I was able to pick this up at Von's Comics during a visit to Purdue this afternoon and, boy, it is tons of fun. All of it is beautiful to look at, but, so far, I'm most looking forward to reading the next installment the Catwoman/Demon strip. My favorite art has to go to the Green Lantern page...that establishing shot of late afternoon in California actually made my heart ache a bit, wanting to be on the west coast...

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Pretty to be sure, but I don't think I can justify the price for one page (even a BIG page) per story.
Think of each page as a four-page spread.


Doesn't help. :P

PowerBook Pete said:
Think of each page as a four-page spread.
I love it, and have no problem justifying the price to myself. I get to follow a whole bunch of stories, expertly told, weekly. And I know that in a few months, it'll stop -- it's not an indefinite commitment.

My favorite so far is the Batman strip. Man, that set a mood.
I am with, Rich on this one. I just can't fit a weekly four dollar comic into my comic budget, especially with its small size.
I want to want to get this every week...I like the idea, and liked what I saw okay...but yeah, what Rich said.
I picked it up, said "wow, pretty" then told the comic store dude not to add it to my pull list. I guess I'm not much of a comic strip fan in regards to superhero stories. I want to see more story than a few pretty panels can give me.
My weekly buying has gone way down...so I have no problem picking this up with so many cool creators...
As noted on the other board:

When I first heard of this project and saw one thing on the lineup -- Sgt. Rock drawn by Joe Kubert -- that was all I needed to know. Sold! Plus, José Luís García López! I don't care what he's drawing, I know it'll look good. But on the Metal Men? Fabulous! With those two alone, I've already got my money's worth. The rest is gravy.

Now, with the actual product in hand, I'm even more pleased than I thought I would be! The only disappointments were Teen Titans (the art was ugly) and Wonder Woman, which was too hard to "read," art-wise as well as text-wise. And I thought it odd in the Batman tale that Commissioner Gordon didn't call him in on the kidnapping case until it was far too late. But it's an intriguing setup, and I can't wait to see it unfold.

Also, don't forget: USA TODAY carries each week's Superman episode in the paper and online (see here)!
I only had room under my limit for one big event and I went with Blackest Night over Wednesday Comics. I'm glad to hear that so many others are enjoying it though.
It will be interesting to see how it's collected.
My two disappointments were the same as Clark's, for the same reasons. I wanted to like the Wonder Woman strip, but the first installment was confusing to read (though well drawn). And the art on Titans didn't come close to measuring up to the rest of the book -- and taking up a third of a page with static shots of earlier teams in Titans history was a bad idea -- at least for a story with art this weak.

On the other hand, the art for the Green Lantern and Deadman strips was pitch-perfect -- just to name twio strips with artists I was unfarmiliar with (Vincent Heuck and Joe Quinones).

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