishing to expand their catalog in anticipation of the movie. At this point the silver age issues go from 112-131, with a couple of gaps.

Swamp Thing (Diggle/Dysart run): 25

4 more issues to go.

Trigger: 5

This Vertigo sci-fi series lasted 8 issues. I don’t remember it at all.


That’s a pretty exhaustive look at this week’s offerings. Next week, I’ll probably just note new additions (what will replace Mister Miracle? The '89 and '96 series have already been collected, so we might be in for something new. And there might be more Huntress comics that haven't been reprinted yet, but Comixology has a bunch of them listed already, and the Bat-universe is so sprawling it's tough to search), unexpected omissions, breaks from the patterns, and go forward from there. 

And to make things easy to follow:
Week 2. (April 6, 2017)

Week 3 (April 13, 2017)

Week 4 (April 20, 2017)

Week 5 (April 27, 2017)

Week 6 (May 4, 2017)

Week 7 (May 11, 2017)

Week 8 (May 18, 2017)

Week 9 (May 25, 2017)

Week 10 (June 1, 2017) -- All the golden age Wonder Woman goodness!

Week 11 (June 8, 2017)

Week 12 (June 15, 2017)

Week 13 (June 22, 2017)

Week 14 (June 29, 2017)

Week 15 (July 6, 2017)

Week 16 (July 13, 2017) -- Our Worlds at War! Underworld Unleashed!

Week 17 (July 20, 2017) -- The Great Ten! More Wonder Woman!

Week 18 (July 27, 2017) -- Batman Confidential and Deathblow? Young Heroes in Love?? Doom Patrol!

Week 19 (Aug 3, 2017) -- Some Bronze-age Batman!

Week 20 (Aug 10, 2017) -- Loeb/Sale Challengers begins!

Week 21 (Aug 17, 2017) -- Silver Age Challs!

MIDWEEK SALE BLAST (Aug 22, 2017): Wildstorm!

Week 22 (Aug 24, 2017) -- Holding pattern...

Week 23 (Aug 31, 2017) -- chugging along

Week 24 (Sept 7, 2017) -- Same old, but with newer Challengers

Week 25 (Sept 14, 2017) -- Baron/Jones Deadman debuts

Week 26 (Sept 21, 2017) -- Holding steady, with more Deadman

Week 27 (Sept 28, 2017) -- Deadman in Action Comics Weekly?

Week 28 (Oct 5, 2017) -- A slow swerve into Batman

Week 29 (Oct 5, 2017) -- Doom Patrol finishes in the smallest week ever

The Gap List: a list of unexplained or awkward skips.

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Oh, man, Rob. If you haven't read this, you really have to. Did you read any of Joe Casey's run on Wildcats? If not, you're in for some darn good reading.

Rob Staeger (Grodd Mod) said:

And finally, we've got Wildcats 13-17. This is the 1999-2001 run by Joe Casey and Sean Phillips, and is probably one I should check out, considering how much I love Phillips's art. I think it's this run that Sleeper spun out of, which gave us the Brubaker/Phillips pairing that does Criminal, The Fade Out, and other great noir books. 

Yeah, I don't think I've read any of it. The Wildstorm label -- particularly the original Wildstorm properties -- was something I tended to avoid, even when I heard good things about the book. The high concept of Sleeper got me to try it (and I loved it), and I think I dipped into Wildcats for Alan Moore and James Robinson's runs, but even those never really connected with me like I'd hoped. But if these show up on a Comixology sale, I'll give 'em a look.

Yeah, Joe Casey's Wildcats run was definitely interesting. I think if it were at Image now, it would be a better seller. I think it was really ahead of its time

I remember picking up Alan Moore's Wildcats comics in trade form quite a while back, and I was very underwhelmed. Totally generic.

That whole Joe Casey run had some incredible artists on it on top of the innovative storytelling: Dustin Nguyen, Sean Phillips, Steve Dillon, Duncan Rouleau, and I want to say there was an issue or two by Pascal Ferry?

I loved the fact that the story didn't have a true villain for the most part, and that it eventually became primarily about the fact that they were trying to figure out how to best allocate their undying battery invention. It was amazingly interesting and awesome. I hate how it had to end. I will always be bitter that it had to wrap up because Grant Morrison was going to write it, and then he only wrote one issue, and then we never really got the book back.

This week, we get more of everything! Well, more of everything we got last week, and one thing that was missing. So let's get started!

We get 3 more issues of Backlash, 26-28. I wouldn't be surprised if they release all four of the remaining issues next week to wrap it up.

Also in Wildstorm, we get Deathblow 16 & 17 and three more issues of Wildcats, 18-20. (This version of Wildcats ran to issue 28.)

On the DC side, we get one more issue of JLA; Destiny (issue 3; just one to go!), and wrap up the Legion-adjacent Inferno solo miniseries with issues 3 & 4. 

We also get two more issues of JLA: Incarnations, 2 & 3, which covers the years of the bigger (but still pre-satellite) League, and then the satellite era. 

And finally, we get 9 issues of Detective Comics, 419-427. Looks like DC is really trying to expand their Detective offerings before the issue 1000 celebration; I wouldn't be surprised if we see a sale.

Speaking of sales, this week's sale theme is Love and Super-Heroes. There are some great collections on offer, but also check out the single issues at the back of the listing for interesting singles of Flash, Nightwing, Superman, Swamp Thing, and Wonder Woman, and even DC's recent Young Monsters in Love special, all for 99 cents! And lo and behold, that odd black-and-white version of Aquaman 18 (the wedding of Arthur and Mera) has actually been changed to color! That wasn't the case two days ago when the sale was announced.

It's another week of continuations for DC's Comixology backlist!

First up, we only get three more issues of Backlash, issues 29-31, leaving only 32 for next week.

We also get one more issue of Deathblow (18) and three more issues of Wildcats, 21-23.

From DC proper, we get two more issues of JLA: Incarnations, 4 & 5, bringing us to the Detroit League. 

And then we get a ton of Detective Comics, 428-440, aside from 439 which was already available. This includes a few 100-page giants, which is a lot of comics for $1.99! If we get more 400-era Detectives, we might even get the missing chapters of the Bat-Murderer story next week!

And that's it!

As for sales, this week is all about Tom King -- so you've got Batman, Sheriff of Babylon, Omega Men, and Grayson available -- though for Mister Miracle, only  #1 is on sale. If you're looking for single issues, I recommend the Batman/Elmer Fudd crossover, and his issue of Kamandi Challenge that he did with Kevin Eastman, number 9 -- both for 99 cents!

It's all continuations again this week -- well, last week, since I took a long weekend away and didn't get to this immediately. But on Thursday, Feb 28, DC released the following titles on Comixology:

Backlash 32, which completes the series. Another Wildstorm series that reaches its end this week is 1999 version of Wildcats, which wraps up with 24-28.

Deathblow, the third Wildstorm title we've been seeing progress in, gets two more issues, 19 & 20.   

Then there's all the native DC stuff. We see the prestige mini JLA; Destiny finally wrap  up with issue 4. We also get issue 6 of JLA: Incarnations, meaning we have to wait till next week to see the end in issue 7.

And then there's more Detective Comics. This week's haul includes the last of the 100-pagers, 441-443, and then 446-452, which includes the last few long-awaited chapters of the Bat-Murderer story!  There's still a fair bit of 400-era Detective to go, but this has been a lot of progress in a few weeks.

This week's sale is DC Events, which includes a lot of the usual stuff...but if you want to get the first few issues of Doomsday Clock or Heroes in Crisis for 99 cents apiece, now's your chance. But act fast, since the sale ends Monday.

....and all the frantic uploading of Detective Comics pays off, as this week's sale is Detective Comics single issues, most of them (except for the recent Tomasi/Mankhe run) for 99 cents. (The latest run is $1.99, still a good deal.)

That includes all the 100-Page Super Spectaculars in the mid-400s.

Not a lot happening with DC's Comixology this week -- just 12 comics -- but let's get right to it:

Somewhat surprisingly, the release of Detective Comics continues unabated, with issues 453-460 debuting on sale for 99 cents. Also on sale is the new release of Detective Comics Annual 1, the first part of the three-part "Fables" crossover between that year's Detective, Green Arrow, and Question annuals. The Question annual has been online for a while, but the GA one is missing...and going onto the Gap List.(Actually, there's plenty of that 90s Green Arrow series that's still not available; I wouldn't be surprised if DC starts to change that soon.)

If we get more Detective next week, the following books seem to be on deck: 461-462,and 465-470, which brings us to the Englehart/Rogers run. After that, there are the Dollar Comics issues, which are spotty, and then we're nearly into the 500s! I remember when I started looking at this, I noticed that the Superman and Batman titles were a lot better represented than Action and Detective; that's definitely changed for the better.

And then we have three issues of Silver Age Teen Titans, issues 29-31. This doesn't quite follow where the series left off at issue 22. We'll see if that gets filled in soon. 

And that's it! No Deathblow this week, and no final issue of JLA: Incarnations. 

And like I said above, pretty much every issue of Detective is available for 99 cents through Monday. Pick out a few and enjoy!


Last week I wrote:

If we get more Detective next week, the following books seem to be on deck: 461-462,and 465-470, which brings us to the Englehart/Rogers run.

And that's exactly what we got, with some bonuses: We also got Detective Annual #2, and issues 200 and 300. 

And then we also got the Haney (or, in 32, Skeates)/Tuska Teen Titans 32-34, which continues on from the three issues we got a couple of weeks ago. 

And that's it! Just 14 books!

DC's sale this week is Bat Villains, and all the usual suspects are there. 

I bought Detective Comics Annual 2 last night on my iPad to read in bed. I already own a few print editions of this, but 99 cents for one I can read anywhere anytime? No-brainer.

I've bought more than a few comics like that during 99 cent sales. Legion Annual 1? Yes, please!

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