I don't know how long I'd been reading about Ultra Boy before I realized his name was Jo Nah and he'd gotten his powers from being swallowed by a space whale. I caught on to that more quickly than I realized why Matter-Eater Lad was from the planet Bismoll.

But today, copy editing a manuscript that mentioned the barren winters...I realized there'd be a pun in the name of the lead character of Night Force all along. Baron Winters -- 34 years since his introduction! I think that's a new record for me!

Any pun names in comics (or elsewhere) that you didn't catch onto until later?

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ClarkKent_DC said:

Isn't Jor-El's father's name Seyg-El? I think that tops them all.

Yes, it was---but not until the post-Crisis era.  John Byrne named Jor-El's father as Seyg-El in World of Krypton (vol. two) # 3 (Feb., 1988).

In the pre-Crisis era, Jor-El's father was also named Jor-El (they were "I" and "II", in the manner of "Senior" and "Junior").  Though the elder Jor-El had appeared previously---"The Superman of Yesterday", from Superman # 103 (Feb., 1956)---he wasn't named until World of Krypton (vol. one) # 1 (Jul., 1979).

In the comic "Invincible" his girlfriend is "Atom Eve."  2 superhero names: "Dupli-Kate" (multiple bodies) and Rex Splode (who blows up).

Julian Gregory Day, Calendar Man in Batman; Edward Nygma, The Riddler, also in Batman.

I like Calendar Man's real name. That's quite clever.

Dupli-Kate had a brother with the same power named "Multi-Paul".  I can't believe the Legion of Super-Heroes hadn't used at least one of those names before, but then, I kept campaigning to rename Infectious Lass "Quaran-Teen"...

Glenn Hakanson said:

In the comic "Invincible" his girlfriend is "Atom Eve."  2 superhero names: "Dupli-Kate" (multiple bodies) and Rex Splode (who blows up).

Machine Man fought a foe named Ten-For during the CB craze. That sounds vaguely Kryptonian, so why not? don't ask, just buy it!

Some not so subtle ones:

Ms Tree

Silver Agent

Sachs & Violens

Duke of Oil

Turner D. Century.

The Duke of Oil always reminds me of the singing prostitute with the annoying voice in The Man With Two Brains.

Scott Free. I'm not sure if I had even heard the expression prior to discovering Mister Miracle at around age 6.  And I'm sure it was years later before it dawned on me.

Warstar of the Imperial Guard is actually two beings, B'nee and C'cil.

Kro of the Deviants=crow. Great Valkin of the Eternals=Falcon. I've never figured out "Druig".

Sersi, of course=Circe. The Cs of Circe's name are kappas in the original Greek, but we instinctively take them as soft Cs in English. Likewise the Cs of Cicero are hard in ancient Latin.

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