Another tokusatsu.  Blame Jeff Pl.


Episode 01: "Secret Messenger of the Morning Wind"

1)The opening and closing themes are OK, but not particularly distinctive.


2)Our hero is Gentaro Shizuka, a "laughing daredevil" type. A skilled fighter, he is capable of Ken Kurenai style "improbable leaps".  He's got a magic stick that seems to serve many of the same functions as Daredevil's billy-club. Also, he sings and plays other people's guitars. I suspect that I am going to have fun not liking him.


3)His sidekick is Goro Kishima, sent by Professor Tsushima to help Ken Gentaro. He is vaguely Gilliganesque.  In times of trouble, he uses IRON SHOCK! to transform into...


4)Iron King, a giant Ultraman knock-off. Gentaro recognizes IK and says "But I wonder when Professor Tsushima completed Iron King...", which implies that IK (and also Goro?) is an artificial being.  IK has an analogue to Ultraman's "color-timer" - a flashing light that indicates when his water level is low. This is important because "Iron King loses his ability to fight when he loses his bodily water." This gives him a limited time to fight, and also mean that Goro is thirsty all the time, a clue which any five year old could pick up on, but which will no doubt come as a huge shock to Gentaro when he discovers it around Episode 25. So far, IK's special moves include IRON KICK!


5)Whilst wandering in the forest, they encounter Yukiko Takamura, who is vaguely reminiscent of Miss Land O' Lakes.  I'm guessing that she's either a potential love interest for Gentaro, or a shady character.


6)The chief enemies are the Shrianui Clan, who have bene plotting to conquer Japan for 2,000 years, which seems like an awful long time to have not apparently achieved all that much.  There seems to be about ten of them, and they don't fight alot better then the Gargoyles or Mecha-Robos did. How they expect to conquer Japan is beyond me. They do have giant robots, which they appear to be conveniently sending out one at a time. They're not very distinctive-looking.  The one is this episode is Vacu-mirah the Vacuum Robot,  whose power is that it both sucks and blows, to steal a line from Bart Simpson. It is controlled by a Mecha-Robo Shiranui posing as Evil Grandma. It battles IK inconclusively, and is blown up when Gentaro hits it with its own control badge, which seems a bit of a design flaw.


7)Fun quote: "Impudently, the National Security forces have discovered us." Yeah, how dare the National Security forces discover a threat to national security!


8)Next Time: Gyro-gesu the Slicing Robot!


9)Ending scene: Gentaro laughs like the hopeless fool that he is!


Overall: So far, so good. This shows promise to be mildly amusing.

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Episode 24: "Tokyo Assault Frontline Base"

1)"Featuring the Space Bug Monster Cockroachaur" - and its vacuum belly button!


2)"This condo will be our frontline base." Be funny if their invasion was derailed by trouble with the condo association.


3)"I knew they were here."  You did not.


4)"Number 6 has forgotten to throw away the Magic Buzzer!"  This show is proof that watching two groups of idiots battle it out can be as entertaining in its own way as watching two groups of clever people.


5)"How dirty can they be to use kids against us?"  Well, they ARE trying to take over the world!


6)I cannot post my thoughts here as to what the business in the prison cell seems to be a prelude to.


7)"You can't just go around arresting people, you know?"  Dude, they're COPS - in JAPAN! They can arrest you for littering!


8)It's really creepy seeing Gentaro kicking kids.


Overall:  An OK episode. Two more to go!

About Episode 23, you said "Suddenly, this show becomes Charles in Charge."

How so?

This was the last episode Jeff & I watched before he left. When he returns, we will watch three episodes to catch up.

I had no idea what to watch instead while he is gone so I am reading the new Laurell K. Hamilton book.

Well, in the sense of the "wacky hijinks" of them trying to sneak a look at the sleeping woman without being detected and so on.

I can see what you mean. My favorite character in this episode was the hotel manager. I would love to go after those fools with a broom!

I never read any Laurell K. Hamilton. What kind of stuff does she write?

Some dork labeled the genre "paranormal romance."

Her character, Anita Blake" raised the dead for a living while balancing vampire and wereanimal politics. She also solves preternatural crimes.

Episode 25: "Iron King in a Pinch!"

1)"Featuring the Space Bug Monster Cricketton!" - Looks more like a scorpion to me.


2)The fish here have bad personalities."  That's a new excuse for not catching fish.


3)"What a helpless people!"  I suspect a mistranslation.


4)The burning effigies were a nice touch.


5)"Aren't we wonderful?" OK, Jeff - some day, you and I have got to ride somewhere together to go pick up Tracy, just so we can smirk at one another and say "Aren't we wonderful?"  ;)


6)"Gentaro, I've come to be your bride.  Love me until we die."  There is nothing to be said.


7)"We will never marry you." OK.


8)Cliffhanger: Iron King is possessed! And I think the cameraman might be, too!


Overall:This was amusing, in a bizarre way.



Tracy of Moon-T said:

Some dork labeled the genre "paranormal romance."

Her character, Anita Blake" raised the dead for a living while balancing vampire and wereanimal politics. She also solves preternatural crimes.
Ah, OK. I don't usually go in for the vampire stuff.
These are "traditional" vampires. Jean-Claude does not sparkle. Her first and second novels have been adapted into comic books but I personally hate the artwork.

As far as vampires go, my favorite is Grandpa from The Munsters.

Episode 24: #6 runs off to distract Gen & Goro. He turns into the cockroach. #7 flashes his mind control over the kids on the roof. The kids don't wake up from the mind control until bug-man #6 is blown up.

Wouldn't Gen & Goro need to kill #7 to stop the mind control whammy?

Didn't everyone die when the #6 destroyed the condo by transforming?

Why do I expect this show to make any sense?

Yeah, they're a little inconsistent as to how the whole "body-jacking" thing works.

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