Thought it would be fun to re-watch these, since I finally picked up a copy of Star Trek - Into Darkness from the cheapie bin, which  means I now have copies of all of them.


So, on into space, the filmic frontier...

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ClarkKent_DC said:

They already remade Casablanca. But they called it Barb Wire.

Captain Comics said:

You know, the instant I posted that, I remembered Barb Wire and momentarily thought about changing my post. But then I thought, "Naw, nobody will bring that up."  photo doh.gif

I live for such moments.  photo biggrin.gif

Captain Comics said:

Also, purists have argued for years that Checkov's Russian accent was as phony as they come -- so they addressed that here by making it a speech impediment. Nicely done.

But the Russian accent may have changed by the 23rd century. Or, perhaps by then Russians will speak English and that's just how it will sound.

Anton Yelchin dies.  The actor, who played Pavel Chekov in the most recent movies, seems to have died in a freak car accident.


Terrible news!

Oh no!

Only 27 years old! Died in a freak accident with his own car.

Horrible. Just horrible.

Man that's sad.  The other night I was watching the old Star Trek episode where they all aged except Checkoff and wondering how the updated Checkoff would seem in that role.  Now he'll never get the chance.

Star Trek Beyond (2016):

Directed by Justin Lin

Written by Simon Pegg and Doug Jung

I had only recently turned 53 when I first saw this, I wonder if Roddenberry ever thought the show would go on this long.

Some thoughts:

1)I wasn't wild about the whole "Kirk has doubts about his mission in life" storyline. Not that it's not a valid possibility, I just happen not to go for that kind of story.

2)The big space station certainly was an impressive special effect.  

3)I like the scene with Sulu and his family. the original series never did get into people's families much.

4)Not happy to see them destroy another Enterprise. That's seems to be a favorite trick in these pictures.  

5)Nice to see Spock Prime's death addressed. that picture of the original cast confirms to me that the new cast just aren't younger versions of the originals.

6)I thought Idris Elba was kind of wasted in this. Krall/Edison was a fairly generic villain.  Maybe they could do one of these where the threat isn't someone seeking cosmic vengeance against the UFP?

7)It was generally pretty well-written.  Everyone seemed to be mostly in character and was given something to do.

8)Nice tributes to Nimoy and Yelchin.  I gather they don't intend to re-cast Chekov for the next one, so they'll have to think of some way to write him out.

Overall: A pretty good picture, I thought. I enjoyed it.

Same here.

It was fun, like Guardians of the Galaxy, and I enjoyed it in the same way.

I agree that this was another forgettable villain. Trek has a history of forgettable villains.

I haven’t gone to see a movie on opening weekend in years… probably decades… but Tracy drug me to see The Secret Life of Pets on its opening weekend and, turnabout being fair play, this was my choice. These films set in the rebooted universe are little more than eye candy, but y’know what? I don’t mind that so much anymore. They are what they are. I’m relieved to hear Star Trek will be returning to the small screen and that it will be set in the original universe.

I think I heard a line in the film that placed this movie three years in to the five year mission, didn’t I?

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