1.1 The Enemy Beyond - p
  1.2 Fire and Ice - p
  1.3 Eleven's Eleven - p
  1.4 The Curator's Gambit - p

  2.1 The Man from Galifrey - p
  2.2 Power of the Dominators - p
  2.3 War Factory - p
  2.4 Ten Minutes in Hell - p

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Once again, thanks to Bob for indexing this series almost a year before I got around to listening to it.

"An ancient artefact, a stone arch anachronistically imbedded with electronic circuitry, is recovered following a rupture in an undersea stretch of the Mull lava group in North West Scotland, a geological feature dating from tens of millions of years ago. UNIT's investigation will unlock a link to another world and bring them face to face with a new and powerful threat."


"In a UNIT facility beneath Edinburgh Castle, Kate and Osgood work to unlock the mystery of a stone arch discovered buried in a prehistoric rock formation. When the arch takes one of their number away to a strange, bleak world, it leads to an encounter with a Time Lord. One with multiple personalities. Soon the Eleven is loose on the streets of Edinburgh and plotting to seize the arch from UNIT by any means necessary."


"When Kate needs Harry Sullivan’s help with a threat from the Eleven, she and Osgood travel to Australia to meet him. He’s there with Naomi Cross, investigating footage of an apparent UFO crash that turned up on social media. They find themselves caught in the middle of a conflict between Ice Warriors. And one Ice Warrior isn’t so icy - in fact, he's red hot. And getting hotter."

Our annual Thanksgiving road trip usually allows us to listen to almost three audios in each direct. We usually listen to two and some music, but even four plots is a lot to hold in my head until I can jot down a few comments, so this year we listened to only one in each direction. Then I left the set with Tracy for her to finish it and forgot all about it until she exchanged it for the second set last night. 

Those capsule summaries are actually pretty good. "The Enemy Beyond" does a good job of reintroducing the cast (Kate and Osgood and the Eleven) to the listeners and, in the case of the Eleven, to each other. When one of the scientists  is accidentally swept through the gateway, he is temporarily blinded; he doesn't realize the Eleven is just one person at first.

"Fire and Ice" is tired in to "The Enemy Beyond" and does a good job reintroducing the Ice Warriors and Harry Sullivan, now an international troubleshooter. I was halfway through the episode when the though struck me, hasn't Ian Marter passed away? He has, but the voice actor Big Finish has hired to play the part, like all of their actors playing such roles, is virtually indistinguishable (to my ear at least) from the actor who originated the role. 

We listened to the first two episodes of set one over Thanksgiving. then Tracy went on to listen to episodes three and four and all of set two. Then we got set three in the mail and she listened to that. It's been about a week since she finished it, and I haven't even listened to 1.3 yet! She has been talking about these episode quite frequently. I really need to get caught up. 

I just received notice today that The War Doctor Begins v4 has been shipped. After that, the only thing I have outstanding is UNIT: Nemesis v4, which hasn't shipped yet. We've still got a large backlog of sets from the beginning of this year, and I haven't even really been paying attention to what's been released in 2022 (although I know there's a new Eighth Doctor set, and he's "my" Doctor). 

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